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Olive oil (I am assuming its ok).


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I am assuming olive oil is fine, since various other oils are. I checked the program rules and the rest of the posts here and couldn't see it specifically mentioned anywhere.


I wanted to make this really yummy stew recipe:

2 x carrots

2 x sticks of celery.

1 x red onion

and two sprigs of rosemary (is rosemary ok?)

olive oil


Fry up the above mentioned ingredients til caramelized.


Add 500grams of lamb.

(recipe calls for one tbsp. of flour which I shall leave out - I am assuming that's not ok).


Cook til browned.


Add a can of diced tomatoes.


Stew for as long as possible so meat is really tender.


Leaving out 2 cups of red wine (for obvious reasons).

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