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Inspired to stop making excuses.


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I'm starting to feel like a broken record because I've posted something like this in so many different threads, but...

Don't get so focused on the 'results you're hoping for' that you overlook the good things that are happening RIGHT NOW. So yeah, you had a bad day - I'd be unhappy too, having to turn back so close to the summit on that hike. But you did get a lot of good exercise, you did see some wonderful sights on the way, and you DIDN'T come home and drown your sorrows in wine and comfort food! Congratulations!!

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Apparently there are enough of us that need to hear it that you keep having to say it:)

I agree, and is say the same to you or anyone else, but it's so much easier when I'm telling you instead of looking at myself, right?

I think I am in some carb or dairy withdrawal thing. Because I am ranks as all heck! And I don't want to be, and there's no real reason for it, but the serenity I've felt since I started this seems to have disappeared and it's been replaced by this really cranky chick who needs a time out. At least I'm aware of it and can monitor myself, but it's annoying and I can't imagine it's very pleasant for those around me LOL I seriously just got mad at my sardines. How retarded is that????

Ok.... Day 11....foodz...

530 am egg

7 am eggs, sardines, kale, sweet potatoes, ghee.

1130 am meatsa

130 pm macadamia nuts

300 pm berries, banana, hazeLnut dip and coconut and almond chips.

800 pm tomato, cukes, sardines and mayo with that sharma (or something like that) spice mix added in. I only ate a few.bites as I didn't like the sardines I got. Apparently I only like the trader joes sardines. And I thought the poor helpless sardines on my dinner plate needed to know how inferior they were. No wonder my dog looks at me funny.

And now I'm enjoying a glass of kombucha.

Oh, and I'm really starting to get hungry in the mornings which I think is a sign that my hormones are regulating, is that right?

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I agree, and is say the same to you or anyone else, but it's so much easier when I'm telling you instead of looking at myself, right?

Hah! You've got that right! I think one of the reasons I keep saying it over and over is that I need to hear it as much as anyone else!

Enjoy that kombucha! The last two bottles of GT that I bought had almost no fizzy wonderfulness - very disappointing... I usually have mine in the morning with breakfast and the past few days it just hasn't been satisfying...

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Thanks Kaye, just keep repeating it! Like Nemo, if we just keep swimming....

So today is Day 15! Wow!

I know I should be better about logging every day, but I honestly work long hours and this week has been brutal. Next week I'm off from school and headed into a long weekend, so hopefully it gets better from a time perspective. And if I have a choice between preparing good food or talking about it, I have to go with the prep:) fortunately I give you guys a run down of my food prep on the weekends, so that keeps me a little accountable too. I don't recall my exact logs for the last couple of days but it was essentially more of the same. I did make a minor adjustment and decided to eat meal 3 around 4 or 5. I was having a snack between 3 and 4 and it was usually fruit and nuts. I decided to save that for the end of the day instead and am having a meal, even if it's a smaller one, at 4ish. Then going home, walking or doing household stuff and then eating something around 8, and the last couple of nights it's been a frozen banana with my hazelnut spread drizzled on it. It freezes on it and hardens and is sort of like having a "candy coating" on an ice cream I suppose. All I know is it's delicious and healthy.

I slept pretty well all week, although didn't do any real exercise. Recovered from hiking at the beginning of the week and got busy towards the end of the week. I might try to get back to the gym this week, I haven't decided yet. I also got a groupon for a gym by work that I can go to after work for spin classes and I'd like to take advantage of that. I don't have a lot for plans this weekend so I can organize my week so that I make my health a priority.

I ran out of veges this week. Which is good, I suppose. But I need to have some frozen greens on hand because this morning I really wanted some spinach. I do have a head of cauliflower left but I didn't feel like cooking it for breakfast. I'd like to come up with some interesting twists for using it with other veges.

