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Karina's Whole 30


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I have always been a healthy eating fan, intuitively avoiding grains whenever I could. After diagnosed with celiac disease and lactose intolerance lats April, I have switched to paleo life style and never felt better in my life. My foods were not as well balanced as whole30 meal template, however, I made no swypos, since I prefer clean food to some complicated meals. After getting high on sugar around Christmas, I decided to start whole30 in January, since my snacking got out of control and replaced all of my normal meals eventually. I was well familiar with the program, read "it starts with the food", so I was not intimidated.  I did 3 weeks, feeling worse every day. I found little comfort in "your pants are probably feeling tighter by now" in one of the daily's motivations I was subscribed to, however, I realised that something was terribly wrong, since I got all my pre-celiac diagnose symptoms back - huge stomach bloating, constipation, spasms, gas and other gastrointestinal symptoms, that could fit numerous diseases and conditions. I have also gained 3 kilos during those 3 weeks - I am really slender and have never gained so much weight before. Mostly I was troubled with 1 or 2 extra kilos, but ever since going paleo I was skinnier than ever before and felt amazing. I started the whole "finding what's wrong with me" journey again. I couldn't believe that I was having the same issues all over again. Also, I was desperate to see that everyone else felt so much better on whole30 - I was reading this forum and couldnt believe all the things that were happening to me.It took me 5 months, numerous blood and stool samples, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, capsule endoscopy, MRI, ultrasounds and other procedures to find out the following:

 - gut flora dysbiosis (probably, after undergoing the surgery in Sept 2013 and taking strong antibiotics afterwards)

 - multiple IGG allergies (that can also be s symptom of dysbiosis) to almost everything from my daily menu (beef, chicken, eggs, pork, salmon, tomatoes - and I am not even talking about other stuff I haven't consume for a very long time - like rice, oats, casein, soy, yeast). After I have removed all of the above I felt better on the 4th day - no sudden bloating, at least. I have tried low fodmap and AIP, but still had my small intestine walls bloated all the time. Then at the end of May I have performed an ALCAT test, where I was tested for 220 different foods - 70 of them came back as a sensitive foods for me with most high sensitivity being shrimps, coconut (yes, COCONUT, which I used in every possible form ever since I started the whole30 - aminios, milk, shredded and flaked) and such staple paleo veggies as broccoli, brussel sprouts, asparagus, cabbage and many other foods. I know many people and doctors are sceptical about those non-iGE food allergies/sensitivities, but I was amazed how much better I have felt ever since removing the foods from my diet. I also had a course of pro and pre biotics as well as other natural supplements which gradually helped my tremendously. My stools are back to normal, my stomach is less and less descended day by day.  Recently I performed another igG blood test and was soooo happy to find out that almost all the proteins (except from pork) can be reintroduced back into my life. I realised that this whole journey has deserted my relationships with food - it was almost impossible to find something to eat outside of the house, so whenever I was home I was snacking and eating non-stop the foods I could. So, I decided it is time for a whole30 - hopefully, this time I will finnish it and will feel great. I still have those extra 3 kilos to loose, but mu main motivation is to break the vicious cycle of snacking and making wrong nutritional choices even though the food I consume was paleo. 


so, whole30 day 2 - here I am. I decided to record the food I eat, since it gives me more structure.


day 1:

 - 2 fried eggs, 1/2 avocado, green leaf salad + olive oil, coffee+homemade cashew milk

 - lightly cooked zucchini + olive oil, 2 homemade turkey patties

 - grilled chicken (homemade), lightly cooked carrots, 1/2 avocado, 3 baby cucumbers, 2 sliced of boiled beef tongue


day 2:

 - 2 homemade turkey-zuccini patties, green leaf salad + olive oil, 1/2 avocado, coffee+homemade cashew milk

 - pre wo Snack: 1 homemade turkey-zucchini patty + 1/8 avocado

 - salmon+tuna tartar, 1/8 avocado, sweet potatoes, grilled sea bass

 - grilled lamb chops, green leaf salad + almond oil, a handful of raspberries, a few strawberries, 1 slice of boiled beef tongue, 


my major struggle is not to go nuts on berries (especially, when they are in season - I can eat 1 kilo of strawberries in one go) and avoid nuts in their pure form or in the form of butter, since I am prone to overeating it. Hence I decided to have both fruit and nuts only as one of the ingredients to salad

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I am new to Whole30, so I am not sure if it is normal or not. But I just at my lunch: A whole can of Tuna, a Whole Can of Green Beans, and a handful of Olives, I was still hungry, so I fried up a couple eggs and at them, I am still hungry. I am on Day 5 and have not been this hungry on previous days. I did mostly skip breakfast this morning though, which is why I decided to add the eggs after my lunch.

