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August 1st Group Thread


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Hello everyone ,

Marion from Amsterdam checking in

breakfast = left over Chinese stir fry homemade - delicious and compliant and a nice meal to start with

lunch = I had an lunchmeeting in a nice restaurant, what to choose? I went for a good quality burger, no bread, no cheese, no french fries no sauce but with lots and lots of lettuce without the dressing

dinner pad thai from the Well Fed 1 book

I drank a lot of water and at home I will make fresh cucumber water.

Day 1 = a good day so far.

Wish you all the luck you need

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1) Who you are, your interests

2) Why you are joining the Whole 30

3) What your greatest challenges are

4) List at least 3 goals you hope to accomplish during August

Hi everyone, I'm Liz Fowler. I am the very busy mom of 4. My kids aren't little anymore, they are 21, 19, 17, and 15. I am just starting my career as a 6th grade core (LA/SS) teacher. I am a runner, hiker, camper, scouter, and gardener. Needless to say, I am busy.

This is my second Whole30. I need to get back on board because I am so tired. I have struggled with chronic fatigue since high school. When I did my first Whole30, I actually woke up refreshed and not tired!! Oh, my heck it was wonderful. I was running longer distances in shorter times. It was amazing, but as I slowly added in old foods, I started not feeling too great again. I have struggled to maintain my good eating habits, so I'm back again and rearing to go. I am actually planning to do a Whole90 because I have scheduled 3 half marathons between September 6 and the end of October. No, I am not an overachiever! I just love to run in the fall, winter, and spring.

My greatest challenges include being the only member of my family that eats paleo/whole30. However, they will eat whatever I cook. I'm starting a brand new job that I know will take more time than I can imagine. I love to cook and bake. Cooking isn't so much of a problem, it's the baking...but I survived last time, so I can and will do it again.

Three goals:

1. Not just slay, but decimate my sugar dragon.

2. Develop dinners that my kids can prep or cook so I have left overs to eat for lunch. This is big, one of the problems I ran into last time is that the kids and my hubby loved the food I was cooking or the recipes didn't make enough, so I struggled to have leftovers for lunch or breakfast.

3. Rock my training plan and the three halfs (and possibly a 4th)!

4. Continue to build our food storage with whole30 compliant food. Unfortunately, fruit still has to be canned with sugar, gotta figure this one out.

Yep, that's me in a nutshell.. I'm a runner, a mom, a teacher, a scouter, and an outdoorsman. I love my life, but I am sick of being tired all of the time.

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Hi All,


I'm Chelsea, a 33-year old from Denver, CO.  I have never participated in a forum before, but really want to commit to this process and can use the extra support!


Just like many of you, I am constantly on the go, trying to keep up with my 2 boys (6 & almost 3), and more than full-time job as the head of operations for a growing restaurant company.  I have tried to make responsible food choices most of my adult life, and was vegetarian/vegan for 10 years before being diagnosed with Crohn's disease when I was pregnant with my second son.  It was after that diagnosis that I really started researching the paleo approach and realized a vegetarian lifestyle wasn't sustainable for me.


I am joining this Whole 30, because I have been stuck in a really awful dietary rut since my Crohn's disease stopped responding to medication in February of this year.  Before this flare, I was eating clean and training for a triathlon...then everything was derailed.  I have spent the last 6 months trying a variety of medications, complimentary treatments, and diet based programs.  Each time the disease rears its ugly head, I struggle with falling into the trap of comfort eating processed foods.


My greatest challenge will be playing the long game; staying committed to the program on the days that the disease is at its worst.  


My 3 goals are:


1)  To FINISH!

2)  To make meal plans that work for my entire family, so we all benefit and I don't have to make 2 different dinners.

3)  To feel good enough to get active again.  (I plan to start slow with a 10,000 steps a day challenge and yoga classes).


I am looking forward to keeping in touch via the forum and drawing on support from all you!



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Well...i got home, super tired from the rest of the week and passed out super early. no chance to prep.  but i kept waking up with thoughts of "what am i gonna cook when i wake up? how am i going to cook it the most efficiently?"  (serious...those were my thoughts as i kept waking up! i'm serious about this W30!) 


woke up...cooked up some ground pork, steam sauteed some broccoli, cooked a couple eggs, put some cauliflower in the mini-processor...and made myself some "pork fried rice"!  i'm gonna be SUPER late to work today, but this was more important. AND i made enough for lunch.  Day 1 off to a strong start!

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Hi, I just skimmed everyone's posts, but I'm joining in too.  


