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Inspired to stop making excuses.


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Day 25

I didn't sleep much or well last night. I think the kombucha is keeping me up. I did without it today, and only one cup of tea with caffiene this morning. Hopefully I go back to sleeping like a baby.

Breakfast was late as I got stuck in traffic, so I was starving when I got to work at 8. Eggs, sweet potatoes, spinach, and sardines with a little ghee.

Not hungry but ate bratwurst and cabbage/carrot skillet at 130. Then got very hungry an hour later, ate a banana, some raspberries, and a Lara bar. And some cashews.

730 dinner was guacamole with veges and grilled chicken. Ate half.

Drinking some relaxing tea and going to bed, hoping I can sleep well.

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Busy day 26. Am I really on day 26?????

Weird eating day for me, but a good day overall.

530 ounce of steak

800 bratwurst and cabbage/carrot mix.

Managed to go to a work lunch event and not even be tempted

100 chicken, guacamole, veges and a few pork rinds. And a larabar

600 a couple ounces of tuna steak

630 walk the dog for an hour

800 dinner out with my walking buddy, ate at the 99, had soda water with lime, and a chicken strawberry salad with no pecans (coated) and olive oil instead of dressing

900 frozen banana with hazelnut spread

I wasn't tempted by the lunch, and there were things that I would have scarfed down if it wasn't for wholec30. I wasn't temped to eat french fries off of my friends plate at dinner either. I did long for alcohol with my dinner. So much so that I need to go to bed now with a cup of tea so I'm not tempted. I really only have a few days left. Wow.

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Thanks guys:)

Day 27 - was so so

Got up a little late, grabbed what food was easy and prepared.

530 steak

700 bratwurst and cabbage carrots, 3 figs, handful of macadamia nuts

1000 starving and ate more nuts

1100 decided I needed to just eat lunch, which was tuna steak, veges and mayo. Wasn't appealing.

Followed it with a banana and almond butter

200 3 more figs and macadamia nuts

800 finally home and made sweet potatoes, pork belly, spinach and eggs with ghee and sardines on top. Made enough for breakfast tomorrow too

I felt yucky all day, very tired, foggy. I think between the minimum of food last night and then the smaller breakfast this morning didn't work for me. I've adapted to a large breakfast and I need to stay with it. I actually went to my car and took a nap at lunch time because I could hardly see straight. Lesson is that I need to prepare to eat correctly and have emergency meals available all the time.

Enjoying some kombucha in a wine glass and I'll go to bed early tonight, probably without a snack since I just ate a good meal.

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Day 28. Ok day, although now I've started pondering reintroduction. I know I want to try raw milk and alcohol and at some point I'm probably gong to want ice cream. And the ill be away at my sons for 2 weeks and that could be challenging for sure. Although there is a sam's club there and i am gong to look for a natural food store. Then I'll be back at the end of the month and I'm going straight into my second whole 30 and hopefully adding crossfit to it.

I need to start logging my water/seltzer/tea intake.

I don't have any intention of eating any differently than this for the rest of my life. It feels fantastic and I can't wait to post in the "success" forum:)

I am feeling fat and bloated today, I'm not sure why. This is what I've eaten:

Forgot to eat something early and didn't have breakfast until 7, this probably messed me up a bit.

Had my usual eggs, pork belly, spinach and sweet potato with ghee.

1230 cabbage and avocado salad with shrimp and a compliant dressing sort of like Asian dipping sauce. And 3 figs

400 a can of sardines and a few more figs

800 just got home and not hungry, tried a bit of baby food that I bought for tomorrows hike, just to make sure I didn't hate it.

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Today is day 30! Woot!

Yesterday was the hike up Lafayette. I had a great breakfast of eggs, pork belly, spinach and sweet potatoes. For some reason this breakfast just works for me. I never seem to need deviation like I do with my other meals. I think I'm going to find an easy way to cook it together on the weekends so I don't have to cook it at 5 every morning.

We started hiking at 8 and I had baby food and a banana and a few nuts on the way up. Winds were too high at the summit to have lunch there so we stopped on the way back down, around 1. Had a bit of roast beef and a couple carrots and more baby food. Couldn't seem to stomach more than a few bites at a time. Drank plenty of water.

Home at 630 and couldn't fathom actually cooking anything. Had rolled up roast beef with mayo and pickles.

Not a balanced food day but not bad considering the hike. And I was wiped out afterwards, but I feel fine today! Not nearly as sore as I would have expected:)

Breakfast this morning is eggs and kielbasa with some onions and peppers and salsa. And coffee.

I picked up a boneless leg of lamb that was on sale and I think that will be lunch.

I know this is the "last day" but I don't feel like I'm done.

I'm going to go post in success and put more hike details in the athletes forum.

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So to finish off day 30....

I had a salad of tuna and veges and I made the mayo with curry powder instead of mustard and it was really awesome! Thanks Tom!

Then I followed it with a delicious peach from the local farm stand.

I wasn't hungry later when I finally cooked the lamb, but I had a few bites. And then before I went to bed I had a couple of dates stuffed with pecans.

The End.

But really just the beginning!

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