It's hard to tell if my clothes feel different yet, but my jeans seemed to be a little looser yesterday. I probably should have tried something on that didn't fit before this to see what happened when I was done. I do have my skinny jeans, so may e that will be a good gauge:)

Day 15 breakfast was onions and peppers sauted and mixed with scrambled eggs topped with salsa and half an avocado. Smaller breakfast than I've been having, but I am trying to figure out meal portions. I'm a little hungry but not terrible. I'll probably eat a bigger lunch than usual.

Ran out of kombucha and need to go shopping for that and some greens. I love the kombucha but I have to cut it with mineral water or limit it in some way, too much does have a laxative effect on me:( but I guess this encourages me to make sure I drink water in between!

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Remainder of day 15

Lunch was sweet potato, chicken thighs, and brussel sprouts sauted with some shallot and pork belly.

Is it weird that finding a bag of frozen brussel sprouts in the back of the freezer feels like a jackpot when there aren't many greens in the house?????? I was visibly excited about this.

Shortly after lunch my best friend stopped by and we ended up sitting on the front porch chatting all afternoon. She hadn't seen me since I started my whole 30 and she said I look different. She doesn't see the work stress on my face, it's replaced with content,ent or something. I just look GOOD. Woohoo! She knows me really well and can read everything on my face, so it's was a good thing. And I rarely take the time to just sit. I'm usually doing something while we chat. Which isn't a bad thing, but I was able to just enjoy the time with her, and I struggle with being in the moment. A lot. So this feels like another fantastic benefit to this journey.

Wasn't hungry all afternoon and then went and got my kombucha, didn't make it to the farmers market store, but pulled together the remaining leftover chicken into a salad with celery, apple, and pecans. And homemade mayo. I need to make more, I've successfully eaten a double batch for 2 weeks running!

Feeling like time for a frozen banana.

I had a friend call and want to go out for a drink, and I said sure, but I'm not drinking. I don't even feel like going, but I will if he gets home from work at a decent hour. I don't feel the least bit concerned about being at a bar, I don't have any desire to sabotage myself.

But really I just want to curl up with a book and my puppy in my air conditioned bedroom. I'm old and boring lol

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But really I just want to curl up with a book and my puppy in my air conditioned bedroom. I'm old and boring lol

I resemble that remark...

Really, though, that's an awesome discovery, that you are able to be more 'in the moment' with your friend!

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Oh good, I don't want to be old and boring alone :)

It really is a great discovery, a great change in attitude. One I plan to keep

Today started out tough. I went to bed late as I was out late - went for that drink, but just had soda water and lime. When I was there, it wasn't bad. This morning I got up feeling like I had deprived myself of all that is holy. So I made some coffee. I planned on doing this without coffee as I suspect it might have some hormonal effect on me, but I couldn't stand it anymore this morning, I needed to reward myself for the accomplishment last night. I know this probably has a thread of emotional attachment that I need to analyze but this morning was not the time

The first sip of coffee was decadent. By half way through the cup (ok, not a normal sized cup) I was ok and didn't want any more. I did drink it with my breakfast.

I also decided to walk to the natural food market that is about 2.5 miles from my house. It did me good on several levels. I posted about it in menu planning. I don't know how to do the hyperlink thing on This iPad so you'll have to hunt for it over there :)

830 eggs and sweet potato and lamb sausage and ghee.

230 leftover chicken salad from yesterday, with avocado and sliced tomato. And a few carrots

600 a little cauliflower soup I made today, but I'm really not hungry. I know I will be soon, but I did a lot of tasting while cooking today.

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Day 17

Not having dinner last night really caught up with me later on, I couldn't fall asleep and at 10pm I finally went downstairs and got a piece of chicken and a frozen banana. I was asleep shortly after. Not eating something at night is not good.

500 am a few bites of breakfast to tie me over.

730 eggs, lamb sausage, spinach, pomegranate, sweet potato, ghee

1230pm sunshine chicken, mixed raw veges, and sunshine sauce. And half an avocado.

230 starving. Handful of macadamia nuts and kombucha.

400 meatsa

700 salmon with twisted cauliflower mash.

