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Period was 2 weeks early and the nurse said...


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I'm on birth control pills and my period came two weeks early. From reading this forum, I know this is common, I just didn't know if this meant I needed to keep taking my pills or start a new pack. So I called the nurse at the GYN and told her that I felt like due to changes in the food I'm eating my period was early do I need to do anything. Her response was, did you miss a pill? It's probably early because you missed a pill. It amazes me that even in the medical profession that they find it so odd that what we eat can effect our bodies in profound ways that they ignore the "I changed the way I eat" and went straight for the easy answer. I have been on birth control pills for many years and have never started a period just because I missed one pill. If anybody is wondering what her answer is she said to just keep taking the same pack.

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It's sad, but it's not because of willful ignorance. It's because their education basically ignores it. My fiance is in a nursing program and his nutrition course was just MyPlate expanded into 17 chapters.


I am in a graduate medical science program and we learned all kinds of things in biochemistry that are just tossed out the window by the time you get to medical school. All the biochemists know that too many carbs will raise your triglycerides and make you fat because glucose is the major source of acetyl CoA for the de novo synthesis of fatty acids... but after basic biochemistry you never see those pathways again. So you have doctors and nurses trained during the low-fat paradigm who are establishing guidelines for and teaching the incoming professionals, and the poor PhD researchers are sort of left standing there with their fantastic lipid profiles, holding all the clinical evidence with no one to listen to them but other biochemists and their PhD students. They're sort of like medical anthropologists that way, holding all the answers with no one who wants to hear it.

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