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First timer starts 3/17/14 - working mommy


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I'm a 32 yo mom of three (2 y/o, 6 month, 6 month) starting my first Whole30 today, March 17. Husband is coming along on the journey, bless his heart :)


I'm doing the Whole 30 in an effort to clean up my family's diet (replacing our unhealthy carbs with healthy plant-based carbs) and to gain control of the sugar cravings.  Love love love all baked sweet things.  Some afternoons at work I get headaches, and I've wondered if they are because of sugar binges in the afternoons, like eating a ton of gummy bears.  I'd like to see an end to those headaches.  Also, I could use an energy boost.  I'm currently breastfeeding my 6 month-old twins. 


Trying to cook up a storm every weekend because the work week is hectic.  Using up the meat in the chest freezer downstairs (mostly organic beef and chicken, non-organic grocery store fish) and have my first shipment of Wellness meats arriving soon.  ($$$)   I know the grass-fed beef thing is important.  What about chicken?  Is it okay if I just do organic chicken from my local grocery store, or should I be shelling out for the Wellness meats chicken, too?


I've been "practicing" with this type of cooking for the past 4 weeks.  So we've been more or less paleo, with some cheating on the weekends for 4 weeks.  It's fun to try new recipes and new ways of pairing the allowed food items.  I hadn't realized what a rut I was in (lasagna, chili, enchiladas, repeat) cooking for my family. Been using a lot of Well Fed stuff, which is generally super tasty.  Then I think to myself, "this isn't so tough, I can just come up with my own recipe."  And I try it, and the results haven't always been stellar.


Did the weigh in yesterday and put the scale in the closet.  Need to do photos with my husband this evening.

Him: 181lbs 5'10'

Me:  128.4 lbs 5'5"


Here are my goals during this 30 day period:

1. Cut back on snacking, just try to have 3-4 large meals a day.

2. Exercise at least 4 times a week.

3. Be in bed by 9pm every night.


Here are my first two meals on the program:


2 slices of bacon

3 fried eggs

½ tangerine

sautéed bell pepper slices

½ sweet potato



Generous serving of Melissa's pork fried f'rice, included broccoli and shitaki mushrooms

A few radishes

½ grapefruit

closed handful of raw cashews


If you made it to the end of this very long and boring post, God bless you and good luck in your own journey!  I may try to update this with my progress, symptoms of withdrawal, challenges etc.  I really enjoy reading about other people's motivations and experiences, so figured I'd log my own.



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Welcome Delnora!


Wow - 6 month old twins - you go girl!

Pastured chicken is recommended, but get the best quality chicken you can.


3-4 meals is a good goal for someone who's breastfeeding, so that's great.  If end up[ being hungry in between, have a mini-meal containing a protein and fat.

I see you have US Wellness Meats arriving soon.  Is the current bacon you're using compliant (no sugar, sweetener or other nasties)?


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The bacon was nitrate-free uncured from Trader Joes, but I think it had some sugar.  Those 4 pieces I cooked for me and my husband yesterday were the last in the house, so we'll be totally sugar-free from here out.  Sadly, when I placed my wellness meats order they were out of sugar-free bacon.  Bummer.  I ordered sugar free beef sausage so will be using that for my "flavoring" for some of the breakfast style meals I'm cooking.  Hopefully when it comes time to place my next order they will have sugar free bacon back in stock!

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sorry, one more question for a moderator:  is it appropriate for me to post my log here, or should I start a thread in the "log" forum?  just trying to not clutter things up too much.



I can move this thread to the Your Whole30 Log section (that's typically where individual logs go) - send me a message if you'd like me to do so.


On the bacon, nitrates are ok on a Whole30.  It's sugars/sweeteners are that not. 

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Day 1, cont - see above for breakfast and lunch



Had quite a few “tastes†of things I was cooking in prep for the week (zucchini noodles, roasted asparagus, sweet pot + brussel sprout hash)



½ hamburger


zucchini noodles

baby carrots and cucumber sticks

½ kiwi


Day 2:


0515 – 1 hard boiled egg

0600 – 30 min bike

0645 – sweet potato and brussel sprout hash with 3 fried eggs

1300 – ¾ chicken breast, zucchini noodles, ½ avocado, a few blueberries, 3 strawberries

1840 – creamy dill salmon, broccoli/cabbage slaw with olive oil/balsamic dressing, ¼ avocado, handful of cashews, 3/8s pear

2000 – quick workout b/c I've been sick: abs, push-ups, squats, lunges

2030 – a few bites of turkey jerkey that just arrived from Wellness meats.  Gross.


