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Not an athlete but I am a beginner who needs some help starting


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Hi I ahve some sort of auto immune issue.. I am in a lot of pain everyday... Doctor thinks it may be fibromyalgia and told me that if I started to add excercise it may decrease the pain.


I was thinking of trying YOGA....


Are there any good YouTube channels for beginner Yoga... I do have a pelvic/back injury, but cannot afford to goto to a gym at ALL... So want to have something I can do from home.


Thanks for your advice..



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Hi TJ,


Go onto YouTube and do a search for gentle Yoga...lots should pop up.  

Also I was doing a DVD called "Fat Free Yoga, Total Tune-Up" with Ravi 

Singh & Ana Brett.  It was a great way to ease into getting my body moving.

(For a while I just did the first 20 minute set.)


Your public library may also have a bunch of Yoga videos to check out!  


I wish you the best in your journey!   :)

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I know this is an old topic, but figured I'd throw in my two cents...


myyogaonline.com is an affordable online yoga video subscription. 


If you have never done yoga at all, an idea is to find studios that offer a free first class or discounted special, and take advantage of it, so you can have the incredible benefit of learning from a teacher. I can't stress enough how important it is to get some advice from a good teacher when you're dealing with any injury or health issue. In many communities, you can even find community classes, where you donate any amount if you can instead of paying a set fee, or even free classes. Meetup.com yoga groups exist, so that's a possible option. Or, even contact some local studios to see if they can find you an option. There have been years of my life where I couldn't afford to do yoga at a studio, yet I was able to take advantage of free classes every week.


Good luck, and I hope it does benefit you!!

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