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Fat Intake Causing Pain to Ulcers

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I originally made a post about this yesterday, but after reading it I realized how poorly I wrote it. I apologize for the "duplicate" post.


Here it goes again...




I just finished my Whole30. Never felt better! I am currently in the re-introduction phase. I know that coffee is not a Whole30 no-no, but due to the fact that I struggle with ulcers I avoid it.


So my problem starts about 7 days after my Whole30. I thought, "Hey I'm eating clean now. So I can probably drink coffee without any issues." That turned out not to be the case. After 7 days of drinking coffee I had a ulcer pains and could barely even drink water.


I'm feeling much better now, but I noticed that fat was one of the last things I could take without pain. Avocado and almond butter were more painful than macadamia nuts. The softer fats caused more pain.


Again, I'm feeling much better and I was able to  have EVOO again, but I'm wondering if this is a common thing with fat in regards to ulcers.

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I haven't heard of fat triggering issues with ulcers, but it is worth noting that ulcers are frequently a problem of too little stomach acid. it's possible that you could be low on the stomach acid, which would give you some trouble in _digesting_ fat (not a lot, because fat mostly gets digested in the small intestine_, but still...it's a thought.


Did you take digestive enzymes while you were whole30ing? 


You might want to either experiment with those, or get some thoughts from a functional medicine doctor or something.

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The best foods to eat when looking to quickly heal a peptic ulcer are those that are relatively low in animal protein and easy to digest. Though fresh fruits and vegetables work well in most circumstances, in severe cases, eating too many raw fruits and vegetables can aggravate fresh ulcerations in the digestive tract. In such cases, rather than eat raw fruits and vegetables, it's often helpful to eat mainly cooked vegetables.

Steamed Yukon gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, and zucchini are typically well tolerated by people who have severe peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's, or other inflammatory conditions in the GI tract that involve fresh wounds.

For severe cases of chronic, recurrent peptic ulcers and inflammatory bowel disease,  use a combination of steamed zucchini and potato soup to nourish patients as their ulcerations heal.   Make the soup by steaming slices of Yukon gold potatoes and blending them in homemade vegetable broth.   Bone broth would be healing, too.

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