I literally shoveled food into my mouth when I ate today. And I'm about ready to shovel a frozen banana into it too.

Tomorrow I will concentrate on savoring my food. I'm not a toddler. Sheesh.

I also drank more water and herbal tea today, and didn't crave coffee even after having it yesterday. I did have a caffeinated tea this morning and my chest felt weird and tight for awhile after. I'm not sure I can do caffiene. I think I'm ok with decaf coffe, and I know I'm fine with herbal tea. Now I really need to make my own kombucha, so I can be completely off caffiene and see what happens, although I think the kombucha is mild in comparison to coffee and tea.

Off to get my banana, close the kitchen, and relax with a good book and some soothing music.

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Day 18

Almost 2/3 there. It's going pretty well overall. I don't really want things that aren't healthy for me, as a general rule. I would like to continue this type of eating and wellness for a good long time. Like the rest of my life :)

I am getting leg cramps more frequently, and that's with the banana almost every day. Maybe I should be eating a banana early in the day? I used to make a smoothie with carrot juice and banana that was delicious and it helped the cramps. I'll have to think about that after the whole30.

530 am a few bites of breakfast

715 am eggs, sweet potato, brussel sprouts and pork belly with ghee

230 pm chicken thighs and raw veges with avocado and sunshine sauce

800 pm tuna steak with mayo and raw carrot chips

I'll probably end it with a frozen banana.....

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Day 19:

I'm already a little off today as I'm working from home and didn't even eat breakfast until 9. Then got hungry and headachy at 10. I had a cup of rejuvenating tea and that seems to have helped. I also went through my tea cabinet and found that I have a ton of tea that has additives -I don't know why I'm shocked, but I am! I'll probably take it all to work and give it away, I'm just sorely disappointed. Fortunately I love tea and still had some excellent real, pure teas.

I'm also disappointed to find out that starkist tuna has soy. I loved starkist. Boo.

Breakfast was eggs, sweet potato, spinach and a lamb sausage. With a little ghee.

I still have a couple of days until shopping day and of course I'd love some berries with coconut milk but I don't have any coconut milk in the house. I know I can stay on track with the food that I have, and part of it just needs to be a lesson in lack of instant gratification, I'm not a big fan of this lesson, so I might kick my feet a little between now and Saturday LOL

I'm thinking of going and making something with shrimp for lunch.

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Day 19 Part 2

This might be a 20 part day as I'm kind of feeling off and tired.

I made some crab salad with homemade mayo over a bed of greens with carrots, avocado, and mandarin oranges. I ate a little over half of the salad and I'm full, and it wasn't huge. Couldn't eat the soup I heated up to go with it.

For some reason I'm still feeling a little off and if I didn't have so much to do I'd go take a nap, which is very unlike me. I'd be better off going and taking the dog for a walk, except I'm waiting for a repair person. I'll definitely take her later, I'm thinking I'm just not moving enough to keep my body working correctly. I need to get back to the early morning gym routine!

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Very good point! I actually realized earlier today that I have been lacking in the hydration. I just don't feel like drinking water. So I'm alternating it with tea and today I've managed about 6 cups of each. Hopefully this is reflected in feeling better tomorrow. I also haven't been consistent about taking my vit D and I need to be. It makes a huge difference for me. I probably need to add some other supplements back in, but I want to wait until after my whole 30.

Dinner was a shrimp and green bean sauté with drizzled mango salsa and some toasted coconut chips.

I need to drink water and start moving daily. In general, my food is on track and I'm not finding a great deal of struggle with it. But I know I need to practice wellness in other areas that I am neglecting.

Tomorrows goal is to drink water throughout the day and engage in 30 minutes of some kind of movement.

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Day 20 - I'm really 2/3 there!

I feel better today, drank lots of water and tea.

