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Day 20 - Several more questions...


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I am on day 20. I am feeling great! Overall, my PREGNANT wife, my 16 month old and I are loving this!! I finish a sprint triathlon yesterday and I did not feel too bad - a bit lower on energy, but not too bad. 

Just a few more questions are popping up. 



1. I would like to hear from people what is working for them in terms of During Workout Food. I got the Pre and Post Work out food, and its working well; however, I like to go on 3-5 hours bike rides, and you need to eat. 2 weeks ago, I had 3 hard eggs as my pre WO meal (and Coffee). During the first 3 hours I felt GREAT; however, I stopped to eat a Banana and half a Larabar (I have learned since then, they are not so good, so I have dropped them). When I resume my ride, i was miserable... I had no energy and felt EXTREMELY tired. So, the question is - WHAT IS A GOOD FOOD TO EAT DURING THE WORKOUT????


2. Related to the above... I would like to hear what other people eat as Pre WO meals on RACE DAY...


3. My wife ate one meatball, which was supposed to be compliant, but then she realized they had added cheese and not labeled it. She was wondering if she needed to start all over again. I said not, but would to hear what people have to say. She ate about 1 meatball. 


4. Are cashews, peanuts, etc, recommended?? (I am really behind on my reading of the book) 


5. So starch heavy veggies are good (e.g. sweet potato, butter nut squash, etc) but how much is too much?? what is a good ratio for that vs greens?? 



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I'm going to let others speak to your first question because I generally don't eat during my workouts. For race days I would advice not changing from what you normally do while training. A lot of people increase their starchy vegetable intake leading up to a race during their taper period as the "carb load".


The official recommendation for consuming dairy (accidental or not) is to restart. :( If starting over at day 1 sounds daunting just add the days on to the end of the Whole30. What day did she eat the meatball?


Peanuts are legumes and are not allowed on the Whole30. Other nuts are fine as long as they don't contain any off plan ingredients (check the oil they are roasted in and anything added). We do recommend that you limit nuts as they can cause bloating for many and are often foods with no brakes. Also keep in mind that nuts count towards your fat serving.


Starch heavy vegetables are very context based. We recommend you eat as much as you need to have good energy throughout the day. As someone who is very active you should have at least 1-2 times a day. Your wife is pregnant so she should also keep her intake higher. Having a green vegetable and some other vegetable with every meal is a great way to get a lot of nutrient density and variety in your meals. It is something I've been working on getting better at myself.

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Hi There,


I am not extremely experienced in endurance type sports but here is my 2 cents worth for your workouts. 3 eggs prior to workout is good.  If you want to add a little more fat to  that you can.  But eggs do have a farily high fat content so you should be good.  Post / during work outs you want a protein with little to no fat (chicken breast is good) and a starchy carb.  Baby food packages (you know the ones that you squeeze) work well during work outs along with some protein. 


I don't have any answers for number 2 so I will let others more experienced speak up here.


Your wife eating the meatball with cheese is unfortunately cause for restart.  Dairy is one of those things that cause distress in our system and therefore must be eliminated for the full 30 days.  Rather than going back  to day 1 tomorrow - just add 30 days to the number of days you have done already.


Peanuts are unfortunately a no go.  They are considered a legume, and therefore not part of a whole 30.  Cashews are good to go provided that they have no off plan ingriedients, like soybean oil, or sugar.


The starchy veggie consumption really depends on you.  Never limit them - unless you have reactions to them, but rule off thumb is to work with one starchy veggie a day, and then go from there.  Include more on work out days.

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Review the Meal Template, it's quite helpful. The reason you eat protein and/or fat before a workout is that you want your body to adapt to burning fat. So you were right on eating the hard boiled eggs for a Pre WO meal.


It may just take you some time to adapt to fat burning. It took me awhile. I have a bunch written up on my blog, linked below. During very long runs I would use sweet potato baby food squeeze packets (compliant) you can find in the store or you can make your own blending cooked sweet potato with a little coconut milk and applesauce.


Once you are fat adapted you will not need to eat during exercise shorter than ~3 hours.

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