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Day 18 - Back pain

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Hi all,


I am on my 2nd Whole30, and this time around my wife is also doing it with me.  We are on day 18.  I am doing ok other than some bloating and gas.


My wife has the usual problems with lack of energy, bloating, gas, etc.  But starting a couple of days ago, her back started hurting her.  Not a sharp pain, but a dull/annoying constant pain. She's also just come around to her 'time of month' so maybe it's associated with that?


So we're wondering if anyone else has this experience on their Whole30.  She hasn't been working out since she started the Whole30, so it's nothing that might have occurred in the gym, but maybe again it could be from the lack of activity and her body tightening up.  


Any thoughts?  Thanks.

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hmmm. A dull back ache is not uncommon around that TOTM for sure, and it is normal to have changes in hormones during the whole30 (lots of women will have late periods or early periods or heavier bleeding/cramps etc) so I would guess it is probably related to this.


Laying on a heating pad or hot water bottle, or taking a hot bath in epsom salts might help, regardless of the cause.


I hope she feels better soon.

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