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Experiences with legume reintro? Or perhaps NSAID?


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Legume reintro was last week (Weds., I think).  No bloating, no gas, no apparent GI issues.  Sightly twisted my knee on Friday--took one Aleve.  I have never had problems with naproxen in the past, nor have I used this drug very often at all.  Saturday morning I awoke with a dull ache in my stomach.  No other symptoms--bowels were/are fine.  Nothing progressed beyond a dull ache in my stomach (not heartburn, not cramping)..not any better/not any worse before/after eating.  I have been able to eat, no nausea, just a persistent dull ache.  Meals have been compliant; i.e., no additional legumes, no dairy, gluten, sugar, chemicals etc.  I have eaten a white potato.  My life is not impacted in any other way.  Energy levels are good.  Sleep is normal.  No signs of illness.  Just the dull ache that doesn't go away.


So, here I am Monday morning and nothing has changed except perhaps the inclusion of a low level anxiety that my stomach is messed up.  Searching the internet has not helped with the anxiety :o Info on probiotics and digestive enzymes were confusing and overwhelming.


Could legume sensitivity really show up days afterwards?  Could one naproxen wreak this havoc? Of course, if symptoms ramp up or don't go away in a reasonable time I will consult a physician.


Seeking reassurance,



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