Opt-out's second W30!


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Ahh. How easy it is to fall into old habits!

For me sugar is like a monster in the closet. If I lock it up in there it stays dormant. If I let it out a little it breaks free and goes crazy. Then I make choices everyday that lead away from my goals.

It's time to get it back into the closet.

Meal1: steak and salad

M2: steak and salad (what? I like leftovers!)

M3: Ono fish and berries

Wish I had eaten more veggies today.

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Day #2.

Just got bad news that my husbands school schedule will make our lives so full we only have two days off a month together. :(  So bummed right now.


M1: bacon wrapped asparagus, brussel sprouts, 2 eggs.

M2: Salad, coconut and almond flour fish, berries and coconut milk with almond meal.

snack: a few bites of my sons dried apples.

M3: brussel sprouts cooked with cut up pieces of bacon and steak, berries with coconut milk and almond meal.

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Day #3.


My cravings are here in a BIG way!  I decided on no coffee or chocolate for this W30 and now I just want a Latte for Pete sakes!


PreWO: Green tea (made me feel sick to my stomach.  I thought it was the coffee in the past.  Maybe its caffeine on an empty stomach)

Meal 1/Post-WO: Bok Choy, brussel sprouts, steak, bacon all cut up small and cooked in the fat from the bacon in the pan.

M2: handful of mixed, salted nuts. Berries with coconut milk and almond meal.

M3: Veggie soup, meat balls in tomato sauce.


Plan for tomorrow is to forgo the caffeine in the morning and start with food first to see if my stomach still feels sick.

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Welcome back to the W30!


You have some really amazing meals going here.


If you are battling a sugar dragon you might want to be careful with the berry, coconut milk, almond meal concoction. It sounds very much like a dessert to me, though I may be misinterpreting. If you are trying to kill your sugar dragon (not just keep him locked in a closet) avoiding things that resemble dessert will go a long way in helping you change your habits.

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Woke up at midnight hungry and had two handfuls of macadamia nuts.


M1: big bowl of veggie soup (summer squash, leeks, broccoli, coconut oil, home-made chicken broth).

M2: salad with salmon, avocado, home fermented veggies and home-made dressing.

snack: Home-made kombucha (ok not a snack but I thought I should keep track of it since it's not just water or herb tea)

M3: sweet potato/tuna patties.  Berries with coconut "whip cream"


Not sure why I woke up so hungry in the middle of the night.  I felt satisfied all day.

Anyhow.  I felt sick to my stomach again after breakfast.  Not sure why this is happening.  For awhile I thought it was because I was drinking coffee every morning - first thing in the morning.  Then I felt sick yesterday AM with tea, and now I felt sick this morning with veggie soup!  I wonder what is going on with my belly!  I have been having GI issues for a year now.  My Docs have no idea why - all tests are negative.  I found out a year ago I am sensitive to gluten but I think I have other food sensitivities.  I hope this W30 will help me figure some of them out.  Last W30 I found out I react to plantains.  Who would have thought!?

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Sheesh!  I don't know why I wake up at 11pm hungry.  I think its because I'm used to a late night snack before bed.  I haven't been having one and so now I will wake up and come to the kitchen and eat.  Last night it was berries and coconut cream.  I don't think that I'm really hungry though.  I think I will make this "snack" an herbal sleepy tea.  Anyhow, food has been going good other than the late night snack.  I had a headache tonight, but other than just wanting sugar and GF breads nothing else.  I think I'm going to transition into HFLC meals over the next few days unless I get carb flu, then I will add some carbs until I can get to HFLC.  I have been wanting to try that for several months now and haven't quite gotten there b/c I always seem to find an excuse to eat carbs.  Over all the different eating plans and diets I have never just eaten real food and left out all the sugar.  My last W30 I ate WAY too many plantains and fruits.


M1 @ 0800: arugula, steak, bacon

M2 @11:30: sweet potato/tuna patties with homemade mayo

snack @ 3pm: nuts

M3 @ 5:30: fajitas (grass fed beef, onion, green/red/yellow bell peppers, spices), guac (avocado, onion, garlic, spices) on a lettuce wrap.

nack @ 10pm: tea

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Your meals look really yummy!


The W30 is not necessarily designed to be low carb. Worry about sticking to the template (which only includes 1-2 servings of fruit a day WITH a meal) and you will get what you need for sure. If you are hungry at 11pm could you possibly try eating a larger M1 and pushing your other 2 meals back further? Another option would be to have a proper mini meal of leftovers about an hour before bed.


But there is the question of is it habit or hunger. Are you hungry enough to eat something boring and bland if that was the only thing available to you?

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No.  Not hungry enough to eat boiled fish and steamed cabbage.  Hahahaha.  Guess its just a habit.


I try not to eat late at night unless my stomach is audibly grumbling. If it isn't I figure I'll just be really ready for breakfast. Good habit to break and good job recognizing it!

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Day #6


M1 (11am):  my son slept in, and so did I!  3 eggs, big salad with home-made dressing and home fermented veggies.

snack before hiking (1pm): 2 handfuls nuts.  I know I should have had a mini meal, but only had time to eat before heading out the door.