This will be my 3rd complete whole30 in 4 years.  The other 2 were in January and were a great post-holiday reset.  My family actually refers to this as "Mom's January Diet."  This isn't hugely different from the way we normally eat, the main differences are dropping yummy cheese, cream, butter and wine.  We just had our last summer house guests and this is a good time for another reset here.


I have started and not finished a couple of w30's since the last one mainly because I let stress and our busy schedule get in the way.  

I have 2 boys and they have really full sports schedules year round in addition to all of the school stuff, the oldest is now on the opposite coast and I miss watching him play, streaming video and travel have to do in the meantime.  (and like someone else mentioned, I'm the team mom for both our school team and the off season team here and that can get a little stressful at times)

Our summer schedule is winding down and then there is one week and the high school season begins.


My main goals this time

-better sleep

-better stress management-I have a tendency to be an emotional eater and stress can push me over the top with sweets.

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Stayed up too late last night and found myself in need of some coffee at work. I drank it black and you know what, I actually enjoyed it that way! I think it helped that someone else made the coffee...the stuff I make always ends up too strong.


Counting it as a win for the day.

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Hey All,


My name is Andrew, I like the reaction this thread is already getting. Here are my answers to the suggested questions. 


1. I am 29 years old and live in West Palm Beach, FL. I am employed running my family's mobile diagnostic imaging company. My main interests are my church and the responsibilities I have there as a young adult leader(I am a Latter-Day Saint - i.e. "Mormon") , single track biking, softball, reading historical fiction, making and recording music, and participating in virtually any sporting activity. I also currently do cross-fit which I enjoy and highly recommend. 


2. I am joining the whole 30 beacuse my life feels seriously out of whack physically, mentally, and even spiritually. I know that if I start to feel healthy and get back into shape than the other parts of my life will follow close behind. I got healthy and lost 80 lbs in high school and it made me into a much more ambitious and driven individual and I want to regain that "mojo" that I lost. My self image is currently very poor and I know that has a lot to do with the overall slothfulness I currently feel in my life. I am optimistic that the whole 30 will help me to "right the ship." 


3. My greatest challenges will be to conquer stress and binge eating, meal planning and preparation so I don't get hungry and slip, and ignoring sugar cravings!


4. 1. I hope to start to melt some of the excess fat off of my body. Losing around 3 inches off my waist and maybe 10 lbs (if this is not too optimistic). I know that this is not supposed to be the main goal, but who am I kidding, it's what is dragging me down the most! 2. I want to sleep longer and stronger and be able to breathe more clearly why sleeping to facilitate deeper sleep. 3. I want to regain my overall drive for life. 4. I want to feel fitter, stronger, and faster throughout the day and when performing activies such as cross fit and softball. 5. I want to reduce the length and severity of my dermatitis flare-ups.  


Nice to meet you all - I look forward to a successful month! 

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Hello all!


I am SO excited to be doing the Whole30 again!  <3


My name is Jamie.  I am 31 (and will turn 32 DURING this Whole30!).  I previously attempted the Whole30 about a year ago.  I made it SUCCESSFULLY to Day 17 and then I gave up.  Boom.  I was done.  And I binged.  A lot.  But now, I am in a different mindset and REALLY excited to do this for ME!


In the last year I have found out about a LOT of health issues that I was living with but had no diagnosis for.  I have now been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, PCOS, am borderline for an autoimmune disorder, and I have a brain aneurysm.  Basically - my body is a ticking time bomb.  <3


I am actually a health and wellness coach, AND full time student.  I have lost 65+ pounds, but I am stuck and keep gaining a few.  I am currently stable with my weight, but I can't afford (health-wise) for it to go up any  more.  And with all these things going on in my body, I have had a tough time with everything personally and I let my focus be on others, and less on me.  <3


While I am STILL coaching and working with others - it's TOTALLY my passion - I am REALLY focused on ME again too!  It's about time!  So this Whole30 is for me!  <3  I am doing it with a couple of girlfriends, and my hubby.  I can't wait to see this happen for us!


My greatest challenges are that I lose faith in myself.  I am the BIGGEST cheerleader for others, but I am SO afraid of personal failure that I tend not to let myself succeed.  This time WILL be different!  <3  


My 3 goals for August are:

1 - NO SELF SABOTAGE!  You may be thinking - this is a goal??  But yes!  I am the worst when it comes to sabotaging myself.  And I NEED to do this for ME!  

2 - BE ACTIVE EVERY DAY!  <3  I will workout 6 days a week, and still stay active on the 7th day!

