Steak sauce

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I used this wonderful recipe

but there are a few elements that are not Whole 30 compliant, so here's the changes I made:

instead of organic Worcestershire sauce and organic ketchup I used tomato sauce. I actually used a cup of tomato sauce, 1 small can, but 1/2 a can is fine. I also used regular yellow mustard instead of Dijon. I used the yellow onion and orange. The less tomato sauce used the more like barbeque sauce it tastes. It's more like Hinez 57 than A1 though w/o the Worcestershire sauce.

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How long can this sauce be stored in fridge?

thanks" I'm on second day, planning meals based on what I have available. I really want to be successful, that's why I felt  Having a good steak sauce handy would help me reach my goal. 

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