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First timer - started 21/7


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So here I go.


I seem to be continually trying new 'diets' and fads. I announced to my boyfriend that I was trying the Whole30 and I just got an eye roll. That has made me even more determined to stick this through and show him what I can achieve. 


I have struggled with my weight for years. Lots of yo-yo dieting :( I started Crossfit about 18 months ago. It has been wonderful for my fitness but unfortunately I started rewarding myself with food after a workout. As I sit here I am about 5kg heavier than when I started 18months ago. In that time I have also been diagnosed with Graves Disease (a thyroid condition). 


Over the weekend I did a massive pantry and fridge throw out and replaced all my highly processed sugary foods with fresh fruit, veggies and lots of lovely meat & seafood. I also sat and wrote down my goals, did some measurements and took a before picture. I think I am ready!


Day 1

Today, of all days, I have woken up with the flu! Not to worry I can do this!

I got up early and cooked myself breakfast.Then I get to work feeling awful and my co-worker has brought me in my favourite chocolates to thank me for last week. I smiled opened them and left them in the staff tea-room (which I didn't enter again!). Yay! First hurdle jumped successfully. Lunch went without a hitch. Dinner I made from scratch (this is unheard of for me - I never cook!) and it was delicious!


Part of my goals I wrote down yesterday was removing social media from my phone. I feel like I have so much time up my sleeve however now I can't use it as a distraction from wanting icecream for dessert. I feel desserts are going to be the hardest habit to break.


I have planned for this and bought myself 2 new books, a new cross stitch project and a set of Nano Blocks to occupy myself until the desire passes. So so far, so good!



B - 2 boiled eggs & a banana

L- Tuna and steamed vegetables

D - Chilli Con Carne with Cauliflower rice & vegatables.


No snacks - woohoo!


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Hello and good luck with it! Especially good work with dealing with the chocolates!


My boyfriend is a bit sceptical and confused too... It helps that the whole30 meals are very attractive looking and tasty! He does find it funny that I'm on a "healthy diet" but putting extra ghee on everything.


I also started my first day with two boiled eggs and a banana but it was pointed out to me that the meal guidelines suggest including plenty of veg at every meal - including breakfast. I've had to work up to it but it really does fill you up! Also hope you added a portion of fat to your tuna and steamed veg?


Good luck with day 2!

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The content of your meals look good, but you probably need to review the meal planning template and work on portion sizes a bit: http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf


Two eggs is not going to be enough going forward. You would probably need three or four and Ytu is right about veggies, even at breakfast.

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I'm just starting too.  I have 3 eggs for breakfst and put spinach in it...FILLLING!!!! Whole 30 started today for me but yesterday I had the three eggs with no spinach and it kept me full for 4 hours...with spinach...even more filling!


Good luck!

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I think you should try to find the most convenient ways to prepare your meals when it's just for you. I like to cook and I even photograph food for a living, and even I will find it too onerous to have to prepare a hot breakfast every day. So, here are the ideas I have come up with so far to make breakfast easy and fast to prepare:


1. In France we have a chain of frozen food shops called Piccard. The food is excellent. I buy frozen veg (plain) that I simply microwave.

2. I'm going to hard-boil enough eggs to last me for a few breakfasts a week

3. I'm going to buy cooked ham as alternative to eggs

4. Hope there will be enough leftovers on some nights.


Tom Denham is right. I ate 2 soft-boiled eggs & spinach after my workout and it probably needed to be 3. I made it to lunch just barely, had a wedge of melon and some almonds.


BTW, I am also getting off FB. I have loads of theories on why it's bad for the brain in addition to being a waste of time.


PS-- my partner also rolls his eyes at my new venture, but at least he's happy we're eating meat again.

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Thanks guys

I felt pretty full but I will add another egg & some spinach tomorrow for breaky :) I hard boiled 12 eggs yesterday so I have plenty to eat :)

Yep - I added avocado to the tuna. I'm not a big fan but I'm working on it. If I could get used to avo it would be much easier :)

Your comment made me laugh cordovez I'm glad I'm not the only one with partner that puts up with all these food changes :)

Thanks for your support. I'm off to bed - excited for what tomorrow may bring!

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Day 2

Today I was another sick day off work. Normally days like this would be filled with high sugar comfort foods. So it was a good test of my resolve.


I made myself breakfast (and sat up at the table with no phone or TV) then crawled back into bed for another sleep.I had set my alarm for lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch reading a book. I forgot I could finish a good book with time that I would otherwise waste on facebook and twitter!