3 - KEEP MYSELF ACCOUNTABLE!  Make sure I am posting pictures of what I ate on Facebook and Instagram and hashtag #whole30 and what day it is to help myself STAY accountable!  <3


This month will be amazing.  I just know it! :)


Friend or Follow me on Facebook!  I would LOVE more supporters AND to give others support on this journey!  <3  www.facebook.com/jamie.delorme

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My name is Julie and I live in Nashville, TN. I have three girls 18, 15, and 15 and a wonderful husband that I have been married to 24 years this month. I work full-time and have a small part-time job. I will be 48 in December and have never regained my "old body" after having twins and I'm tired of making excuses. I'm terrible at sticking things out like exercise and eating well and I always QUIT! It drives me crazy and I don't want to do that with this program. I WANT to stick it out the whole 30 days!!!


I have been nervous most of the day about what I can and can't eat. I have no idea what I will have for dinner. I've accomplished nothing at work today because I am so busy scouring websites to learn how to eat, grocery shop, etc. I haven't had time to plan because of my work schedule so I am hoping to sit down and do this tomorrow, Saturday. I'm a planner and organizer by nature so not having a plan and being organized is throwing me completely out of my comfort zone. I'm also concerned about the cost of groceries and cooking for my family as well as myself AND staying on the plan while doing all of this. I really need accountability and hope that I will find that here with this group.


I don't have a lot of weight to lose - I just want to eat healthier and feel and look better. 

I want to be able to start and finish something that's good for me!

I want to be more active and exercise.


I'm really looking forward to this. I've read so many testimonials and I am so inspired by the stories that I want to be writing in this group on August 30th that I DID IT and I feel amazing!





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1) Who you are, your interests

Hello! I'm Lena, and I'm 27 years of age. I'm a high school English/Print Journalism instructor who moonlights as a freelance journalist and vents as a spoken word poet. I live in SC with my partner of several years, our roommate, and our fur babies (a shiba/husky mix and a long-haired tortie kitty). I enjoy cooking, gardening, travel, reading, and movies.

2) Why you are joining the Whole 30

I have had increasing problems with bloating and fatigue as I've gotten less stringent with my diet. I have celiacs disease and so it's important that I'm more careful. I've completed two whole 30s in the past, but after an absolute failure of an attempt in July, I decided I needed other people to hold me accountable. I used to be a coach at my school, but fell off the workout wagon hard core after a shoulder dislocation. I feel like if I can get my diet, and subsequent inflammation from my condition, under control that I'll have an easier time including workouts as a part of my routine. I will be starting August 2nd as today is my anniversary and we have fancy dinner plans.

3) What your greatest challenges are

I'm a stress eater, and it's not pretty (ask my partner about the time I ate a canning pot full of southern collard greens after my comps). With the work that I do it can be really hard to get enough sleep and keep the stress demon away. I love white potatoes and use them primarily as a vehicle for butter, cheese, sour cream, and ketchup. Cheese is delicious. I really like cheese. I need to stop eating cheese as I'm fairly certain it's a contributing factor in my migraines. Inflammation from my celiacs has been keeping me out of the gym, and the longer I stay out of the gym the less attractive I feel and the less attractive I feel the less I want to go to the gym and put my physical weakness on display, it's become a vicious cycle that I'd really like to get under control.

4) List at least 3 goals you hope to accomplish during August

-develop a daily workout routine that includes a set bedtime and wake-up time (regardless of when my night-owl partner goes to bed)

-decrease bloating and inflammation related to my celiacs disease.

-lower my stress load which will hopefully make my skin and hair look a little better.

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Hi everyone! My name is Carolyn and I am currently living in Rome Italy.

I moved back here from Santa Monica California a year ago to be closer to my grown sons.

I did the Whole 30 two years ago and then continued on with a Paleo diet. I lost almost 30 lbs and have never felt and looked better.

After moving to Rome I slowly started eating cheese, pizza, pasta and wine! Needless to say I've put 15 lbs back on and I'm feeling lousy.

I am a real estate agent and it can be really stressful at times.

My goals are:

No alcohol

Workout at least two days a week at the gym

Manage my stress taking a break for 10 minutes every hour

I'm looking forward to supporting and connecting with you all!

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My name is Kathy and I live in Florida with my husband and 8 cats and 1 golden retriever. This is our first Whole30 although we've been living a pretty consistent Primal Lifestyle since Nov 2013. I am retired but my husband still works.


I'm doing the Whole30 to try to break thru the weight plateau that I seem to be on. I lost 40 lbs over the last year, but I am currently stuck. Related to that I would really like to get my glucose under control. I am considered pre-diabetic and am working really hard to avoid the Type 2 Diabetic diagnosis.