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I personally have found that what I eat for my first meal sets the tone for the rest of my day. When I don't have enough food in the morning I usually feel hungry most of the day. I also find in general that some days I'm hungrier than others. Sometimes I can pinpoint it to something specific like not enough sleep, increase in activity, where I am in my cycle, weather...sometimes I can not. I would advice wait a little while...having some water...and if you are still hungry enough to eat something bland than have another mini meal with protein and fat and vegetables.

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Day 3

 - chicken liver with lightly cooked zucchini, 1/2 avocado, coffee with cashew milk

 - lightly cooked zucchini and green beans with duck breast, which was terribly dry and I couldn't finish it, so I had to fry a sunny side up when I came from lunch, a few pecan nuts, 1 cup of raspberries (not cool, I know)

 - grilled chicken, carrots, 1/2 avocado, tuna tartar with olive oil


I feel so bloated and heavy and really-really fat. Can't fit in any of my regular before whole30 clothes.  I hate the idea that I felt so much better when my daily food intake was the size of my dinner + lots and lots of berries. I just hope it's the phase where I suppose to feel bad to feel better afterwards. 

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Day 4

 - tuna tartar with olive oil, 3 black olives, lightly cooked zucchini noodles, coffee with hazelnut milk

 - coffee with hazelnut milk

 - green salad, a few pieces of steak fillet, squid, grilled sward fish (buffet)

 - sea bass, green salad, 5 black olives, a few slices of beef tongue, 2 quail eggs 


No bloating filling today - yay! Woke up really late, had breakfast at noon, lunch at the event at 6. Came home really late, wasn't hungry and unsure wether I should skip dinner, but decided to stick to the " 3 meals a day rule", so ate around midnight only.


no fruit or berry snacking  - it is much easier to stick to the program, when I am busy all day long and not staying at home. Look forward to day 5. 

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Day 5


Despite a very late dinner last night, I decided to have a big breakfast to fuel up for the day, since I didn't get a good sleep. 


 - 3 eggs, lightly cooked zucchini noodles with olive oil, 1/2 avocado, coffee with cashew milk, a handful of wild strawberries and raspberries

 - coffee with cashew milk

 - smoked eel, lightly smoked grilled baby chicken, sautéed spinach, fresh green salad with drizzled olive oil, 1 cup of strawberries+raspberries

 - steak fillet, lightly cooked zucchini noodles with ginger and carrots, 4 big green olives, 5 big strawberries. 


I was really surprised to find myself not particularly hungry at diner, but I guess the reason is that it is Sunday, so the time between lunch and dinner is much shorter than during the week days. Felt really heavy and bloated ever since breakfast - the feeling only got worse by the end of the day. 


I upped my berry intake today on purpose - I do not have a sugar  dragon, nor do I crave carbs - I just have a problem with going to the toilet since starting whole30. Before that I was super regular - had my usual morning routine + 1 more BM during the day. I used to eat up to 1 kilo of strawberries and raspberries during the day and I think that helped a lot. I want that feeling of lightness back, otherwise I am lethargic and bloated. So, berries at the end of my meal is not something that I crave - I would rather have them in-between meals, but I know that it does not fit the whole30 template. Hope, things are better tomorrow. 

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Day 6


It was another night of a very disturbed sleep - I don't know why,I rarely have it, especially 2 in a row. Waking up was hard, but, to my surprise, I felt rather ok, not bloated or lethargic. After breakfast I had my usual toilet routine, so I was pretty relieved (literally as well).