430 egg

445 intervals on the treadmill

515 post workout chicken and carrots

715 salmon and cauliflower mash, a few cherries and a few cashews

12pm shrimp and green bean sauté with mango salsa and coconut chips

630 arrive home famished. Should have had the 4pm meal but wasn't hungry

Shoveled a bit of tuna in my face and made some ground beef and vege sauté stuff. Lots of mushrooms and zucchini. And fried sweet potatoes. Had a small amount of both, the tuna filled me up a bit. Ate the beef and vege sauté with a dollop of mayo on top. Just because I can.

Enjoying kombucha and a frozen banana and I'm headed to bed soon, I'm really tired tonight, but I had plenty of energy all day and it felt good to get to the gym.

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You speak of frozen bananas a lot. I think I might need to start freezing some myself. Although I'm not sure it would be the same now that it's not rolled in chocolate. Ha ha.

You sound like you're doing really well. It's nice to see that you're bowling over all your obstacles and powering through. And it's fantastic that you're logging your foods and emotions so newbies like me can see what they have to prepare themselves for!

I think I'm going to steal some of your recipe ideas, too. Thanks :)

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I heart the frozen bananas that I speak of. They are delectable. And the hazelnut coconut cocoa stuff I make is really pretty good, you'd be surprised.

You should totally take all the recipe ideas you want, that's what they are there for. I'm thinking of blogging sometime soon. I've actually thought about it for awhile, I just haven't put it into action.

Ok, day 21. It's a little like a new me countdown now... Only 9 days to go...

This might be a little long because I had an EXCITING EVENT this morning.

Got up at 3:30. Well, 3:50 actually. Which explains why I was racing around and didn't realize what clothes I grabbed for work. Yes, this is leading somewhere. So get my stuff, feed and water and all of that with the dog. Have an egg, gather up my totally awesome goodness of food and off to the gym at 4:30 which puts me at the gym at 4:45 and I have to leave there at 5:15 to get to work.

5:15 am chicken and carrots. And water. And then tea that was supposed to be detox cleansing something or other and it was only sort of tolerable. Made a mental note to get Tazo Thrive tea when I go to whole foods.

6:00 at work, take a shower. Get out of the shower and grab my clothes and I've got in my hands jeans that are too small. I haven't fit into them in a year. I said very bad words and then decided somehow I had to stuff myself into them because I had to work.

And I put them on and they fit :) ok, maybe "fit" is the wrong word because I still had a good muffin top going and I was really glad I had brought a loose fitting top, but I got them on and I didn't have to pull, prod or poke anything.

This makes me happy in my heart.

Ok, enough of all that.

7:00 am meat and vege stuff from last night with sweet potato.

11:30 am shrimp and green beans with salsa and coconut chips. This was really good and easy ill make it again. Next time with frozen mango chunks.

3:00 famished after going to trader joes and whole foods at lunch time, had a can of sardines, 3 fresh figs, and a handful of macadamia nuts.

I know these things dont go together and aren't technically meal worthy but it was delicious and filled me up. I left work a little early for the long weekend and did all of my errands tonight so I can go to the beach tomorrow, it's going to be a gorgeous day and my beach days are disappearing. Got home at 8:00 and not hungry. But I'm sure it will be frozen banana time any second now.

I remained energetic enough to run around doing errands after work tonight which is unheard of for me on a Friday night. I'm usually so exhausted from work that I come home and go to bed. After a few glasses of wine of course. But tonight I got everything done in record time and I could probably clean the house tonight too. But I'm instead going to look around the forum and drink my kombucha and wind down so I can get up early and do chores before the beach.

I also found that there is a crossfit near my work and I'm seriously considering joining when I come back from vacation n a couple of weeks. My workouts aren't where they née to be at all, and I know I can do it myself, but I'd really like to try it for a month or so and see what happens. I've dabbled in crossfit myself and it's really my kind of thing. I know it can be expensive but sometimes you get what you pay for. And I've heard with this one it's really awesome. They have classes right after work, which would mean I'd need to get out on time 3 or 4 days a week, or split the workouts between early morning and evening. I used to be in really good shape and now not so much. I've been taking the stairs at work, which is to the fourth floor, and is actually 12 flights of stairs because it's an industrial building. And I'm huffing and puffing at the top.