Thoughts on the day:  I was home in the afternoon a bit and really wanted to snack, but I didn't, so proud of myself there.  Wasn't really that hungry in between meals, probably because I'm eating ample fat with each meal  and still recovering from illness with decreased appetite.  Just a touch of a headache in the afternoon, but not horrible – maybe because still getting sugar with the fruit I'm eating?  Breast milk production was lousy, only 18 ounces today from 3 pumping sessions during my work day (normally closer to 30 or so), but I also have mastitis so that is definitely contributing.  I think I'll wait till mastitis has really cleared than think about trying to increase my supply again.  Or not.  It's exhausting and the little buggers are over 6 months old now and a little formula won't kill them.  In bed by 2100, hurray!

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Day 3:


0440 – up to nurse babies

0600 – zucchini/mushroom w/ 3 scrambled eggs, 1 small sweet potato

1240 – Mel's cauliflower pork f'rice, baby carrots, ½ small cucumber, 1 tangerine, coconut cream Larabar

1845 – ½ hamburger (my 2-yr old ate the other half off my plate!), assorted veggies (cauliflower, zucchini, eggplant, onions) roasted in olive oil with Greek seasoning, ½ mango with coconut milk and dried coconut sprinkled on top,  1 small piece of beef jerky


Thoughts:  Slept restlessly.  Getting out of bed was tough.  But otherwise felt pretty good all day, no headaches.  Not as grouchy as I was yesterday.  Think my husband is still feeling grouchy though ;)  I'm proud that I didn't snack at all, made it a good 6 hours between meals.  I just concentrate on how my hormones are being reset with these mini-fasts.  I wasn't really hungry at all, I did want to snack midmorning but in the afternoon I was too busy to think about it.  Milk production is climbing back up, to 22.5 oz today.  Don't think I needed the Larabar; I ate it because I was worried about being hungry during the afternoon, but felt a little like cheating.   Now wondering if my mango with coconut milk was flirting with badness, a bit.  But I saw it on Mel's website, and seemed safe…I'll be better tomorrow. 

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Day 4:


0500 – up to nurse babies

0600 – 3 scrambled eggs w/ spinach, 1 banana

1220 – ¾ chicken breast, zucchini noodles, steamed rutabaga, a few baby carrots, 1 tangerine

1845 - <starving> 3 date/pistachio treats, 3 tostones (made with plantains and eggs) and shredded ropa (beef w/ tomatoes and garlic) with 1/3 avocado, sautéed kale, 1 dried fig

1930 – 30 min run after kids to bed

2015 – one more tostone w/ ropa, a couple raisins and cashews while packing lunches


Thoughts: woke up about an hour before my alarm although still felt tired.  I was HUNGRIER today. As I look at my breakfast and lunch as compared to yesterday's, I'm seeing there was probably not enough fat.  Also, I think it's probably best for me to avoid fruit at breakfast and stick with starchier carbs.  Arriving home ravenous at 1845 with 3 small kids who all want a piece of me, some literally, did not lend itself to me eating great tonight.  <This Whole30 idea of eating slowly, sitting at the dinner table, savoring each bite, is frankly a joke in my house, but I do what I can.>


But tonight was especially stressful because I was trying to eat quickly so I could digest for 30 min before running, but my 2 yr old demanded to be in my lap and the twins wanted to nurse…so I was shoveling food in as fast as I could and not really getting a change to hear the “signals†from my body that I was full. 


With that said, I only had a single plate of food, and I didn't feel sick on my run despite only digesting about 30 min so I don't think I overdid it.  But I probably shouldn't have had the date/pistachio treats as soon as I walked in the door standing at the fridge (there were only about 5 left, wasn't planning to eat them during whole 30 but they are all gone now.)  And my post-wo meal wasn't perfect either, too much fat. I'm thinking the Larabar at lunch yesterday actually served me well and kept me satiated nice and long.  Tomorrow I'll have more fat with both breakfast and dinner.   Still no carb flu, woohoo! 


Day 5:


0430 – alarm, a few nuts, nurse babies

0500 – Crossfit WOD in the basement followed immediately by M1: pork sausage, sweet pot, brussel sprout hash w/ 1 egg

1215 – 3 egg salad on spinach, carrots, celery, 1 kiwi, closed handful of cashews

1715 – 1 plantain tostone w/ beef ropa and some mushrooms, 2 pcs dried mango  (1/2 my planned dinner)

1830 – more platain tostone w/ beef ropa, mushrooms, rutabaga, compliant salsa and guac, macadamia nuts, 2 dried figs, some dried apple rings, a complaint Larabar, cashews, a couple dates, 1 bite of banana.