I think the biggest challenge will be getting used to eating meat & veggies for breakfast. Also having coffee, tea and smoothies with no sweeteners of any kind. And letting go completely of the dairy for 30 days will be difficult.


Goals for August:

1. Start losing weight again

2. continue to go to water aerobics consistently 3 days a week and walk each night after dinner

3. get my glucose reading under 100 consistently


I've survived 3 coffees and 1 herbal tea with no sweetener and no cream so far today - yah!



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Hey everyone, 

I am heading to the FB page that has been set up for August 1st starters. 

I love the energy here on this thread but it is so much easier for me to keep up via FB. 

Today was a rip roaring success for me (yeah!).  Hope the next 29 are as easy! 


Here's the link if you want to join (admin is another member of this thread): https://www.facebook.com/groups/345502735606130/


We can do this! 


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Wow, so many people! I've just had breakfast and feeling goid so far LOL.

For those who asked, I bought small containers, around 50mL, and put almond butter in them for eating out of the house, they go well with carrot sticks. Coconut butter bars are what you get when you make homemade coconut butter and pour it into a lined tray to set, then chop it up. I sometimes add nuts, dried coconut or dried fruit, but the dried fruit makes it too sweet for me for whole30, so this batch is plain

Hey I was wondering how you made Coconut butter (or almond butter) are recipes for this in the Well Fed Book?  I just ordered one and have it on Kindle.  

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Hi, everybody! I'm Susie, 59, retired health care worker, former Crossfitter and long distance cyclist. I'm a caregiver to my two parents, my mother-in-law, and my disabled adult child. I have ankylosing spondylitis and have had 2 major spine operations. I've had one episode of Crohn's colitis in my past and multiple bouts with uveitis. Despite all that, I am an optimistic and spirited individual. This isn't my first go-round with paleo diets and the Whole 30: when I have eaten this way consistently in the past, I have had MAJOR decreases in my physical symptoms, so I'm back in for a Whole30 for a tune-up!


My greatest challenge is food boredom, so to combat that I have purchased the Nom Nom Paleo Cookbook for this go-round!


My goals are to reduce back pain and lose weight.


I do plan on working on my physical fitness. Before my health problems developed 7 years ago, I was an avid Crossfitter and long distance cyclist. For this month, I am using a fitbit Zip step counter and my goal is to be walking 10,000 steps a day in three weeks.


So glad to have company on this journey! Here's to everybody's success!


Back tomorrow to read and to post today's meals and exercise.



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Hi everyone! My name is Sarah, I'm 26-years-old, and this is my first Whole30. I just finished a master's degree in business, and I'm spending this summer at home in Chicago before starting work in the fall. I'm grateful to have some time off, and I figure this may be the best time to start Whole30 since I have a lot of control over my schedule.


My master's program was very competitive, and since I was always busy and running around, I ate terribly practically every day. I rarely cooked and most of the time I grabbed whatever I could find. Recently I've had some pretty bad stomach-related problems, and the doctors can't figure out what's wrong. After reading It Starts with Food, I'm beginning to wonder whether I have a case of gut inflammation. By eating healthy, I hope to alleviate my stomach issues and set up good long-term eating habits.


The greatest challenge I face is "slaying the sugar demon." For as long as I can remember, I've loved all things sweet and I often have very strong cravings for pastries, candy, chocolate, etc.


My goals for my Whole30:

1) Slay the Sugar Dragon and kick my addiction to the curb

2) Stick to a routine meal schedule with limited to no snacking in-between

3) Stay strong and finish the program!


Good luck to everyone starting today. I hope we can cross the finish line together in 30 days!



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My name is Sheena. I like walking, reading and quilting.

I am joining in the hopes of helping my chronic inflammation and sinus issues.

My greatest challenge will be sugar and laziness.

My goals are to improve my health, have more energy to do things, less pain and reduce the medications I take.

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My food for day 1. Breakfast: Compliant bacon, eggs and roasted cherry tomatoes.Lunch: Grilled chicken and guacamole. Dinner: We are grilling a steak and I am making roasted sweet potatoes. I will probably also have a salad or maybe just some roasted beets. I am not that hungry.

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1) Who you are, your interests

I am Jennifer and my husband is Bruce. We are in Radcliff, KY, which is right next to Ft. Knox.  I am in school to become a PTA (at JCTCS in Louisville), after having been a teacher for over 15 years. Bruce is a water plant operator (on Ft. KNox). I live a normal daytime schedule, his is not as he work 12 hr nights. We both like to read, but never have time for it. I cross stitch as well, and we both play hockey (me, soon to be 3 nights most weeks, he will be reffing one night on some weeks and playing one night on most weeks). 