 - fillet steak left overs, lightly cooked zucchini, 1/2 avocado, black coffee + cashew milk

 - pre w.o. snack - 4 quail eggs

 - salmon fillet, lightly cooked zucchini with a few pieces of spaghetti squash, a handful of raspberries

 - grilled grass fed chicken, lightly cooked zucchini, green salad with grapefruit and 1 tsp of sunflower and pumpkin seeds, a few pieces of baked butternut squash


Today is a very positive day for me in terms of achievements: despite a little low energy while training, I realised that I wasn't controlled my the food today. I had my lunch in a car in a traffic jam on the way home (bad, I know), but the boredom gave me an idea to chew on my food for longer (usually, I swallow everything within a few minutes). Eating longer gave me the great satisfaction of having a proper meal (despite it being eaten in a car behind the wheel). To my surprise I realised, that I was full and felt ok about the bag of raspberries that was on a passenger's seat (normally, I would empty it in one go) - so I only grabbed a few, just because I didn't want to have the temptation afterwards. This whole situation made me realised, that I don't need that I usually miss the feeling of food being in my mouth, chewing on it - since I normally eat too fast, on the go. That was a total revelation for me - I cannot wait tomorrow to try that approach of chewing more times each piece again - it gave me the satisfaction of a good, hearty meal. 


Also, I managed not to grab anything while serving dinner to my family - I started eating only when I sat down and put the food on my plate. This is BIG.


Happy with myself.

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Since I am only rounding out week 1 I have zero advice, what I do have is a huge package of kudos for you. You have persevered through difficulties that would have driven tough guys away and stuck with the pursuit until you found the answers that you needed. CONGRATS!!!


I too just this morning coasted out of the bloat phase and I agree (posted this earlier) how weird it is to feel fantastic but yet your body feels fatter. In previous "diets" I would have gone into panic mode thinking I was totally doing something wrong and start tweaking this or that. Fortunately, I knew to expect this effect, so just rode it out but I admittedly had a sigh of relief getting out of bed this morning without my clothes feeling as snug :)

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Hi, WoleAlaska!

Thank you for your encouragement and support! I love comparing my whole30 experience with other guys's timeline just to calm myself down that all the crap I might experience is normal. Taking into consideration my previous half-experience with the program, I was a bit paranoid this time that all the bloating might return and stay for another long 5 months (not because of the program, of course, but due to some unknown food intolerances). Good luck with your journey!

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I also had an IGG done right before starting my whole 30. I am highly reactive to almonds which I ate everyday prior to test and I'm slightly reactive to sweet potatoes. My dr has told me to continue to eat sweet potatoes because I have an addiction to regular potatoes and it was only a +1, but I may phase these out soon because I'm still gassy and I'm on day 9 today.

Good job on your food elimination and reintroduction to some good foods. I hope the whole30 gets easier for you. It's definitely getting easier for me everyday. But vacay starts Thursday so we'll see what I'm feeling later this week! Lol

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Day 7

 - leftover chicken breast, green salad with grapefruit, avocado and mixed seeds, lightly cooked zucchini noodles, coffee with cashew milk

 - grilled salmon salad with green leaves, poached egg and avocado, another green salad with avocado and olives (could't get grilled veggies), 1/2 steamed chicken breast

 - decaf coffee with cashew milk + couple of berries. I know, not a whole30 snack, but my hubby picked them for me from the garden, so I had to have a few in front of him, at least 

 - smoked eel, big bowl of green salad with smoked salmon, beets and poached egg, half a smoked baby chicken, 1 cup of garden berries from the garden


struggled to found real veggies today - mostly green leaves, which I love but I don't think it is enough. I am happy to admit that I no longer feel hunger after meals, nor do I have the desire to keep eating just for fun. Berries after dinner was only a courtesy to my husband, who hand-picked them for me. Task for tomorrow - more veggies!

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Hi Sylvana, 


I am sorry to hear about your intolerances, but it is better to know what the problem is than to stay ignorant. You must be relieved about the almonds - at least now you can eliminate those and feel better! I hope your "potato cravings" will be gone soon. Keep strong during the holidays - I find that whenever I am busy I don't care about food, but if I stay home all day- I can't stop thinking about eating something just out of boredom. 

