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Worst Whole 30 Day Ever!

Chris Walters

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Hello, my name is Chris. Today was day 16 of my first ever whole 30 and it was a doosey! First off, it was a work day, which is not an every day thing for me (in a free-lancer in the film industry) We work very long days, today was about a 15 hour day. For the most part this was not a problem, because I have planned ahead and have good whole 30 snacks to keep me fueled. My order of Primal Pacs came just in time to bring them with me out of town for this job. Also catering almost always has options that are acceptable for a whole 30. So the day was not an easy day, but went more or less according to plan. Then the work day ended and I showered and got ready to meet some of my coworkers in the lobby so we could go get something to eat. Meeting in the lobby became meet out on the patio where everyone was hanging out having a great time and laughing and all that. I joined them and was having a great time and turned down a couple offers for a drink, then more and more people came out and brought bottles of liquor and cases of beer, and I was like... "wow! This is becoming a party right before my very eyes!" This is when I started to feel my resolve start to crumble for the first time since starting my Whole 30. Then the piles of pizza showed up, and pizza is one of my all time favorite foods. This is the point when I had to leave to find some real food, and by this point there was only one other person that wanted to go with me on my quest for acceptable food. We are working in a very small town, and this was about 9:30, so everything was closed. My friend and I had to drive to the next town over and found a Chili's. I was like... ok I can make this work. It's not ideal but I can do it. So I order water and fajitas which I eat without the tortillas. My friend orders coke and and appetizer of chips with house made guacamole and salsa and queso sauce, and an order of chicken tenders with fries. Looking at the chicken tenders and fries was actually not bad, and I used the guacamole from his appetizer to top my skillet of fajitas which were pretty tasty. I do have to admit that I was pretty tempted by the chips and queso. So we get to the end of our meal and there I was sitting there all proud of myself for resisting temptation time and time again, and choosing the best of all options presented to me. Then the waitress comes back to the table carrying a complimentary order of their molten chocolate cake with ice cream and chocolate sauce. I was thinking "You have got to be freaking kidding me! For the love of Pete! I'm trying to do my best here." She was very sweet and said that we were such fun people and that she wanted to show us some Southern hospitality. I was very grateful for the gesture, misguided though it may have been. My friend ended up reading most of it (he could not finish) I obviously had none of it. I wasn't going to lose the day right there at the finish line. I really wanted to chat today, but I have stayed the course and in glad I did, because I'm fighting for something better.

I know I titled this post "The Worst Whole 30 Day Ever!", but in the grand scheme of things it really wasn't tough at all, just a bit uncomfortable. Anyway, I thought it was a bit amusing how all these things kept showing up and being offered to me for free when I'm doing all I can to avoid them.

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