I had set another alarm for dinner and made a curry from scratch :) I feel pretty gross but I think that is mostly the flu. I don't drink coffee but have had a peppermint tea everytime I have felt the need to eat. So that is two days without snacks. I am so proud of myself. It is definitely a mental thing once I was distracted I didn't feel I had to eat. I just have to keep going now!



B- 3 poached eggs, spinach & sweet potato mash with coconut milk

L - left over chilli con carne with veggies

D - Green thai curry from scratch with eggplant, carrot, beans & asparagus.



1 - So far I am failing at going to Crossfit 4 times this week. I am not too concerned as I am ill with the flu. I will concentrate on this next week.

2 - Sitting up at the table to eat all meals with no phone or TV - So far a great success. I've been concentrating on the food I am eating instead. Which is slowing my eating down & making me feel more full.

3 - Deleting all social media - This has also been successful so far. I have so much more timeSo  and I'm not missing facebook at all!


I'm feeling positive at the end of Day 2 :)




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Day 3

I woke up feeling super guilty and sure I would have to restart today. I devoured a whole tub of icecream in my dream last night. If I hadn't of thrown all the icecream out before I started I would have been sure I had actually done this, it was so realistic!


I still don't have any cravings (which is very strange for me) and it's my first night shift since I started W30. My flu is slowly getting better so it's back to work. I did some shopping and piled my compliant snacks up to the roof to take to work tonight. I am worried that I still feel so good & no cravings. I'm sure its going to hit me like a sledgehammer at some point since I was a complete sugar addict up until 3 days ago, with a daily chocolate bar addiction. Hmmm



B - 3 boiled eggs, sweet potato, spinach & leek.

L - a chicken breast, a huge salad, a few olives and half an avocado.

D - left over chilli con carne, cauliflower rice & some more olives.


I surprised myself with no snacking - even on night duty!!



I've made the commitment to start back at crossfit on Monday. That should give me enough time to get over this crappy flu.

Eating at the table with no distractions and no social media are going well. It's nice to pay attention to what I am putting in my mouth & to slow down and enjoy it. I think it also helps with not going back for seconds!


I'm still feeling super positive and excited. I can do this!

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Hi Meeveebee!  I am also a newbie but have been lurking on the forum for a few weeks, getting the nerve to try W30.  I've tried other elimination diets in the past with great success (Fat Flush, for one) but was looking for something more realistic, something I can make a lifestyle as opposed to a "plan."  


I started the same day you did and look forward to following along and hopefully supporting each other.


The past two days I made an effort to eat three big, whole meals and it left me feeling gross and over-full so I think I'll scale back.  Today I brought leftovers for breakfast but didn't eat them until I was hungry, which was about 10am.  


I had leftover flounder filets that I'd "breaded" in almond flour (byproduct of making my own almond milk, which is SO GOOD and satisfying!) and ghee and broiled until crispy, served over a tomato/fennel/caper/onion/garlic combo that is delicious.  


I know I need more veggies and variety but couldn't get to the store until today.  I have a small garden but it hasn't produced much except for sugar snap peas and cucumbers so far.  But I've got lots of green tomatoes and three huge heirloom pumpkins that I can't wait to can.  


I am a huge sugar addict too.  I've only thought about chocolate 241 times today already.  I really hope I can tame the beast.  


Last night was a friend's birthday and I'd already RSVPed to a bday dinner at a fancy restaurant.  Luckily they were very helpful in working with me to create a delicious compliant dinner (roasted chicken legs, roasted veggies)...but watching everyone around me toast with cocktails (I had bubbly water with lime) and then eat this incredible homemade chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream?  My god....but I politely declined.  I did it.  If I can face that, I think I can face most other temptations.  

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Hiya, I also started on the 21st!  So far, so good... I don't really feel much different but have managed to stay on plan even after locking my keys in the car yesterday afternoon, waiting for the locksmith, and being staaarrrrving by the time I got home. Overall I haven't been having too many cravings except for wanting to put cheese on everything. 


I don't really cross stitch much but I embroider (and knit, and sew, and quilt, and spin) so I'd love to see what you're working on while not facebooking. =)

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@ Alannah Wow you did so well going out to your friend's dinner. I'm not sure I'm quite at that stage yet! The meals I have been having are about the same size as normal for me - just different proportions of things on my plate so I'm not getting that gross fullness which is good. Great to see you on this journey too :) Do you have a log as well?


@Derval & dulcinea47. I will take a picture and post my cross stitch so far. I love Clouds Factory stuff and both the projects are from her website. The first is a set of Owls and the second is a stitch-along calendar of mythical creatures which I am really loving! I'll see if I can attach some pictures. OK I have no idea how to attach pictures!