And it's my own fault it's going to cost me to get back into shape because I was lax in taking care of myself. So I'll have to sacrifice somewhere else. I don't know how much it's going to cost yet, thus all of the pumping myself up about it:)

So I'm kind of at the home stretch here and feel really good about many things. I'm sleeping, I'm even tempered, I'm satisfied with my choices, and I'm fitting into my skinny jeans.

And I get to heart frozen bananas covered in hazelnut cocoa stuff.

Can life get any better?

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Breakfast of meat and vege stuff with half an avocado. Wasn't hungry but I'm out the door for the beach and it's too long to get there to eat when I get there. I packed a nice lunch for myself so I'll eat a meal listening to the ocean waves, which is the way to conduct everything in life.

Happy day 22 to me!

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Day 22 was nice. I'm learning to think through my life and my choices in everything. I haven't arrived yet by any means, but I've been in a mode of functioning by necessity for so long that it's weird to do it differently. Six months ago I never would have taken off to the beach for a few hours when I had a house to clean and laundry to do, etc. today, I chose to take care of myself as I needed some time by myself and in a peaceful environment. When I got home, I did a few things, but my house still isn't spotless and I'm going to bed shortly because Im going to go hiking tomorrow. I don't have that many more days that I can hike and go to the beach, winter will be here before I know it. I'm not saying that I shouldn't take care of my home and responsibilities, but I won't let those things rule me anymore. If I can't keep a decent house, perform my job, and still enjoy the pleasure of life, I'm doing it wrong.

The rest of the day 22 foods.

Lunch was tuna steak and carrots with homemade mayo. I couldn't eat all of it while I was at the beach, wasn't very hungry, so I ate the rest around 4.

6 pm braised bratwurst with cabbage and carrots.

I'll probably have some fruit shortly, haven't decided if it will be a frozen banana or a couple of fresh figs. Figs make me want honey, but not like a craving, just like a remote desire.

Bratwurst made me miss Guinness. Badly actually.

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Day 23 - I caught the extreme home makeover bug:)

So my plan was to get up and go hiking. I checke the weather a coupl of days ago but didn't check the mountain forecast for today last isn't. It turns out it wasn't great, but I didn't even think about it until I let the dog out and saw the rain. I'm not going to climb a 5000 ft mountain if I can't see the beautiful summit when I get there. So I stayed home. Of course, it's only 515 am at this point and so I made some coffee and breakfast and commenced to spending the day alternating between some cooking, lots of cleaning, and posting here and looking for recipes and articles. My floors are washed and waxed, the laundry is done and I've cleaned a section of the basement while doing laundry. Scrubbed baseboards and walls from the gross dog slobber that happens around here. Washed the cushion covers for my furniture and the dog beds. You get the idea... Since I typically get the in-depth bug when we are having company for more than a day or I am frustrated with something, my daughter came home and asked the logical questions. "who's coming?" "no one" "then who p@ssed you off?" "NO ONE, I'm just cleaning". "oh, cool, can you do my laundry?". Gotta love kids. Lol

On, and another revelation, my hair seems to be growing stronger and faster:) my hair has been falling out for awhile so this is awesome!

545 am eggs, steak, sweet potato, spinach with ghee. Coffee with coconut milk. Too much coffee, but it was delicious.

1230 pm the rest of the beef and vege mix from the other night, with fried sweet potatoes, cukes, tomatoes, and mayo.

430 should have eaten a meal but instead saw the raspberries in the fridge and decided to make a treat. I had a can of coconut milk in the fridge for whipped cream, but it didn't separate or stay separated, so it didn't work well. I took the cream part and added some raw cacao and some coconut butter and whipped it with my hand blender thing and then dumped some raspberries and coconut flakes over it. It was good, but a little too rich and sweet for me. A couple of bites at the end of a meal would have been better.