M2 (4:30pm): fajitas (grass fed beef, onion, green/red/yellow bell peppers, spices), guac (avocado, onion, garlic, spices) on a lettuce wrap.


Had a headache last night, but other than that I feel spectacular!!!  Was expecting a few more physical pains.

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Day #7


Pre-WO (8am): 2 Tbls coconut butter.  Made me feel sick to stomach…an ongoing issue for me, esp with pre-wo/am meals. Didn't work out because I felt sick for 2-3hours.

M1 (11:30): fajitas with guac on lettuce wraps.

Pre-WO(2pm) my second attempt at a pre-wo meal: macadamias and 1/4 c. mixed berries. Didn't feel sick, but didn't go to gym because 1)I hate working out in the afternoon, 2)my two year old was melting down and not into going to the gym.  It was easy to stay home.

M2 (5pm): pan fried sardines over a bed of lettuce (from Well Fed 2).


Blah!!!  I'm so frustrated.  I've been experimenting for a year to find a pre-WO meal that doesn't make me feel sick to my stomach when I eat it, or during exercise.  I'm a very slow digester due to a history of eating disorders.  Anyhow, before starting the W30 I found that a small shake of almond milk and protein powder was ideal for me.  But those aren't allowed on the W30.  I haven't yet found a W30 approved replacement and it's starting to drive me crazy!


Plan for tomorrows pre-wo: coconut water, berries, almond butter mixed in a shake.

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The Whole30 meal template calls for the pre wo snack to be protein with optional fat and post workout to be protein and carb. No fruit in either. Have you tried experimenting with different protein sources? Sorry you've been frustrated.

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Day #8


Pre-WO meal (0700): egg fried in coconut oil.  I didn't feel sick when I ate it, but it did make me a little queazy at the gym - no good when the WOD is a ton of dead lifts!


M1 (11:00): tuna/sweet potato patties and home made mayo.  2 cucumbers with home made dressing.


M2 (6:30): chicken wings, big salad.  Ohhh I was hungry!!!  It took longer to make the wings than I thought.  Planned on having dinner at 5pm.


Still frustrated with what to eat as a pre-wo meal.  Planned on making soup today to have tomorrow, but that didn't materialize.  I have some soups in the pantry but none are W30 compliant.

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Day #9

Dang I just erased my entire post!  I don't want to do it over…too tired.  going to bed.  another day of compliance though.


But tomorrow I work - for 13 hours - and there will be M&Ms.


Here's to staying strong my friends!!!


That's a long shift! Plan accordingly. 


Don't think "there will be m&ms" think "there will be poor quality nasty sugar with some cocoa and milk mixed in coated in more sugar with chemical food colorings...probably in a bowl that people who maybe don't wash their hands after they use the bathroom are eating out of"


Still sound appetizing?

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I've been feeling so full all day. It's a strange experience to eat and not even crave my trigger foods. I used to find "room" for my favs even if I wasn't hungry. Now the cravings aren't so consuming. Never before in my life have I ever experienced this feeling. Strange and good.

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Day #11


M1 (10:30, at work again and have a hard time getting time to eat):  Kale/sausage soup.

M2 (1:30), chicken tomato soup.

M3 (6:30), chicken wings and a big salad.

snack (8:30), coconut and nuts - I shouldn't have eaten this.  Don't know why I did.  wasn't really hungry.  Eating later at night is a habit I'm trying to break.

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Day #14


More chaos at work (I'm a Cardiac ICU nurse) and people are trying to die.  That means no breaks and no time to eat.  That means eating in front of my patients room and leaving my meal several times to answer alarms and take care of issues.


M1(2:30pm) kale, sausage soup and cabbage salad.

M2(5pm) salad with salmon on top

snack(6:30pm) tangerine (I know it's not a mini meal and not compliant but I was hungry, stressed and everyone else got cookies.  I wanted a cookie soooo bad, but I had a tangerine in my lunch bag so I ate that instead)

M3(8pm) roast and cabbage salad.


Today was an insane and crazy day!!!  I ended up working a 14 hour non-stop day.  Glad I stayed compliant!!  Today was hard.  I think I want to eat when I feel stressed.  And I usually feel the most stressed at work (not all the time, only when it's crazy busy).  The problem is that all the junk food in my life is also at my job.  And its all free.  My boss is smart, she keeps us well stocked with candy and chips in her office, and when its a busy and stressful day I see people in the office all day eating the carbs.  I used to be one of them.

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Day #14 again.(Apparently I can't count).


M1 (9am): a bunch of spinach and some left over roast.

M2 (2pm): nuts and a tangerine (too apathetic to cook - or even to open a can or make a salad).

M3 (6pm): chicken, cabbage salad, cucumber salad.


I'm still so surprised by how full I'm getting.  I used to eat and eat until my plate was empty, but I just can't do it anymore.  My mind says to clean my plate, but my body says no.  This is the first time - ever - that I have been able to honor my bodies cues.

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