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Jessica's W30, Round 2


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I completed my first Whole 30 in March of this year. I lost 11 inches and only 1 lb. How that is possible is beyond me. I felt great, my skin was glowing among a lot of other benefits. But I never really felt that 'ahhah' moment I was waiting for. 30 days was definitely not long enough for years of bad binge eating and unhealthy habits. We had a vacation planned so I didn't do a proper re-intro, promised myself I'd start another W30 once we got back. Well I stopped and started 4 times and never successfully completed another W30. Until now. I NEED to do this for myself and my health. My biggest challange will be sticking to it completely. While I didn't cheat last W30 I know there are things I could do better/differently:

  • Exercise! I've already started doing cardio 4-5 times/week at home that I'll continue and re-joined the gym to do weights
  • measure/weigh the quantity of my protein. I think I was too generous before :/
  • Less red meat, more fish!
  • Drink more water. Everyday. Not just while I'm at work.
  • Drink less coffee! This is a sore spot for me and something I need to kick to the curb. It's a definite emotional/boredom related thing for me.
  • Focus on why and when I want to eat bad. What triggers these emotions.
  • Focus on taking it day by day and completing at least a full 30 days.

I'm not usually one to use forums, support, etc. but I think I really need it this time, hence the long post. I need to be accountable to someone else and say these things out loud. So there you have it. I'll be tracking my meals and how each day goes. I'm a little nervous and scared to start another W30 but need to remember why I am doing this..for ME. Here goes!


M1: 3 eggs over a veggie hash (1/4 sweet potato, mushrooms and red bell pepper). Bulletproof coffee

M2: Tuna with avocado in lettuce, mixed salad with balsamic, 1/4c grapes 1/4c pineapple

M3: Will post tonight/tomorrow


Good luck to everyone starting today!

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Hang in there this time. The magic comes eventually.


A few notes:


Do not weigh your protein. That is not okay during a Whole30. And the only acceptable measurement is to compare the portion you are going to serve yourself to the palm of your hand. You can eat between one and two palm-size portions per meal. More measuring than this means you are going the Weight Watchers route and you deserve better!

Eating more fish is frequently a great idea. Choosing red meat less often is not consistent with doing a good Whole30. Conventional wisdom thinks red meat is dangerous and should be limited. In contrast, around here, we recognize the important contributions of red meat to health and encourage eating red meat regularly. 

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Thanks for the tips Tom! I will be putting them to use this go round!


Last nights M3: grilled salmon, bell pepper and mushrooms w/ mixed salad

30 minutes on the elliptical

PWOM: 1/2 can tuna + grilled mushrooms.

I had a headache all day but overall felt pretty good.

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Day 2 (7/15)

M1: 3 eggs, veggie hash, handful almonds (the avocados I bought went bad already)

M2: salad with carnitas and guacamole

M3: pork chop with butter lettuce and balsamic

30 minutes on the elliptical

PWO: 1/2 can tuna


I had the same lingering headache all day. I felt pretty tired in the morning but by the evening I was super energized. I went to bed way too late though because I wasn't tired.

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