Thoughts:   Yeah, got a little out of control with dinner.  It's the end of the week, we're basically out of food in the fridge.   EAT ALL THINGS kicked in hard core.  Tomorrow I'll make a point to make my breakfast and lunch much bigger.  But this morning driving to work at 0620 I felt great.  Happy, full of energy, in control, glad to have exercised.  Only made 20 oz of breast milk today.  Boo.

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Day 6:

0500 – nuts, nurse, 45 min on bike, tuna

0730 – 3 fried eggs, pork sausage, sweet potato, frozen mixed veggies

1200 – Italian chicken sausage with bell peppers, 1/3 pear

1630 – a few apple slices

1800 – At someone else's house packed us meals of: tunafish salad, snap peas, baby carrots, radishes, 1 banana, portioned “trail mix†of almonds, flaked coconut, 3 dates, 2 dried figs


Thoughts: Spent 4 hours in the car with the fam today, spent  a lot of time talking with husband about the philosophy of eating, and how much pleasure we get out our food.  We're not completely sold on the idea that food shouldn't be used to celebrate, but we are committed to completing this 30 day health experiment and then I guess I'll reassess how we feel about it.  Day 7's Daily email talks about taking time for yourself to celebrate by reading a book for an hour or signing up for a fun exercise class.  Hard to do when working full-time with 3 little kids.  Which is why we've often found ourselves falling into using some brownies after the kids go to sleep to unwind and treat ourselves.  Fast and rewarding.  Friday, Day 5 was my husband's birthday and he basically said it was his worst birthday ever, haha.  Kind of tongue in cheek, but also kind of true.  Hadn't realized how much we use food to celebrate.  Since we worked that day, then came home and did our normal frenzied routine of having a compliant dinner, getting the kids fed, bathed, to bed, and then try to get in bed at a reasonable hour the day passed really without much recognition.  I gave him a card and we sang to him.  His co-workers tried to take him out to lunch, but he declined.  Hmm….a fun experiment with lessons to be learned, but probably not how we'll live our life for the long-term.


Breast milk production still horrible.  My poor hungry babies.  Had to give them a bottle today. :(

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Day 7:

0745 – asparagus, tomato egg scramble, mushrooms in chinese 5 spice, ¼ avocado

1150 – moroccan meatballs, broccoli, asparagus, sweet potato, bahn mi burger, grapes

afternoon – emotional nut binge, ahh! (also some dried fruit…)

1900 -  broccoli, asparagus, Italian ckn sausage and peppers

2100 – raisins, mango, nuts (boo), empanadas made with plantains and beef


Thoughts: Yeah, serious thoughts about quitting today.  Felt very moody and low and unhappy.  Definitely overate, and ate emotionally.  It took me about 6 hours to cook today in prep for the week, which took lots of time with me away from my family, which stressed out my husband, which stressed out me.  Babies crying, trying to fit in nursing while cooking up a storm for the upcoming week, etc.  Husband and I decided to wait until Friday to decide if we'll quit or not, since I already put in all the effort to make all the food for the week. 

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Hang in there!  It gets easier.  I promise.  Focus on simple foods that don't take too much time.  Use the crockpot.  Use frozen veggies.  Don't worry about making recipes if you don't have time.  My kids are older and so less demanding than toddlers and babies (though I remember those days!) but now we have the added complication of their activities.  Most nights, we don't have time to cook.  I usually try to make a huge dinner on Sunday night that we can eat for leftovers on Monday.  Burgers and sausages are quick and easy.  Crockpot roasts with a jar of salsa and a bag of frozen bell peppers makes great taco salad.  When I'm making my dinner salad, I make up a couple lunch salads to save time later.  Good luck!

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thanks, Pjena!  appreciate the encouragement.  I think we're going to stick with it :)


Day 8: Monday

M1 – sw pot, brussel sprout hash + 3 eggs

M2 – tuna salad, snap peas, nuts, 1 banana

Pre-dinner snack – plantain empanadas

M3 – fish tacos in lettuce wraps w/ mango salsa, avocado, guac, cabbage slaw w/ homemade mayo, nuts (too many), larabar bar


Thoughts: nuts.  Out of control.  25 oz breast milk, so that's better.


