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Tricky Question - Reintro

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Hello! I am looking for some help with something that I've been mulling over in my mind regarding reintro. There are a few meals that I've wanted to make, that involve coconut aminos. I'm on a rather strict budget and already own gluten free tamari sauce. I would prefer using that to provide a more accurate taste instead of some balsamic vinegar as has been suggested.


I will be doing what comes out to a Whole 41, not because I cheated with non-compliant foods, but because I had trouble getting on board with the no snacking rule (almonds and cashews are just SO easy to munch!). Because of this I didn't believe that after 30 days I deserved a reward of any sort. I wanted to continue and learn more control (still a work in progress, though mentally I know when I am mindlessly binge snacking).


Anywho, the two recipes I have been wanting to make involve a miniscule amount of tamari sauce (used in place of coconut aminos or soy sauce). By miniscule I mean, 1- 2 tablespoons per recipe which has at least 4-6 servings.


If after my compliant 30 (err.. 41) days, I make these recipes do you think it will derail my progress and the reintro process to consume the tamari sauce?


I do not plan to continue the strict whole 30 diet post reintroduction. I plan on simply using it as a guideline for how my meals should look, but remaining free and open to other foods as well. So long as they don't cause any negative reactions.


Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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