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Flappy flab, Loose skin


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While I'm super thrilled with the deflating belly, the flappy skin's not so thrilling.


Have any one of you ladies found something, almost anything, that's helped make the flabby flab (aka: loose skin) more appealing....revived, back to it's "almost" normal shape, size, whatever?



I have a loofa sponge that I just started using to try to slough off the dead skin and try to energize the new, old, whatever. 


Hoping for something that works!

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something works: time.


sorry! isn't that a bummer? But yeah, mostly you need to give your skin time to tighten back up. Building some muscle mass will help things look firmer sooner, and yes, stimulating lymphatic action can help (the loofa, dry brushing, alternating sauna/cold shower/hot tub/cold shower, massages, etc.) but mostly it's patience.

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Somehow I feel we pay for our indiscretions. Not that I want to but I'm paying big time for years of overeating. My flabby parts are my badge of honor.

I say that's what 3/4 sleeves are for.

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I don't know.  I was pregnant with twins.  Ten years ago, but you just can't shrink that skin back to where it was.  I think it's genetics, and it's the luck of the draw as to whether you have stretched out skin (or stretch marks) or not.

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I am with Amy. (I only have singletons, though.) The way a belly can stretch to accomodate pregnancy is amazing. My body will never look the same again. I could close up my stomach muscles and remove some skin with a tummy tuck. And pick my boobs up from two floors down and fill them with saline. But I won't.


Our bodies change as we go through life. It is our history. Be increadibly proud of your weightloss and all the healthy choices you are making. Live long and prosper!

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