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Day 4

It was tough today. I had a pretty rough, busy night shift but I stuck to my W30 and didn't eat anything non compliant. I got home and was super tired & hungry. I was too tired to cook so luckily there were some cooked prawns in the fridge so I ate all of those!


A friend had suggested clinical hypnotherapy to help with my journey of becoming healthier. Today was my appointment. The counsellor was lovely but I was very sceptical about the whole thing. Surprisingly, it was more a state of deep relaxation rather than anything I've seen on TV. She didn't ask me any questions, just spoke to me about healthy choices that I will make practice. She called it a discussion with my sub conscious! I guess I will see if it makes any difference in the coming days and weeks throughout W30.


I am still not experiencing any cravings or ill effects yet. It worries me that I might be doing this wrong... Or it may still be yet to hit me!




I had four meals today or a breakfast snack - I guess it depends which way you look at it! It's a bit hard on nightshift to get it all to fit neatly!

B (7am) - about 20 prawns,

B2 (1pm) - prawns, salad with balsamic vinegar, avocado, olives

L (4pm) 2 boiled eggs, steamed veggies, olives

D (10pm) - Green thai curry with cauli rice & 10 cherries

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I don't really cross stitch much but I embroider (and knit, and sew, and quilt, and spin) so I'd love to see what you're working on while not facebooking. =)


Hey!  Another fiber fanatic here!  Are you spinning for Tour de Fleece?  Personally, I'm ready for it to be over, I'm eager to get back to knitting!


Day 22 for me, thankfully the food dreams and sweet cravings have stopped.  I think my only fail with this has been eating too many nuts, so I'm cutting back on that.  Tonight will be a shopping and cooking night because my fridge is BARE.  Ugh!


meeveebee - sorry to thread hijack!  You're doing great!

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Wow spinning sounds really interesting :) I can knit but I much prefer to sew and cross-stitch. I think I get to see the results a bit quicker - hehe. I also love quilting. I have done a few quilts for my friends babys :)


Ok I think I've managed to work out how to upload some pics.







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Day 5

Today is my last night shift for a couple of weeks. I had a pretty rough night again last night but I was so busy I didn't even get a chance to crave anything! I enjoyed my meals and my colleagues even commented on how nice they looked. This mornings breaky was a bit of a disaster though. I accidently poured the rest of my can of coconut milk into my mashed sweet potato. I didn't realise how much was actually in it until it was too late. So it was more like sweet potato soup with 3 poached egg islands and leek hills. It still tasted ok but I had trouble eating it all due to the amount of liquid!!


*To much information warning* for those who don't want to know about my GI Tract!


Today my bowel has realised what is going on. Yesterday I was slightly constipated but today I have had liquid diarrhoea all day. I keep having to bolt of to the toilet! I hope this only last for today or two days max. It's quite uncomfortable and I'm worried I'm going to have an accident shortly   :unsure:  I'm sure its just my poor body adjusting to the good food instead of sugary junk.



B- 3 poached eggs in a sweet potato/coconut milk soup featuring leek mountains.

L - Garlic prawns with a huge salad and olives,

D - Chilli Con Carne & cauli mash.

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Your cross stitch projects are so cute!  I haven't done cross stitch in years and orderd a kit this spring.  Got approximately 25% done with it and started something else, this is typical for me! 


Re: GI issues.  I had a bout of that around the same time in my W30, but it resolved itself quickly.  :)

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Thanks flwrhead. That's pretty typical for me too! I have quarter finished projects scattered around the house! 


Day 6

Today I slept really late from my last night shift. I had a horrible dream about eating a egg & mayo sandwich on white bread. It's funny these dreams. It's not really something I was missing but it was a staple of my lunch time meal for a long time. My tummy issues are better today thank goodness!


I really thought I was going to kill the BF this afternoon. I guess this is 'Kill all of the things' phase. I am just so angry and irritable about everything. I keep having to remind myself that it was my choice to do this and not his. Keep calm and carry on. He questioned me doing the whole 30 and had a rant about me and my fads - I nearly hit him in the head! 


Anyway food wise I am going well. I had to cook our dinner in two pans tonight which was what spurred BF into his rant. I didn't give in and I'm sure mine tasted just as nice without kidney beans and beer. I am really enjoying the food - I didn't even feel like the icecream the BF was waving in front of me after dinner. 



B - last of my garlic prawns, avocado & some leek

L - 3 poached eggs, sweet potato mash & some carrots

D - Tex Mex beef with a side carrots, broccoli, green beans


Wish me luck in not killing or hurting anyone in the next couple of days! Eep!

