Intermittent Fasting post Whole30

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I'm half way through my first Whole30 and feel absolutely fantastic. I've been Primal (sometimes more, sometimes less) for about a year now, but after a rough winter season I needed something strict to get me back on track. Whole30 has been my answer, and I'm loving the results so far.


I'm curious what this community has to say about intermittent fasting. Whole9 and ISWF seem to insist on at least 3 meals a day, sometimes even 4 if you have an intense workout. Last summer, I was eating very Primal and would typically skip breakfast, simply because I was not hungry in the mornings. I never felt tired in the day and could go until 1 or 2 in the afternoon before actually feeling hungry.


I'm considering working an IF schedule back into my week once I complete my whole30. I'm initially thinking once a week I would fast, so for example stop eating at 8pm Sunday night and not have another meal until 6 pm Monday. I've done a fair amount of research and truly think this could help me shed some extra body fat pretty quickly without hampering any athletic performance or goals (I'm training for a sprint tri and am heading to a national volleyball tournament at the end of May). Less body fat would really help me out, but I don't want to do it at the expense of performance or muscle.


Just seeking some input from anyone with experience doing this after a Whole30 and if it helped/hindered you in any way.



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Hey! I finished my second Whole30 in the end of February and I've been experimenting with Bulletproof Coffee + Intermittent Fasting about twice a week. 


Bulletproof coffee IF is not your typical IF because you are allowed to have fats (grass-fed dairy, ghee, coconut oil, or MCT oil) during your "fast."  From everything I've read, there is some scary stuff related to women and intermittent fasting out there (messing with hormones, etc) and this seems to be a more practical method.  More info here:


Personally, I've found this to be an awesome transition post-Whole30 and I'm still eating just as much (quality) food, now in a condensed window of 2pm-8pm, again only 1-2 times a week for me.  I'm definitely feeling leaner but I also feel a great energy/mental alertness on the mornings I just have coffee+fat until 2pm.  I'm interested to see if this has any effect on my menstrual cycle, hopefully it does not and then I have no problem continuing with this kind of approach.  


PS.. the coffee is delicious.  If you own a blender I would recommend blending some coffee + coconut oil, you will not be disappointed! My boyfriend found out about Bulletproof coffee before me and I wasn't sold until I actually drank it (coffee+kerrygold butter+coconut oil), and 2 weeks later we own a 5lb bag of Bulletproof beans :)


Find out whatever works for you and good luck!

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Here is the best article I have found on issues with intermittent fasting:


I experimented with IF for about 3 months where I would eat in an 8 hour window - noon through 8 PM. I was perfectly comfortable eating twice per day, but my sleep quality went down to the point that I stopped IF and went back to eating at least 3 meals per day, starting with breakfast. My sleep quality improved soon after I went back to eating a substantial breakfast. I like the concept, but could not deal with the way it undermined my sleep.

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Aw, yes! Bulletproof coffee. I've definitely done the grassfed butter/coconut oil combo with my hand held mixer. Amazing how great it tastes. I forgot that this was an alternative to IF and I do remember the crazy energy I felt after having this for "breakfast." Thanks for the reminder!


And thanks for the link to the "When NOT to fast" article. Much appreciated. I suppose in the end it's all about seeing how my body reacts. I definitely will not sacrifice sleep quality for it. I see lots of personal experimenting in my future.

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