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My whole 30


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Hi :P

It's 30/07/2012 and today i'm starting my whole 30 journey

I've been primal/paleo for around a year now but i'm always cheating and slipping, i now feel that the time is right for me to try a whole 30 and i'm guessing that i shouldn't find it too hard as i have been eating this way for some time.

The only changes i have to make is cutting dairy, and certain condiments and most of these i can still have as long as i make them myself.

The only item i'm not cutting is grass fed butter

I spent the entire day yesterday making lunches that i portioned out and put in the freezer so that i have a 100% paleo lunch to take to work every day

I'm really excited to do this challenge and see the results

I've just starting the day with some scrambled eggs, grass fed beef mince, veggies and a cup of black coffee.

30 days clean here i come :D


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Aiofe, did I read that correctly? that you plan to follow the Whole30 exactly EXCEPT for continuing to eat butter? That seems to odd to me. I'm not judging, but I would think about possibly following the plan exactly. Milk solids from butter are eliminated for a reason--and if you don't eliminate them, you lose the benefit of finding out if you are sensitive to them at the end of the 30 days. Seems like a small sacrifice to eat clarified butter or ghee instead when you are already doing everything else on the plan...

Either way, have a great whole 30! :)

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Thanks for the advice guys, i'll trying making clarified at the weekend :)

Day 1 was good, as easy as i expected but as i said i've been eating this way for a while just not totally clean.

I didn't miss my milk in coffee at all and just had a black cup in the morning and peppermint tea fr the rest of the day

I have a question about coconut aminos, I finally found some at the weekend after ages of looking (i live in Perth Western Australia) and when i read the ingredients it has coconut sugar in it, does anyone know if this is a normal ingredient or if i should avoid using mine?


Day 2 here we go :)

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Yep that's what i thought :( why do they have to add extra ingredients like sugar there's no need!!!!! Ah well it'll have to stay out of my diet for the next 28 days :)

Yesterday went well, had my eggs and grass fed beef for breckie, beef mince for lunch and then pork burgers and vegies for dinner.

I made Mayo last night but it tasted really bland, does anyone know what i can do to jazz it up a little?

I used the recipe from everyday paleo?

I'm starting a new job today and my partner has just gone away fro a week for im in the apartment on my own, i'm hoping i can manage to stay clean without his support

Have a good day everyone :)

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Day 5 done and dusted, i keep feeling like i must have cheated somewhere because i haven't felt like i was missing out once :) I thought no dairy, condiments and butter would kill me but i don't miss them at all!!

I clarified some butter to have with a tiny bit of sweet potato and carrots tonight and it worked really well, it didn't taste like butter more like oil but not as heavy but it went well with the veggies :)

Gonna start logging my food properly from now on

Friday 03-08-12


Guacamole, tiny bit of chicken and a scrambled egg


Thai green chicken curry with while cabbage and cauliflower


Roast pork belly with 1 carrot, a tiny bit of sweet potato, shallots and guacamole


3 strawberries

Super dooper day and i all set for my first ever crossfit in the morning yay :)

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Thanks Derval

I'm from Dublin 2 :) but i'm living in Australia right now

Well i had a major slip-up last night, my cousin invited me for dinner last night and being a guest i didn't want to start explaining how i wasn't eating different foods so i just ate what was in front of me :rolleyes: I felt so stupid this morning but i guess i'll just start my 30 from today I know i can do this i just have to focus, i have dinner out twice more this week and i'll just have to make the smartest decision i can.

Yesterday i had..


Pork belly, scrambled egg and Guacamole


See above (i think i may be obsessed!!)


Glass of red wine, rice, chicken and vegie curry with bottled sauce so i know there was sugar etc in there and then milk in my tea and 1 of the chocolates i brought with me as a pressie :angry: it's all out in the open now so i can't pretend it didn't happen

I started crossfit yesterday and i can barely move today!!! I'm walking around like i'm 104 years old and wincing every time i have to move but i'm really happy because all the pain means i really worked my muscles hard! I'll be doing another 3 intro classes this week, two next week then i can join in with the regular workouts which i plan to do 3 times a week

Today i have been a cooking machine

I made my first ever roast chicken which turned out really yummy then i also made gravy and a thai red beef curry for more lunches this week. Lastly i'm planning to make a chicken stock with the chicken bones and freeze it for future gravy yum :P

Good luck with the week everyone

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That's gas, there's a few dubs here.

Re yesterday - Oh well, have a better go second time around, sounds like you are prepped for it with all that cooking! Fyi I find you need more than one carcass to make a decent stock so I just freeze the carcas's until I have enough.

Well done on the cf, a bath with epsom salts will help those aches :)

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oooohhhh a bath is the thing i miss most about home! only a shower here :(

Thanks for the advice about the stock, i just cooked it up with some carrots and onions and it made a good bit, it's just me and my partner so it should last us a while, gonna use it as the base for gravy :)

Feeling good today :)

My legs, arms and chest might disagree though ha


Scrambled eggs and guacamole


Roast chicken, veggies and gravy


More roast chicken, veggies and gravy and some pork belly

Great day

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Another super day today


Pork belly, guacamole and scrambled eggs


Thai red beef curry


Remaining roast chicken and vegies with gravy

After crossfit snack

pork belly and apple and a strawberry

Yum Yum Yum

Crossfit was really good today, i'm doing a foundations course to learn all the moves and get a good basis so that the workouts will be more productive, It was great everyone was really friendly and the instructor really knows what hes talking about :P

Heres to another good day tomorrow

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Opps i've been on the missing list for a while

My diet has been good, i had one or 2 slips but i trying not to focus on them too much.

My partner got back from holidays and his mum sent a massive box full of chocolates and crisps from home it's sitting in the corner tempting me all day, i had some chicken from red rooster last sat night which came with peas, gravy and a potato so that wasn't a good choice then on the Sunday i had Nando's chicken i checked the ingredients of the sauce and the only thing non whole 30 was canola oil so i'm hoping that the amount was too small to have an effect. I did have about 6 chocolates and then a few more on Tuesday after a really bad day in work. So that's all my slips down in print now i'm done with them and i'm moving on!!

It's a lot harder trying to stay clean while living with a non paleo partner, he doesn't eat badly and is happy if i cook paleo meals but he still has fresh bread rolls at breakfast which make me drool :) i'm doing ok though i'll always have temptation around me so it may as well be at home.

Today i had

Breakfast- Eggs, tomato, mushrooms, pork belly and a black coffee

Lunch- chicken with Guacamole

Snack- the water and some fruit from a drinking coconut

I'm not too hungry for dinner and we have nothing planned so i'm not sure what it'll be yet

I've finished my crossfir foundations course so i can start proper classes next week, i need the weekend break though from the chin-up class on Thursday night, i can barely move my arms :)

Enjoy the weekend everyone

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