2) Why you are joining the Whole 30

This is our 2nd W30. It is time to reset.



3) What your greatest challenges are

For me, I tend to snack because I can't eat a lot at once. I had a gastric bypass 10 years ago (my I wish this was around then) and I am still learning how to eat enough and the right mix to stay full at night. Bruce's is his work schedule. It does not allow for normal eating. We both also have time issues with exercise. His is more from his schedule; mine is from coming home from school and immediately hitting the books.


4) List at least 3 goals you hope to accomplish during August

1) I know weight loss isn't where I should focus, but I would like to get into the 160's. I ended my last W30 at 176.6, and started this one at 177.6, so maintaining wasn't too bad, though I did fluctuate some.

2) I want to get more exercise than just hockey. I want to walk or somehow work out 3 days a week for at least 30 minutes (I am looking to repaint a room in 2 weeks, so that will be one day. Bending, stretching, rolling on paint--yeah that's exercise)

3) I want to develop a sound routine for school and eating. I will be staying late 1 day a week at first, then 2 when October is here. I need to ensure I can get in the studying I need before engaging in my stress relief activity on Monday and Tuesday (hockey)

I can't speak for him on this, and he is not available.

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okay I already need help. Long story short, this morning I started out behind the ball. I ended up still out (grocery shopping of all things--a few items I still needed) and realized I would be famished by the time I got home. I was at Whole Foods, and did great not sampling the fruit. I ended up deciding I had to eat SOMETHING, but my budget is tight now, and could only afford fast food--if I was lucky. I wan't doing that, so I got an emergency Turkey Epic bar. There is nothing in it that is not on the W30, but it is a bar nonetheless. I had hoped at this point I would be home by 6 (8 hrs after eating). By having this, I was getting something 7 hrs after last eating, and wouldn't be starving while I was cooking dinner--okay AM cooking dinner. I ended up home at 6:20--yup, even later, then realized dinner was going to take an hr to cook--spaghetti squash--and I had no other alternative. 

So, is day 1 a wash for me? I had planned this out to be home by 3PM, even after getting up late, but I had to run to school to take a test and it took longer than expected to get started and finish (test time was accounted for), and then the records office was backed up. I even planned time for that. What I didn't allot enough time for was traffic, unknown road construction, and accidents along the way.

Just a bit of extra info. Due to hubby's schedule, we were doing a W32 so he could get an official weight at the same time of day, and under the same set of circumstances, as his Day 0. I just really don't want what became a legitimate attempt to stay compliant kill today for me. 

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I'm Lydia from Canada.

I am starting my 4th Whole 30 today. Tried to start one 2 weeks ago but failed miserably as I was right at the end of a painful accounting course and fell off the wagon (tortilla chip binge) while studying for the final exam.

I am a T1 diabetic & have a number of food intolerances and sensitivities. I starting eating Paleo a year and a half ago, felt a lot better and saw improvement in my blood sugar levels. Sadly, junk food has been finding its way back to my diet and I have been feeling the effects. I also struggle eating proper meals at work, and on nights where I have classes. My commute time to work has also increased so by the time I get home after sitting on public transit for an eternity, I am feeling to tired an lazy and sad and nothing helps that like Smart Food Popcorn.

My plan is to clean up my diet, try to resist the evil lure of Smart Food popcorn and find a better way to deal with stress.I also want to expand my cooking knowledge and try to make delicious things with strange cuts of meat.

As a side note: I am currently suffering the unhappy effects of being accidentally glutened yesterday. Although the food I have eaten today is Whole30 compliant, my meals weren't great due to not being able to eat very much. I may tack an extra day on the end

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Checking in for the 2nd time today to see how everyone is doing. I found that my usual lunch (salad, protein, homemade dressing) in some form also makes a really good breakfast: I had steamed broccoli, chopped tomato, chopped hardboiled egg, some avocado and a drizzle of homemade dijon vinaigrette for breakfast and it tasted great!


I've been doing a lot of green smoothies for breakfast (if I have breakfast at all) for the past couple months, so I'm eliminating them for the Whole 30 due to the high sugar content from the fruit. I think I'll have to carry extra protein with me in case what I've planned isn't enough. I found myself hungry just before leaving work at 5 (I ate lunch at 12:30), so was glad to have some raw almonds on hand. Another thing I'm noticing: the extra protein seems to have weakened my usual happy hour hankering for alcohol!

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