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I'm losing weight and I don't want to.

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Hi there,


Today is day 4 for my husband and me on our first Whole30.  My goal is not to lose weight, but rather just to get myself accustomed to eating healthier foods.  I know we're not supposed to be weighing ourselves, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't losing and I weighed myself this morning and I've lost 5 pounds already.  Can anyone give me tips to prevent me from losing more?


This is what the last three days have looked like for food:

Day 1 -

Breakfast: Two scrambled eggs with green and red peppers, onions, and topped with salsa. (This was definitely not enough for me.  I was very hungry come lunch time)

Lunch: Roast pork, sweet potato, broccoli, carrots, and peppers.

Dinner: Pad Thai from The Clothes Make the Girl, "monkey salad" from Good Cheap Eats to curb my sweet tooth. (I usually eat 4 cookies after dinner, so the sweet tooth is strong)


Day 2 - 

Breakfast: Two scrambled eggs with green and red peppers and onions, half a sauteed yellow squash, half an avocado.

Lunch: Large salad with spinach, romaine, roasted chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, boiled egg, and topped with balsamic vinegar and EVOO.

Dinner: Roast pork, zucchini, snap peas, and an apple with sunflower butter.


Day 3 - 

I ate a banana right after waking up because I was shaky.

Breakfast: Two chicken and apple sausages, half a sauteed yellow squash, half an avocado.

Lunch: Roast pork, sweet potato, two carrots, half a can of olives.

Dinner: Chocolate chili from The Clothes Make the Girl and broccoli.


Before I started the Whole30, my typical day would be:


Breakfast: Bowl of cereal, usually Great Grains Cranberry Almond Crunch

Snack: Bowl of oatmeal or a Special K breakfast sandwich

Lunch: Lean Cuisine frozen meal and 2 cookies

Snack: Granola bar or 100 calorie popcorn bag

Dinner: Usually a meat, potato or rice side, and veggies and 4 cookies for dessert.


I'm eating until I'm full, and I feel like I'm eating A LOT.  But I don't want to lose any more weight.  I am 5'8" and on Monday I was 137 pounds, and today I'm 132.


Help, please?

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I agree.  You can't really go wrong with more protein/fat so you're at the high end of the meal template.  It's also possible that you may lose a few pounds initially and then your body will find it's "set point," and it may level out near the end of your whole30.  Stick to the plan and try not to weigh yourself!  Good luck!

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You could just be losing water weight. That is very normal in the beginning. I lost 6 pounds the first weekend of my W30, and then didn't lose any more weight the remainder of the month. Your meals look good to me. You could always add olive oil or ghee to your vegetables. And you could be one of those lucky people who can eat nuts and nut butters since you're not worried about putting on weight, but if you do, just keep any eye out for digestive issues...that's common when eating lots of nuts.

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Guest WholeStanley

Yes, I second the fats and egg thing. Also if you're feeling shaky you might need to add in more starchy veg, I would also avoid using lettuce/salad as your veg - you have to eat so much of it to get the same nutrients from say sauteed kate or greens.


In terms of fat for lunch and dinner, I buy coconut flakes and add those to lots of dishes, also use lots of coconut oil and have you tried making mayo?! its surprisingly easy and opens up loads of recipes - (this is my favourite http://www.google.co.uk/url?url=http://happytexans.blogspot.com/2012/08/whole30-day-3-homemade-mayo-macadamia.html&rct=j&frm=1&q=&esrc=s&sa=U&ei=Q-WiU-SqHYqN7QaT44FQ&ved=0CBQQFjAA&usg=AFQjCNGmnxSMibDR03clQ32ZK0lgGEkgVQ), also if you're not trying to lose weight you could use more nuts as your fat source.


