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Scared of how much fat I'm eating

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I knew I probably shouldn't have done this...but I tried out that Paleotrack.com journal and I was stunned at how high my fat percentages were (like 55%!). Even if my Omega 3:6 ratio is good, that still seems incredibly high...but I don't want to have to obsess about these kinds of things, that's kind of beside the point of this whole thing.


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I remember that part...and I do think I'm following the meal map, but...let me post a typical food log here and see if I'm okay:


(I make a breakfast hash from 1.25 lb. ground turkey and a couple of cups of squash, in about 3 tbs. of olive oil. I consider that two servings.)

1 serving breakfast hash

1 hard boiled egg




Chicken salad (1/2 can 100% organic chicken breast with 1 tbs. Whole30 Mayo)

Spinach and tomato salad



Serving of macadamia nuts


Whole 30 Marinara sauce with spaghetti squash

Spinach/tomato salad

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I have three words for you:


Why does 55% fat scare you? Is it the "fat makes you fat" or "your gonna have a heart attack" BS we have all been fed for most of our lives? It's ok, we have all been scared of the same thing at some point. The truth is, once you get rid of the frankenfats that are all processed and made in labs it is ok to eat fat.

Think about it...when you lose weight your body is eating fat...your own stored body fat. If fat was not the perfect food for us we would not store it on our bodies like we do, right? So, as long as you are avoiding the frankenfats, and you are if you are on the Whole30, fats are your friend.

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It's definitely the "fat makes you have a stroke" part/myth that scares me...my mother had a stroke when she was 55 and died at age 63. I know I am much healthier than she was at my age, God rest her soul, and I'm 50, but I just got married about 9 months ago and I want to have the maximum amount of life with my husband!

(baring my soul here)

At any rate, I am definitely steering clear of the franken-fats (I assume that's trans-fats, LOL)...haven't had any of those in just over a month.

However, we also buy most of our red meat from the supermarket, since we don't have a local or organic food source nearby. I try to buy the "all natural" chicken and eggs, and I do make a monthly trip to Whole Foods for occasional grass fed beef, but that's a luxury for us - we can't afford to eat it every day. We'll do better in the fall, because my husband also bags a good-sized buck, so we'll be eating wild venison for quite a while.

Thanks for the reassurance. I almost plotzed when I saw that on the paleo track! I am trying to be sure I'm eating more omega 3s than 6...

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Eating healthy fats for me has been like opening a door to freedom. It meant actually feeling full (but not overly stuffed) as I finished a meal. It meant I didn't care whether I took lunch first or my colleague did. And it meant largely not wrestling with hunger pangs before I went to bed. This is a lifestyle change I can stick with!!

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