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GlenG's Whole30


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This was my first time and I had zero cheats or slip ups. I will say that the first couple of days I didn't get the veggies in my breakfast but fixed that by day 3 or 5 I think. The other 'disclaimer' I need to add is about halfway through the 30 days I began CPAP therapy for sleep apnea and I'm positive that had an affect on a few health issues. So for any 'cure' I'll list W30 for Whole30, CPAP for CPAP or Combo for what I feel is probably some of both. 


Heart palpitations - For probably better than a year my heart would randomly speed up its rate, skip, etc. It got me nervous enough to visit the Dr but nothing was discovered. At any rate, those are GONE.  Combo


Gunky/slimy eyes - Ok, about 5 years ago I got fed up with some double vision issues and went to my optometrist who told me to take fish oil pills. After that didn't help I went to an ophthalmologist who was amazing. (the difference between someone who measures eyes and someone that is a Dr of eye health) She diagnosed me with Floppy Eyelid Syndrome (yes, it's a real thing  :)  ) and she said that was probably caused by sleep apnea and contacted my reg Dr to order a sleep study. That's how I found out I had sleep apnea.  Floppy Eyelid Syndrome is a condition where your eye lids open when you wake up due to sleep apnea and then the lids don't shut all the way back when you go back to sleep. So, your eyeballs dry out creating pits in the surface, etc. and your eyes are crying for moisture so they pump out mucus like there's no tomorrow. Thus, for over a year now my vision has been double vision with like vasaline smeared over my eyeballs. Not fun. At any rate, GONE.  Probably CPAP but certainly W30 could be a part of that.


Congestion - For years, especially right after I eat a meal, if I'm talking I'll get like this pudding that develops in the center of my chest.  :(  I'll say a couple of words and have to clear the airway, a couple of words and clear the airway. This can last for 30 minutes. It would also happen in between meals and was quite annoying to myself and the people I was trying to talk to, especially over the phone.  :unsure:  For the most part, this is now GONE. I will still have it occasionally after a meal but it's a fraction of what it used to be. W30


Gas - Nobody farts more than my dad, bless his heart. All his life, dozens of times a day and now that he's older anywhere, anytime.  :lol:  So, for me to be 5-25 times a day I thought it was hereditary, but for the most part, GONE. I'm thinking W30 is the main player here but CPAP may have a tiny hand in it.


Weight - This is a tough one for a couple of reasons. One, at my last Dr visit a few months ago I asked how much I weighed that day and he said, "I'm not sure, the scale stops at 350." As I recall, it was not that much out of center so I doubt it would have been over 360. That said, my scale is old, not great, and in fact broke today. But it was reading anywhere from 350-330 before it died, so I'll say the range of weight lost is probably 15-20 lbs. I think I also lost about an inch or more from my waist as I had to start wearing a belt w/my jeans last week or they'd end up on the floor.  :)  At any rate, I lost some weight and inches off my waist. W30 all the way. 


My experience was dealt 2 blows during the 30 days, the first being a 3 day bout with diarrhea during the 2nd week. I have no clue why; we were eating the same food, nobody else had it, etc. Maybe my gut fixing something due to W30? Who knows. I read the label on Pepto Bismal and there's a sweetener in it so I didn't use it. The other item was a pinched nerve in my back between L4 and L5 that lasted for over a week. What misery. :(  Pain meds didn't really work and gave me severe constipation. I finally saw a chiropractor that was great and got me fixed. That was a horrible week. So being in bed drugged up, in pain, etc. I missed some meals but that's ok. Can't eat when you're asleep any way.  I also ultimately stopped taking a probiotic pill during the W30. I figured I'd give the food a chance to get my gut bacteria right and I think that's worked. 


My plan is to go Paleo starting today. I'm not doing the W30 reintro method because most of what I like that's not Paleo has grain and cheese together so I'm trying that combo for supper tonight. If it doesn't work, I know what to do. ;)

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