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My Whole30 Results :)


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I finished my first Whole30 two days ago and I am so happy with my results :)

I've suffered from chronic back pain for over eight years, ongoing acne on my face and chest as well as recurring fatigue leftover from having glandular fever a few years ago.

The biggest thing for me from all of this is learning about how food makes me feel, why I crave the things I do and how I can learn to control it. I have always had a bad relationship with food using it to punish or reward myself and eating things in secret so people wouldn't know my shame.

During the Whole30 I felt so in control. I knew what I could and couldn't have, I felt justified in my choices because I knew they were good ones and I researched things I wasn't sure about so I could make informed decisions each and every meal.

The results I've had make me want to keep going and become stronger and more aware of what I'm doing to my body. I don't want to preach to others but I do want to be aware for myself.

So my results in numbers were:

Weight- 92.7 down to 88kg (4.7 kilos or 10.3 pounds lost)

1cm off my arm

1cm off my waist

3cm off my hips

2cm off my thigh

I also had my skin clear up beautifully! Only four or five pimples in total from the second week onwards! I was sleeping through the nights though I learnt that my body loves waking up at 5:30am so I've just learnt to roll with it. As for my back pain it's not diet related but the excess energy I've had has helped me to do more stretching and strength work that has definitely improved it and the reduction in weight is certainly going to help me in the long term :)

I'm quite scared to quit the Whole30 because I don't feel confident yet to make my own decisions foodwise or even trust myself not to return to old habits. In the last two days I've had a baby shower I hosted and an Australia Day party and at both I had a brownie that was sugar free and gluten free but I had to work so hard not to use that as a gateway into eating other foods that were not compliant. It was so difficult because the little voice in my head just kept saying that I wasn't doing the Whole30 anymore so why not? :/

I don't think I'm ready to stop and have only been on this path for 30 days so I am starting my second Whole30 today :) hopefully it will solidify everything I've learnt and teach me more about myself. I only hope my husband can put up with me again! :)

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Congratulations! No reason not to make it a whole45 or 60 if you're not ready, is there? I do not plan to 'go back' to what wasn't working for me. No need to reintroduce if you don't want to, is there?


No reason not to extend. No reason to reintroduce things you never want to eat again. There is value in carefully reintroducing the things that you might encounter though just to know how they will affect you.

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