Day 9:

0500 – some avocado and ckn breast, nurse, swam 30 min, more ckn breast

0800 – sw pot, brussel sprout hash + 2 eggs (not enough, was hungry)

1000 – Larabar

1500 – big salad w/ ckn, avocado,  1 mango, tomato, Nuts

1845 – lamb meat balls, coconut almond green beans, dried apricots


Thoughts:  We have one larabar left.  Won't buy any more until this is over.  Have a lot of nuts left, probably will also try to not buy any more until the 30 days are up b/c I'm not showing the best restraint with the nuts.  Felt great on my swim this morning.  Feeling pretty good overall, although not happy with myself about less control with regards to nuts lately.  Seems like I'm thinner in the legs and butt, but not in the belly, which is where I was really hoping to slim down.  Had a flat stomach before the twins…hoping to get back there, but starting to worry it's not possible.  I had hoped maybe I was holding onto some “grain bloatâ€, but now I've been off grain for 9 days and I seem just as bloat-y.  So much just been stretched out weakened abdominal muscles plus some central belly fat.  Going to try to do some more core work.  Haven't been doing so well on my goal of getting to bed by 9pm these past several nights.  Just too much to do in the evenings, need to get better at that!

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Day 16:


Haven't been keeping track of my meals as religiously lately, but I've only eaten compliant foods so far now 16 days in.  So that means no grains, no dairy, no sugar, no soy, etc.  And my meals are following the template.  BUT I've been adding an awful lot of nuts and larabars and dried fruit either after meals or sometimes in between meals. And I may have kind of had SWYPO (bowl of mango, pineapple, drizzled in coconut milk, topped with caramelized coconut flakes - sounds like dessert, doesn't it??)  So, that's my struggle.  My first Whole 30 isn't going to be perfect, far from it.  Thinking about going to 45 days to make up for these slips, but my husband is begging me "no".  He's going along on this journey.


Still waiting for the tiger blood.  Worried I've actually gained weight doing this.  My belly seems to be sticking out more.  Sigh.  But otherwise I feel fine.  Energy is pretty steady during the day.  I'm not having headaches like I used to (I think they were due to afternoon sweets).  Workouts are good.  Just ran my old trusty "loop" 1 min faster than usual (30 min vs. 31 min). BMs had been nice and regular the first 13 days or so, and then things have been out of whack these last few days.  Not liking that so much.   Real, natural food tastes SOOO good.  That might be my favorite impact of all this right now.


This morning for breakfast I chopped up 3 hardboiled eggs, 1/2 baked sweet potato, threw in some chopped bell peppers, some leftover coleslaw I made with red cabbage and cucumbers, added a little extra olive oil mayo for good measure, salt, pepper.  Omigosh!  SOOO delicious and satisfying, I was almost licking the bowl.  If you had told me such a concoction would have tasted AMAZING 3 weeks ago, I wouldn't have believed you.  So I guess I really like the fact that i'm loving REAL food.  Same thing with the bananas and mangos we've had on hand lately.  I don't think fruit tasted this good when I was regularly indulging in brownies and ice cream.


My goal is to have no more nuts for my remaining 14 days.  Think I can do it?

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Day 18:  <Day 1 NO NUTS!>


I don't think anyone is actually reading this, but in an effort to gain some cyberspace accountability I'm going to try to be more diligent about posting to here daily for the remainer of my Whole30.  Having a really hard time showing self control with nuts.  Do I feel deprived on this diet?  Is that why I'm binging on nuts and Larabars?  Not sure.  But it's happening and I think it's why I haven't lost any weight.  Yes, broke that rule.  Stepped on the scale, was 128.2 (Day 0 - 128.4).  Husband has lost 8 lbs, but he hasn't been snacking like me.  So making a fresh start - sort of.  Haven't decided yet if I'll go to 45 or more days to make up for my nut indulgences.  Probably won't, but I am interestd to see if I feel different with nuts out of the picture.  As I've written about previously, trying to get rid of my post-twin belly bloat, maybe getting rid of nuts will help.


Reminding myself of my goals:

1. Cut back on snacking, just try to have 3-4 large meals a day.

2. Exercise at least 4 times a week.

3. Be in bed by 9pm every night.


Last night did a WOD after kids to sleep, then did some cooking (and eating) so that resulted in me not getting in bed until 10:30pm.  fail.