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Day 8


I realised I need to resize my meal portions, make them smaller - I have the habit of finishing my plate, that makes me too full every time I finish my meal. This is a very pleasant surprise and a totally new experience for me - to see the same plate of food as always, but to feel content and fool half way through. I have read many logs, where people write they have no appetite and it is so hard for them to follow the template - I always thought of them as lucky, since I LOVE food and could it it despite being hungry or not, just because something tasted good (although it was a whole clean food, not some junk, but still)


 - lightly cooked baked butternut squash, leftover chicken breast and zucchini, 3 big green olives, coffee with cashew milk

 - tuna tartar with 2 quail eggs, chicken liver with big bowl of green salad (again, not so many veggies)

 - decaf coffee with cashew milk, 1 tsp of roasted almond butter, a few berries and a tiny piece of steamed sea bass

 - huge bowl of green salad with tahini olive oil dressing, grapefruit, mixed seeds and avocado, fillet steak, blanched spinach, a handful of berries


Yes, I had a snack today - can't say that I was hungry though, I just wanted a cup of coffee and after snacking on a few berries I realised I should make a mini-meal out of eat to be compliant with the template. 


Task for tomorrow: eating 3/4 of my regular portions otherwise I am too stuffed

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Day 9


another sleepless night - I don't know what is join on. My sleep was perfect before and I never-ever had 2 sleepless nights in a row, not to mention the whole week of disturbed sleep. I have no problems to fall asleep (usually that was the problem for me), but I keep waking up every hour starting at 2 a.m. and can't fall into deep sleep.


 - lightly cooked baked butternut squash, zucchini and sea bass fillet, 6 black olives, coffee with cashew milk, a handful of berries

 - steamed beef with lightly cooked zucchini and green beans, handful of berries Realised I have no good fat source, so I ate a few pecan nuts

 - big bowl of been salad with raspberries, seeds mix and olive oil, steak fillet, 1/2 avocado, baked butternut squash, 2 tsp. roasted almond butter, 1/2 cup berries, 1 carrot (couldņ get enough food!)


I wasn't super hungry before lunch or dinner, but strangely felt ravenous soon after starting eating. But somehow it felt like the right type of hunger - can't explain, really. I think, that the lack of good fat at lunch and not so many veggies at dinner made the case. Although both times I thought I will leave half the plate untouched. So my plan to eat less failed, but I have no regrets - I ate while I was hungry. 


UPD: for the first time I snacked after dinner - now I do regret it. Ate about a cup of raspberries and 5 almond nuts. feel too stuffed now - it was a mistake. task for tomorrow: limit my berry intake

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For what it is worth I don't think you need to eat less. Your meals looks like they are fitting the template quite nicely and you are hungry. I would try not to stress about your portions being too large for the duration of your 30 days. Use the meal planning template as your guide knowing that it provides minimums. 


Not sure what is going on with your sleep. It could be due to hormones that are changing from the change in food that will sort themselves eventually, could be where you are in your cycle, could be environmental, could be stress. Hard to say. Is there anything you are eating now that you were not eating before?

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Thank you, Physibeth, for trying to troubleshoot my sleep problems. Tonight I woke uo only once, at 3 a.m. and could fall into deep sleep for about 1 hour - that better than previous nights, so, hopefully, the issue will resolve itself somehow soon. I have a major list of food intolerances, so I pretty much stick to the same stuff as prior the program - I ate 99% paleo and whole 30 compliant food, but, of course, not as per meal template. So I started this program to kick the snacking habit and to learn to fill my plate right. Now, on Day 10 I can see a huge difference  - even though I used to eat the same food, the ratios were all wrong. 


As to eating less - I just felt so stuffed those days, so I figured I don't need THAT much food any more. However, ever since I am soooo hungry during my meals - I practically feel the food filling me up, giving me fuel and energy. So it is a good hunger, not "inhale everything you see" one. So, I stick to big meals and feel great. There is a 7 hours gap in-between my meals, so sometimes I do need a snack as well. But I don't feel heavy or stuffed after meals anymore!

