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I'm not hungry.


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Hi all! I'm on day 21 and I'm having some issues with getting my food down.


My "context"


41yo, 5'5" 215lbs

Hypothyroid and autoimmune psoriatic arthritis.


My meals:


B- 4 oz ground beef, summer squash and 1/2 cup sweet potato all sauteed in about 2 tbsp of ghee

L- 4-5 oz chicken, beef or turkey salad olive oil dressing

D- 5-oz protein similar to above a couple cups of non starchy veg and 1/2 cup winter squash or sweet potato w/fat


Most of the time, I can't finish breakfast and am apathetic at best to dinner.


I don't snack and an am lightly active, mostly walking, body weight strength and yoga.

 I have a hard time getting anything but lunch down. It's not that the food is off-putting, I'm just not hungry. Should I be concerned that I'm not eating enough? My energy is stable and I feel clear headed most of the time.


My question is, is it possible that my body has found some sort of equalbrium (sp? where is the spell check?) Am I doing my thyroid harm by just listening to my bodies cues and eating until I just don't want to anymore?


Thank you all in advance for any insight you may have.



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Your body can slow down under certain circumstances, but eating less than the bottom end of the meal template - what you have planned for meals - is not healthy. Feeling satisfied is not the same as being fully nourished. Our bodies need nutrients and vitamins regularly. And, importantly, eating is part of how we stimulate the body to increase the metabolism. So in this case, just eating until you feel full may not be a good idea. Try to finish your meals. Soon, your hormones should get to a better place and get your hunger going properly.

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it's really common to lose your appetite somewhere in this timeframe - don't worry.  It sounds like you may be able to cut back a little on starchy veggies while you're in this phase - just to get more food in. If your energy drops or the quality of your exercise goes down, add them back in for sure.

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