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blood test results not what I expected

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Hi all... I did a Whole30 last Aug/Sept and have stuck to the Paleo diet on and off ever since. I'm not a big person and so I was not looking to lose much weight, but I have lost 7 lbs so far. However I was expecting a change in my bloodwork results and some of the numbers were not what I expected. 


Cholesterol total went up 10 points (now 196)

Triglycerides went done 11 points (now 77)

LDL went up 8 points (now 111)

HDL went up 5 points (now 70)


Before the Whole30 I hadn't eaten red meat/pork in over 20 years. I don't eat much red meat now as it's hard for me to digest, but I have incorporated some red meat and more pork into my diet along with chicken and fish.


Could the red meat or pork be causing my cholesterol numbers to go up? Is exercise a factor here? Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


I have to tell you, I've never felt better. My energy level is up and steady throughout the day. I sleep better too. So I'm kind of at a loss with these numbers...


Thank you!


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I am not an expert but the main numbers you have to worry about are Tri's and the Good cholesterol HDL. Traditional medicine (and doctors) too often focus on the total number and what i've read and studied (and can apply to myself) is that is nonsense. We have become a country of medication due to many regarding cholesterol in that many have a high total number. Rx: Here pops some meds. It's a shame really. There are other criteria that has to be looked at as well which are more important than the total.


What you have to determine is your ratios. That will tell if you are doing well or not.




I could get all science-y on you but I know others who agree with me will so I'll spare you. I would read up on ratios and more and determine that. Do not let the total number freak you out if your ratios end up being okay. My total is 255 but my tris is extremely low  and my HDL is very high. and my ratios looked awesome. I'm going with that....

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It's a misconception that eating cholesterol (meat, eggs) is directly correlated with your cholesterol levels. After all, you digest the cholesterol you eat, break it down to it's component nutrients. The cholesterol in your blood stream was made by your own body, and the levels are most closely correlated to genetics, overconsumption of carbs, systemic inflammation, and physical or psychological stress. Work on these (well, except for the genetics) rather than be concerned about eating meat.


And high cholesterol numbers does not necessarily mean ill-health; it's just one factor to consider. Just as important are low levels of triglycerides and high levels of HDL -- and guess what? Those numbers are going in the right direction.


And in the context of this -- "I have to tell you, I've never felt better. My energy level is up and steady throughout the day. I sleep better too." -- I'd say you're doing great!

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Thank you all for the feedback! My doctor says my numbers are within range and that I'm fine. She applauded me for my new eating habits too. I guess the problem is me, I'm obsessing over being in the range, etc, but you guys are right, I need to take my focus elsewhere and not get caught with the numbers game. Much appreciated!

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