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Day 7

Yay! One week down. I went to the farmers market today and bought lots of lovely veggies. It's normally here that I get a delicious buttery french croissant with salted caramel butter from the french baker. I didn't even feel like it today. I had a hearty breakfast before I left and bought a bottle of water when the BF bought his coffee.


I came home and prepped my breakfast and lunches for the week. I think this week is going to be a bit harder as I have a super busy week with work and crossfit. I hard boiled 12 eggs, cooked sweet potato and spinach and packaged them up individually so I just have to grab & heat for breakky. Lunch is going to be boring and easy - tinned tuna, steamed veggies or salad and avo or olives. Something easy to stick to. Dinners are planned and just need to be cooked that night. I'm feeling positive and motivated :)



B - 3 boiled eggs, sweet potato and spinach.

L - left over tex mex chilli and salad (this really didn't have enough fat as I was pretty hungry after 4 hours so I ate dinner) 

D - roast chicken, salad and half an avocado.


Bring on Week 2 :)

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Day 8

First day back at normal days since starting this journey. I found today surprisingly easy. I really didn't want to get up this morning though, I felt completely exhausted & I still do tonight. Breaky was easy as it was pre-prepared. Lunch at work was good too. I mixed my newly made mayo into my tuna and it was delicious!


I got home late at nearly 7pm so I didn't go to Crossfit. I was hungry when I walked in the door but it was a different type of hunger. Not 'stuff my face full of the first thing I can find' type but 'I am hungry but I'm looking forward to cooking & eating my delicious dinner' hunger. This feels like a major break through for me as when I used to get hungry I loose all ability to move, think clearly or rationally - even the BF noticed the difference tonight. Exciting!


I spent the day feeling particularly irritable still. Hopefully that will pass soon too :)



B - 3 boiled eggs, sweet potato mash with coconut milk & wilted spinach.

L - tuna mixed with mayo, a big salad with lots of veggies & balsamic & oil dressing 

D - Chicken breast steamed with garlic, thyme, zucchini, capsicum & tomatoes with potato mash.

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Day 9

Exhausted and irritable describes today.


I slept through my alarm?! and was super late to work. So I spent the day chasing my tail. It also meant that I didn't really have breakfast until nearly 10am when I got a break. I managed to grab breaky on my way to work but I didn't grab lunch so I had to rustle something up at work.


I spent the day getting angry with the boss. Most of it was justifiable but I am normally a really even tempered person so my outburst took everyone by surprise. I did realise though, that maybe I should speak my mind more often - it had quite a prompt affect! I spent most of the day hungry (because I got to work late and have scheduled patient appointments) so I could only eat once I caught up. I didn't feel tempted by the offerings of non compliant food by my colleagues though. I think it is getting easier to say no :)


Dinner was also a bit of a mash up. I got home late and the shops were closed so I stirfried some beef with some veggies, chilli, garlic and ginger. It made me realise that Whole 30 doesn't need fancy meals, basic meals are compliant and delicious as well.



B - 3 boiled eggs, sweet potato & spinach

L - tuna, frozen veggies, cherries & some olives

D - stirfry beef, carrots, onions, capsicum, ginger, garlic & chilli with mashed sweet potato, salad & half an avocado

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Day 10

It's only 10am today and I already know its going to be a tough day. I've woken up with a rash/eczema around both my eyes. It's really itchy & uncomfortable and I'm feeling pretty disappointed. I haven't cheated, nothing non compliant has even touched my lips. It's pretty frustrating as I haven't had eczema since I was a kid :( Hopefully it's a transient thing and disappeared once my body sorts itself out.


I am also really teary. I have cried twice watching the commonwealth games this morning. Argh. What is wrong with me!!!!


I'll come back later and do my food as I've only had breakfast so far.

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Day 10 cont..

Day 10 was pretty average but I am a third of the way through. My face is driving me nuts, it has got worse as the day progressed. I'm pretty sure it's ezcema and it's all over my eyes, eyelids, cheeks, ears and forehead. I am just feeling pretty miserable at the moment.


In better news, It Starts with Food landed on my doorstep today, so I will sit down and have a read through that :) I'm really excited!


Food wise, I am going really well. I'm not missing or craving any food at all which I am really enjoying. It's so nice not to have a desperate need for chocolate or icecream all day everyday. I am thoroughly enjoying my meals :)



B - 3 boiled eggs, sweet potato, avocado

L - tuna and mayo, salad with olive oil & balsamic vinegar, and olives

D - Left over beef with steamed veggies, 9 cherries and avocado

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