Lastly - and here's some tough love - two points:


- LOCK AWAY THE SCALE - if you are worried you are losing weight, listen to your body and feel how your clothes fit, don't focus on the number - you are so early in the process that weight could fluctuate for a number of reasons


- If you really wanna slay the sugar dragon (and this comes from a place of experience, i too was a 4-5 cookies after dinner kinda girl) you have to go cold turkey, so i would avoid the monkey salad - it just keeps the sweet tooth alive, you might even wanna consider removing fruit for a week or two ( i did for my whole30 and I think it played a huge part in removing my sweet cravings)


good luck with the rest of your journey!

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Paying attention to the scale is a crutch and deception that keeps you from listening to your body. Stop. It doesn't matter that you want to make sure you are not losing weight. It is not okay to weigh yourself during a Whole30. 


You did not need a scale to tell you that you were not eating enough. There were two good signs; 1) Your breakfast on day 1 did not meet meal template standards. You ate only two eggs. The standard is to eat as many eggs as you can hold in one hand. That would probably be 3 or 4: http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf 2) You were hungry before lunch.


When you get hungry between meals, that is a sign that you need to eat more at your meals OR add another meal to your day. If you go long hours, you may need four meals per day and not just three. 


It is impossible to judge the portion sizes of your meals at lunch and supper. The foods you are eating sound good, but you probably need more. When the meal template says eat at least a palm-size portion of protein and fill the rest of your plate with veggies, we mean fill it up! Lots of veggies. And use cooking fats generously. Lots of ghee, coconut oil, or other fat. And if you get hungry between meals, increase your protein portions. Eating two palm-size portions at each meal is appropriate if that is how much you require to make it to your next meal without being hungry more than a few minutes. 


Monkey salad is a Whole30 failure. We ask you not to eat dessert during a Whole30. We want you to break that habit. You ate Monkey Salad as dessert. Sometimes people eat Monkey Salad as breakfast. It fails to meet meal template guidelines. Eating it does not require a restart, but it seriously detracts from your experience. When you crave sugar, never eat anything sweet. The key to dealing with a sugar dragon is to starve it to death. If you keep feeding it, it will be waiting for you at the end of 30 days as strong as ever. 


Avocado and olives are good meal additions to make sure you are getting fat, but don't forget about fatty content of your protein. You get good fat with whole eggs. That takes care of breakfast. You get good fat with pork. Eat more pork and you eat more fat. When you make chili, use a fattier ground beef. I look for 80/20 and avoid the lean stuff because I want the fat. When I need to add fat to my chili, you can chop up some olives and add them to the mix. 

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Speaking of protein. It's easy to miss out on good ones.  I eat Naked Bacon to spice it up a bit! bacon is hard to find without sugar, but Naked has a sugar free variety that is awesome!! they ship across the country too! So try some bacon with those eggs in the morning! Boredom is definitely something you want to stay away from so variety is key!! Good luck!! 

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Thank you so much for the tips, guys and gals.  I'll put the scale in the closet when I get home today to make sure it doesn't tempt me.


Tom, you're right about my breakfast the first day.  It was not enough for sure.  This morning I made 3 eggs with sauteed green and red peppers and half an avocado, and I still feel full now at 11am.


I've been sauteing all my veggies in light olive oil, so that counts toward fat as well?


GFChris, I have made some homemade mayo, but I've yet to use it.  I made my husband some tuna salad with it for his lunch yesterday (I'm not a tuna fan) and he said it was really good.  I'll have to check out those recipes.


LynziJ I've been trying so hard to find some compliant bacon!!  My coworker ate bacon for breakfast yesterday and the smell filled the entire office!  I was dying!  LOL


Thank you again, everyone.  I'm going to stick to it.  I feel good; still haven't had the headaches or mood swings that I hear are common in these days.

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I've been sauteing all my veggies in light olive oil, so that counts toward fat as well?


It does, but when you saute, much of the fat stays behind in the cooking pan and doesn't end up on your plate.  You may need to add more fat, post saute, to make up for it.


Use that mayo as a salad dressing base, on top of a baked sweet potato, as a coating for fish or chicken, etc. - very versatile!

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