need help with pre WO snack


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I'm a breastfeeding mom and I do cross fit in the mornings.  Whenever I eat anything solid in the morning I feel sick to my stomach after I eat and during workouts.  Before W30 I would have a protein shake with almond milk.  I'm having trouble finding a pre-WO snack that doesn't irritate my stomach.  Any ideas? Also, why does W30 recommend only a fat and a protein?  I tried to look for info in the book, but it only says no carbs because high insulin undermines bodies ability to use glucagon, but everything else I've read recommends carbs before a workout.  Wondering why W30 recommends something different.

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The idea of eating carbohydrate pre-workout is to give you some fuel for you to burn during your activity. So, eat some sugar to fuel your sugar-driven exercise. The reason that works (and is necessary) for so many people is that they are reliant on sugar for energy--"sugar burners"--and therefore need to add additional sugar to their systems pre-workout, because their body isn't good at tapping into the energy they have previously stored.


The problem is that if these folks are insulin-resistant (which they usually are), the carbohydrate they eat pre-workout causes a disproportionately high insulin response, which is going to tell your liver and muscles to STORE glucose, not let some out to fuel your workout. So in some cases, this approach backfires, and the exerciser ends up with even lower blood sugar than when they started.


We turn people from sugar-burners into fat-burners, and teach their bodies how to tap into previously stored energy (both carbohydrate and fat). Once you can do that, you can then use the stuff you've already stored in the muscles and in body fat to fuel your activity without adding additional fuel in the form of sugar from food. (Assuming your activity is less than 90 minutes in duration, of course.) So why would you add sugar pre-workout when you are already good at using the sugar you've previously stored? No reason, once you're fat-adapted. Skip the carbs, and use the energy you've already got to fuel your workout.


That's a really basic explanation, but I hope it makes sense.


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