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Back in the saddle


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Well, I am really embarrassed by my behavior the last few weeks. We drove  15 hours to get a little addition to our family-a puppy and since then, her needs have outweighed mine. Much like a baby....at least for us. I have been at work part time but I go back FT tomorrow so that will structure me like I am used to for W30 eating.

Since we have been home, I have not been horrible-certainly not W30 strict but paleo strict-too many pieces of fruit and peanut butter, and wine. One needs lots of wine with a puppy, correct?

Yesterday was just plain bad.

Today a new day and really feel like getting back to work/working out is enough structure to kick me back into the groove.

I have felt the benefits of this plan since April and have been focused on continuing for quite some time-just a bump in the road these past few weeks but even that, I can tell the joint pain is up a bit, the scale up a little bit, but my mood! Yikes.....It takes a  week or so to undo the damage of one bad day, at least for me. So I will expect that. I sure hopes my mood improves much sooner than that.

I wonder if it is the food itself that plummets my mood or the lack of control I associate with it? Probably a combo.

FYI, I changed my little puppys food to no grain a couple weeks ago as she was PSYCHO at night before bed and just could not get a grip on herself. Since the change, better ability to follow commands, a  bit less psycho at night(she IS a puppy) and much less bloated look in her little tummy. She has a tiny waist line. I have removed all sugary treats and she eats veggies as treats.

What is good for the goose......

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Hi, Cayenne--are you trying to do a Whole30 right now? If not, maybe this post belongs in the life after Whole30 section? If you are trying to do a Whole30, you might need to have a look at the template and start over--but a moderator would know more about this than me. 


I agree that a new puppy could certainly kick up a craving for wine  :)

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