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Do I need supplements like vitamin d, multi, etc?

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HI everyone, 


Before I started whole 30 I was taking vitamin B complex, vitamin D, acidophillus, probiotic, fish oil , and a multivitamin. They seemed to do nothing for me. They were from GNC .As soon as I started and noticed that they all had soy and my GNC vitamin had sucralose I was upset about that and quit them all. I've been off sucralose for the past 3 months, but little did I know a supposed quality vitamin store puts fake poisious sugar in their vitamins. I'm feeling 1000 X better eating this way vs. how I ever felt eating semi-healthy and with multivitamins. Now that I've gone all the way do I need vitamins even? Or can I just rely on this healthy diet? Here's a sample of what I am eating in a day which varies every day. But here's today for example:




- 2 cage free organic eggs

- 1/2 tbsp ghee

- 1 cup red cabbage mixed with olive oil homeade mayo

- roasted beets/sweet potato (about a cup) mixed in coconut oil/oilve oil mixture and spices and sea salt




Chicken Salad-

- grapes (this is my guilty pleasure that I rinse really good, but can't seem to find organic)

- antibiotic/hormone free range chicken breast

- handful raw cashews

- 2 tbsp homeade olive oil mayo

- organic celery chopped

- 2 cups organic mixed greens



- 1 cup chocolate chili (from clothesmakethe girl)

- 2 scotch eggs (from clothes make the girl)- both using all susbainable meats/eggs

- 3 celery sticks with homeade peanut sauce (no peanuts using pure almond butter from clothes make the girl site)



So this is a sample day. Plus I usually have 2 cups of mint tazo tea as well and a lot of water to drink and sometimes a perrier water. Oh and I'm on day 23 now and this has changed me wholeheartedly. I haven't weighed myself and am happy my pants are loose but don't really care as much as care about how I'm feeling. Any thoughts on this would be great. I mean I was on the verge of needing depression meds again and now I don't. This is amazing, I'm finally happy and content again!!! I just watched the movie food matters and they said, if you are malnourished you should be depressed. And that's exactly what I was. Yikes!



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Most folks who eat a variety of meats, fruits and vegetables don't need a multi-vitamin to make them healthier. Folks who don't eat much seafood or who rely on conventionally raised meats would likely benefit from some fish oil supplementation, and those who don't see much sunshine in winter could benefit from some high quality vitamin D :)

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I am on a pretty aggressive weight loss plan, so Iam working closely with my doctor. He has no issues with my supplements but the only ones he recommends are vitamin D3 and calcium. He is very specific about the calcium supplement, and actually cut me back to a mini-cal pill (200 mmg) last time, since my multi-vitamin has 500mmg already.

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