0520 - up to nurse babies and get dressed

0600 - sweet pot + brussel sprout hash flavored with bacon + 3 fried eggs

1100 - while pumping, a few bites of my tuna salad and a couple carrots

1120 - black coffee




0520 - up to

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Hey there! After skimming through your log it looks like you are trying really hard to do this well and that is great! I do think you need to eat more especially if you are breast feeding twins and running/working out. I would advise you to try and push your meals to the upper end of the food template. That means 2 palms of protein. 1/2 a hamburger isn't enough protein so if your toddler eats the other half than make another one. You might want to try adding more starchy carbs if your production is still low and make sure you get plenty of good extra fats. I also noticed that you stepped on the scale. Please don't do that again. It is against the rules for a reason. Honestly at your height your weight is quite healthy so focus on all the other improvements. The headache disappearance alone is reason to rejoice! Cutting nuts and nutbutters sounds like a good plan for you. You can do it! More than half way there so keep rocking it!

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Thank you, Physibeth!! I appreciate the encouragement and tips.  I'll put the scale back in the closet.  I know my weight is healthy, I just don't fit in my pre-twin work clothes very well.  Soooo tight in the belly, especially when sitting down, uncomfortable.  So my options are 1. buy new clothes, 2. tummy tuck, 3. drop 5 lbs and see if that makes a difference (at 5 lbs lighter I would still be well within normal BMI guidelines).


But you are right to re-focus me on all the positives, which include a steady energy level and providing healthier meals to my family as well as no headaches.  Thank you!


wish me luck on my nut detox!

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What if you didn't lose 5 lbs and fit back into your clothes? Weight isn't the best measure of health or indicator of body fat out there. Tape measure is better (though that is also banned for the duration of the Whole30). Excess nuts can definitely cause the bloating you are experiencing. Eating enough nutritious food and getting quality strength training in may effect no change on the scale but it will definitely effect change in your body.


Some reading for you that finally convinced me to lose the scale:



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Denora, thanks for checking in on my log!  I see we are both in DC and both have young kids (mine are 3 and 1).  First I wanted to say MAJOR kudos to you for trying this while breastfeeding twins!  I can't even imagine.  And you exercise too!  I'm still trying to fit that into my day with young kids.  And I want to echo what others are saying about being healthy versus losing weight.  I want to lose weight too -- I'm your height but started about 10 pounds higher than you and would like to be in the 125-130 range.  I don't think I'm losing weight either because my clothes are not fitting differently.  But I feel MUCH better.  So I would try to focus on the positives.  At a healthy weight I think you're much more likely to see changes in your body shape than significant weight loss and breastfeeding is a whole different ballgame so I would imagine your body will change more after you are done with that.


Keep up the good fight!

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To answer your question: If I don't fit back in my clothes, I will have to buy new clothes.  And I will feel not so great about myself.


Sorry I guess I didn't phrase my question correctly. What I meant was what if your clothes fit again but the scale stayed the same. Before I found clean eating and then Paleo I had lost 80 lbs calorie counting and then gained it all back. This time around focusing on nutrient dense foods and better training I'm finding things fitting again at a higher weight than they fit before. Sorry I wasn't trying to say "so what" just redirect your focus a little. 


And because I didn't mention it in my earlier post, breastfeeding twins + running + whole30 = rock star in my book. Keep it up!

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thanks, ladies, I sure appreciate the good vibes!


Physibeth, I'd be thrilled with that prospect (flatter tummy, clothes fitting better, same scale number).  I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight, things have just shifted around a bit!


Day 18, cont


1200 - tuna salad, raw veggies, grapefruit, kiwi, 1/2 avocado

1945 - assorted meat (finishing up whats in the fridge), fried plantain, 1/2 avocado

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Day 21:


M1: sweet pot hash w/ 3 eggs

snack: dates, almond butter

M2: tuna salad, bell pepper, strawberries

M3: chili on spinach and spaghetti squash

evening snacking: fruit, lots of tastes of things cooking for the week


thoughts: Getting the final days now, and really snacking and eating just too much in general.  Hopefully being back at work this coming M-F will help.  Being in the house is bad for me.  But haven't had any big nut binges since we took them all out of the house, so at least that is good!  

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Day 22:

M1: SW pot hash w 3 eggs

M2: chicken w gravy, spaghetti squash, asparagus, carrots, bell pepper, tangerine

M3: taj mahL ckn over cauliflower rice, SW pot

After dinner snacking: nuts, dried fruit

Thought: I was so hungry by the time I got home from work. Also quite tired on the commute home. All the kids were too, whining, crying. I wanted to cry for someone to feed me, too! Made for a less patient, grouchy mommy. And definitely led to some snacking after they went to bed, like my body was saying "we don't know wen you'll get a chance to eat again!"

So ready for this to be over. I would have quit last night but my husband didn't let me. He says we can't truly say "this is all hogwash and not for us" unless we stick with it the full 30 days. 1 week left.

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