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Is it possible to overeat?


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I've been following the template and eat until I'm full, but I seem to be eating a LOT! Maybe I should stop before I get full? Here's a sample day:

B: one turkey patty, a handful of nuts or a 1/2 avocado, coffee, a cup of salad

L: A big mixing bowl salad with lettuce, peppers, sweet potato, nuts or olives, and another turkey patty, hb egg, some grapes and a clementine

D: usually something like 2 cups of brocolli or salad, plus a chicken breast and some sort of fat (olives or avocado or whatever), sometimes followed by a second piece of chicken, 2 clementines


I'm not sure why it feels like I'm overeating. I think maybe because I don't eat the meals altogether. Meaning I'll eat my turkey patty and salad at breakfast, then as I'm getting ready for work I'll munch on the other stuff. Same with lunch and dinner. I know it's supposed to be a meal altogether and no snacking. I may have answered my own quesiton... my eating is still too much like snacking?


Argh! Do I need to start over?

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Breathe! You don't need to start over. Your meals look really good sized actual. My only concern is maybe a little more vegetable at your first meal. I'm assuming that turkey patty is at least the size of your palm.


But you are right we do want you to sit down and have a meal and then wait 4-6 hours and sit down and have a meal and then wait 4-6 hours and sit down and have a meal. Giving your body the rest in between is what helps with hormone levels. You need the break for all the systems to do what they need to do.


So continue forth and just be more mindful about your eating and make your meal times special and sacred. No more all day grazing. ;)

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