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Day 10


Today was a long-long day of work. 5 hours gap between breakfast and lunch and then 7 hours gap between lunch and dinner. Also, I realised that I had no source of fat for lunch - the reason I was so hungry, I guess,  so I had a snack as well.


 - 3 eggs cooked with zucchini and butternut squash, coffee with cashew milk

 - cooked beets, green salad, foil baked chicken breast

 - coffee with hazelnut milk, a few spoons of salmon caviar, a couple pecan nuts, handful of raspberries

 - home-grilled chicken wings, huge bowl of green salad with olive oil, avocado, olives, seed mix and raspberries, lightly cooked green beans, carrots and zucchini noodles. 


I decided to up my fat intake for dinner, since I had none for lunch. 

I do feel good - I am so disciplined with my meals, I eat plenty of food and I do feel good. I don;t feel like I am loosing any weight, but at the same time I eat so much more and I don't feel bloated or as if I am gaining weight. So, even if these are the only things I get from this program - it is already worth it! I solo want to fast-forward the time - not to get off the program (I have no cravings or troubles following the rules), I just can't wait to see the positive impact on myself and my relationship with food. 

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Day 11


 - tuna and avocado tartar with olive oil, lightly cooked zucchini noodles, coffee + almond milk , 1 tsp roasted almond butter

 - beef carpaccio with a few bits of octopus, green salad (not enough vegetables, but they had only asparagus and tomatoes - both I have intolerance to)

 - leftover tuna and avocado tartar, huge bowl of green salad with lightly cooked in duck fat zucchini and green beans, grilled sward fish, berries, 1 tbs roasted almond butter


I realised that nut butters are a slippery slope for me - today I was definitely using those as a treat - one with my morning coffee, another one after dinner. I have a history of abscission with nuts butters, so from now on I will not use it after meals. Even though it is whole30 compliant, I think this program is set to overcome our bad habits and unhealthy relationship with food. So, if nut butter is a treat for me, I will no longer eat it. 


Gladly, I am becoming immune to berries - after very satisfying meals I have no space left in the stomach for it anymore. 

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Day 12

 - 2 eggs with zucchini noodles, salmon caviar, coffee with almond milk, 3 almonds

 - steak with green salad (again, no real veggies)

 - 1 tbs roasted almond butter, 1/4 of tuna and avocado tartar with salmon caviar, 1 cup raspberry

 - grilled chicken, roasted cauliflower with eggs, carrots, a handful sweet cherries and blueberries


snacked too late before dinner, but had a very big barbecue dinner anyway - was hungry for vegetables. feeling too full now

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Day 13


 - grilled zucchini with sward fish, olives, coffee with almond milk, a few almonds

 - Pre WO snack: 1/4 tuna and avocado tartar

 - Sea bass fillet with grilled zucchini

 - raspberries, 1 tbs almond butter, olives, salmon caviar

 - big bowl of green salad with olive oil, squid, lamb chops, green beans, olives



my training was really effective today - I felt so energetic and did everything I was supposed to



 - second snack was totally unnecessary - somehow my old habit of shoving anything to my mouth as soon as I get home from work creeped in today. It was an excuse to have berries, so to make it into a whole30 snack, I ha do add the rest. Now I think, that just raspberries would have been way better. 

 - feel really bloated before and after dinner. I just hope it is because my periods are about to start. Might also be that I simultaneously ran out of enzymes and prebiotcs I used to take before every meal. Hope this is not the case. Feeling fat and huge again - I hope this feeling will never come back after I got over it on Day 4. upset. 


Resolution for tomorrow: less berries, no snacking

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Day 14


Jus realised as I typed it that today is 2 weeks. 


For the whole night I felt bloated and heavy and super-fat. However, I started my periods and during the day the feeling was gone. So I was not so depressed as yesterday. Had a really filling dinner and feeling great afterwards. 


 - 2 eggs cooked with zucchini noodles, 1/2 avocado, coffee with cashew milk

 - cooked beet + pear chopped salad, steamed chicken breas, handful of pecans, since I had no other source of fat

 - grilled chicken, sweet potato fires, huge bowl of green salad with grapefruit, strawberries, avocado and mixed seeds.


no snacking, no eating plain berries. Yay!

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