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Day 8, but just joining forum


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Hello all!

I'm so excited to be taking this journey. I'm on Day 8 and have been doing pretty well. I'm feeling better digestively, for the most part, but am still having some troubles similar to what I experienced before. I'm learning I may have to cut out onions (gasp, no!) and chicken from my diet, and possibly not use ghee (I may be THAT sensitive to dairy, but I can't tell because it could also be the onions or chicken, both of which have given me trouble in the past).


What I AM noticing, though, and would love some advice with: I get full way before my meal is over. I don't think I could be eating too much for breakfast because right now, I'm about 50 minutes away from lunch and I'm very hungry (breakfast was about 8:45 or 9, lunch is at 1ish). But getting through breakfast this morning was a real challenge. I had broccoli and spinach with 2 eggs. I forced down a few strawberries after, too, because I knew I'd be super hungry about now, but I didn't want them. I didn't want one of the eggs either, and about half the broccoli. Do I just need to eat my meals in stages? I'm ok with that; I just don't know what's going on.


I also noticed I'm having some trouble with constipation, which is *never* a problem for me. I already drink a lot of water, so I'd have a hard time imagining it's that. Any thoughts?


I can't wait to see how I feel on day 30!

Looking forward to doing this with all of you!


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Some people develop digestive problems whenever they change what they eat - some diarrhea and some constipation. If you are eating differently than you were before, that might explain your having a problem with constipation. One thing you can do is start taking Natural Calm, the magnesium supplement at night. Many people have problems with diarrhea when they first start taking Natural Calm. The directions advise starting with a low dose and working up to a full dose. The magnesium is good for us and the side effect of getting you moving again might be just what you need. 


Getting in at least a minimum amount of food is important. Do your best with eating all of your meals. If you can't finish a meal all at once, you could save it for later and eat the remainder as a snack. Hopefully, your body will adjust to eating a full meal soon.


You might benefit from taking digestive enzymes. They won't hurt you and they can help with eat more food at each meal and with digestive issues. Here is an article you might want to review: http://whole9life.com/2012/09/digestive-enzymes-101/

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