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Before starting Whole30 my GP had put me on Phentermine to help reign in my appetite. I went off them in mid-December when I finally admitted they weren't helping me lose weight at all and actually making me high and want to smoke cigarettes all the time (quit those Jan 1 too).

Anyone else take diet pills before they started Whole30? Did it take you longer to really see results because of the damage they did? I think people make the assumption that they damage your metabolism but wondering how long it takes to make your body realize it's ok to live without them and function properly. 


I wonder if this could be contributing to my emotional rollercoaster these 23 days too? 


Thank you!! 



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I don't personally have experience but it would make sense that they might make it harder for your body to readjust. Part of W30 is letting your hormones adjust to where you are getting appropriate hunger cues again. Lots of things mess with these cues including the pills you were on. I would suggest you might want to extend your W30 to get full benefit. If you want further suggestions on tweeks you might be able to make to even your mood and get more from your experience feel free to post a few days of your food log for feedback.

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I had  norpseudoephedrin (cathine) drops, however I don't see them as damage. (But then it¨s a different substance) They helped me, to have less hunger, even after I stopped using them. (And with Whole30 my hunger is also better and no crave for sweets, which I had befor whole30) But I liked the stuff for it's effect making awake. (I wonder if I has ADD, since amphetamines are used then, if Whole30 does not help with being tired and less concentrated, I may ask my psychiatrist to check out that. I had thought maybe I was before tired and not concentrated because of my sugar intake all the time) But I have still some days to go for Whole30, so I hope getting more awake and energyfull will happen. (I'm at day 18 at the moment) I think generally my body does feel better to. (One part surely is of getting lighter, but I think my stomach did feel better too)
About feeling hungry, the stuff did just work, when I used it, and it's more likely that it built up some tolerance, that one may feel faster again hunger after using some time. (That‘s why, at least the cathine drops I have, are just for a few weeks) I don't had the feeling, that stuff did mess up with my hormone system. (I think the system is more likely before damaged, that one needed help from pills or drops) 

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I was put on phentermine by my endocrinologist in 2008 and I went from 157 lbs to 127 in about 3 months effortlessly. I hated them though - I was thirsty all the time and developed an irritable streak. I went off of them after 3 months and the weight boomeranged to 170 in 2 years time. More than I have ever weighed in my life. They really messed my metabolism up. The only good thing about them is that I was never hungry - I had to make myself eat. 


I just started eating paleo - starting the Whole 30 a couple weeks ago and already, I can tell that I'm losing weight and I feel better. I think this is helping me have a better relationship with food and my body. Granted I'm still new to this way of eating.

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It's taken me a little over a year to really start healing--both the physical and psychological damage. In that year, I did three Whole30s (not back-to-back) and dabbled in "riding my own bike," paleo-style.

I just finished my 3rd Whole30, and my weight and hunger are finally finding their way to normal.

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