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would love some quick input due to camping fiasco!


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Hi, we are midway through a back country camping trip that I had prepared for in terms of W30 (I'm 8 days in). However, while out hiking for the day there was a massive rain storm and the road to our campsite was washed out and we were told we can't get to our tent (which apparently is fine as we were on a hill). Make a long story short, we went to find a motel and everything is sold out so we ended up driving to the middle of nowhere in a motel with nary a store in site and not much food! We'll be here at least 2 days. My husband is eating the loaf of bread and peanut butter we had in the trunk, but all i have is nuts, raisins, dried figs and a bag of lettuce! Do I need to start over entirely bc of eating all the nuts and fruit? It compliant but ugh! The gas station has non compliant jerky and processed cold cuts which I wouldn't eat even not on W30, but not much else. I even asked the cashier if he had eggs at home I could buy or something. He looked at me like I was an alien! Any advice? Thanks!

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