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Bloated belly!


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I am on day 7 of my second attempt at the whole 30 (I made it 20 days last time).


My belly is hugely bloated (I am about the size I was at 28 weeks pregant- no joke!)  I have read that this belly is normal around day 8, but I didn't experience it last time.


I've had kraut and kombucha and enzymes.


I'm hoping it just works itself out, but I legitimately am going to have strangers congratulating me tomorrow.




Any advice? (Besides spanx?)

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B: three eggs, ghee, acorn squash, and onions

L: spaghetti squash pad thai (almond butter sauce), chicken and 2 eggs- fried in bacon fat

S: BFing mom running errands- 10 dried apricots, 1 oz jerky, walnuts

D: 5 oz ground pork, huge helping homemade cole slaw (cabbage and carrots with oil, ac vinegar, sea salt and crushed red pepper)

I've had 88 oz water, enzymes and kombucha today.

I'm thinking I should avoid the dried apricots and bring celery and a whole apple next time instead.

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The raw cabbage and nuts are two things that stand out as possible suspects for bloating, and possibly onions. Have you eaten these in greater quantity to normal recently?

Is the kombucha and enzymes new additions? Perhaps your digestive system is having a bit of a party? :)

As you're bf-ing, having an extra meal or two is fine - necessary in fact! Aim for a meal of protein, fat and vegies. Whilst dried fruit is technically compliant (if made without sulphites, sugars, other additives) it's probably something to avoid for the most part...it's calorie dense, with concentrated sugars compared to fresh fruit, and easy to overeat. Would you eat 10 fresh apricots in one sitting?

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It's cabbage week at the CSA- so lots more than usual. The enzymes are usual, the kombucha not! I only has two tablespoons walnuts. That's not more than usual for me.

Cabbage, dried apricots and normal day 8 belly!!


Instead of "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"....try "when life gives you belly bloating cabbage, make sauerkraut" :)

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