I'll need to eat dinner, or at least some protein later.

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Day 24 - wow, almost there.

I kind of wish I was just done today, I'm not sure why. I don't really want to reintroduce much. I still have some good energy, but I wish I had gone hiking yesterday, I'm slightly restless today and it's too late to really go climb anything. I'll probably trail walk with the dog later, and I'm debating just heading out for a run now. I haven't run outside in ages, mostly just on the treadmill at the gym in the morning. But feeling like I need to move, so I might just go do it.

Dinner last night was some eggs, sweet potato, spinach, and "French toast" spices. Not good for me, I immediately wanted maple syrup. I didn't eat anything bad, but I wanted to.

Breakfast was eggs, sweet potato, spinach, pork belly, and a bit of ghee on top. And coffee. I think caffiene, and maybe even coffee are going to be out for me, but we will see.

Ok, I'm going running.

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Ok, I did it. After a year or so of not running outside at all, I ran. Well, jogged. 5 years ago I couldn't run at all, my asthma was bad and I'd have to take my inhaler. Minus grains and I was on the mend. 3 years ago I got up to running (still slow) 10 miles. Then I moved, things got busy, and I stopped. When I was running, my brother taught me cadence breathing, and I would still need to take breaks, couldn't keep a good pace, and couldn't run uphill at all.

Today I ran 4 miles, still very slow, it took me just over an hour. But for me, there were some good things to be happy about. First, I walk the first 1/4 mile and then do a 5k mapped run that is used for races here, it just happens to be almost at my house. Then walk the 1/4 mile back to my house. I started running when I reached the mapped run, and I didn't have to stop at all, even on the hill. I didn't have to stop and catch my breath after the hill. I maintained a heart rate of about 147 - 159 throughout. Even heart rate and even breathing for me is monumental:) for now I'm going to challenge myself to do this every day that I am not working.

A couple of other things, I used mapmyrun on my iPhone and I should have turned off the actual phone while I ran, because I kept getting the ts and calls and it was a challenge to ignore it and be present. Also, there is a thing that tells you where you are each mile, and I don't know if I want that on or off. I think it might have been better not to know

And it really didn't feel like a long time, I got tired at the end in an unconditioned way, but I'm not tired right now, nor am I sore. My feet kept falling asleep, which has never happened in the vibrams before, so it must be in the way I run. I need to do more research. I thought I had cured my problem when I started using the vibrams but today I had to stop and stretch every 10 minute or so.

Pre run snack a chunk of steak

Post run another chunk of steak

I'll eat a real meal shortly

Feeling accomplished and happy with my results:)

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Good job getting out there for a run! Glad your breathing was good too. Can't imagine how horrible it must be to have difficulty with that. I am a novice runner (up until this year I had only done a few 5Ks and 10Ks in my life), I started back in late July and just start running and go whatever pace feels comfortable that day for however long it feels ok. Really learning to like it though.

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I have had severe asthma most of my life, so I didn't know any different. I controlled it with meds and the. When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia I went off grains and cleaned up my diet significantly, lots more raw foods. And the asthma disappeared:) allergies did too.

It's really great to be able to do the things I love, including running and hiking.

Congrats for taking up running, I'm glad it's working for you!

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Remainder of Day 24

I had a fantabulous salad for lunch, about an hour after my run. Grilled albacore tuna on a bad of greens and carrots, cukes and tomatoes. I added a small amount of jarred mandarin oranges to this, although they weren't flavorful at all. I topped the whole thing with a dressing made from mayo, horseradish mustard and a splash of balsamic vinegar. The dressing was so totally awesome! I wanted a fig afterwards but I had a half a banana instead since I ran earlier.

Dinner was the brats and cabbage/carrot skillet, which was even better the next day. And the other half of the banana.

I'm tired, which is good. I've woken up the last couple of nights, although only rifle, but I'm not sure why. I am inclined to think its the caffiene and I might have to give it up completely.

Off to read for awhile and get a good nights sleep!

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