Did you find yourself sweeter and kinder after Whole30 reintro?


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"Exercise is the best healthy fix because it directly regenerates D2-like dopamine receptors—similar to those linked with food addiction—in the brain, helping to rebuild the damage of past addiction and prevent it in the future (MacRae et al. 1987). And it doesn’t require a gym membership, an elliptical trainer or a set of barbells. It simply requires increasing activities of daily living. In fact, it’s been shown that a 5-minute walk around the block or 30 jumping jacks reduces the intensity of withdrawal symptoms."

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"Researchers believe that exercise altered the reward circuits in the brain to the point where treadmill walking took the place of junk food. Movement became self-reinforcing, leading the addicts to need less food to get the same high. Exercise also decreased their cravings, compulsiveness and emotional ups and downs, as well as their desperate focus on junk food (Buchowski et al. 2011).

Most studies have found that walking is king. Indeed, one randomized controlled fMRI study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that after a year of taking 40-minute walks three times a week, sedentary older adults grew their hippocampi by 2%—reversing their brains’ aging process by almost 2 years. Those who remained sedentary saw their brains shrink by almost the same amount (Erickson et al. 2011).


The bottom line. Regular physical activity facilitates neurogenesis, augments PFC function and significantly aids in relapse prevention and sustained recovery from addiction."



Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP,

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Family members will agree that there's nothing worse than a reformed smoker.  I know one who went around with a water pistol, extinguishing any cigarette he came into contact with.  He pulled that on coworkers, relatives....it's a wonder he survived that period of his life.


Many years have went by, but he can still walk by cigarette smoke and it smells like sweet perfume to his nostrils.   I don't understand it, but the addiction is still there.   When he gets a whiff, he says that he would like to have a tripod set up that would stretch across an entire room.   He then would position a long cigarette on that tripod and puff on it all day long until he passes out.


Addictions.   He doesn't act on it because the rewards of quitting cigarettes outweigh the addiction.


Junk food is not a treatment for a food addiction.


If lab rats will almost eat themselves to death, wring their little hands and shake for another hit of dopamine....we need to learn from their suffering.


The way you react to all sugars may be exactly the same on Day 31.... as you did  before your Whole 30.


The rewards are greater than continuing to eat sugars for the rest of your life.  The addiction may always be there but you don't have to act on it.


It gets easier and cravings do go away.  You can celebrate every holiday on the calendar and the dessert table doesn't phase you.


It took longer than 30 days for me to reach this state.   It's my Day 74 of a Whole 90.


I'm not going to off-road my mountain bike down a rocky hillside.   My plans for sugars are what they are today.   I have no intentions of adding them back into my meals.


The rewards are too great.   I might get a water pistol and have fun with a few dessert tables.  Then again, maybe not.



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The Effects of Anger, Fear, and Sadness on Overconfidence...


Fear is contagious.


If you were going to the dentist today...who would you want to drill on your teeth?  A fearful dentist with shaking hands or the overconfident one?


You set the tone for your Whole 30.   Don't be afraid or fearful.  


I'm not fearful of mountain biking or reintroduction.    My will was stronger than my skills.

I didn't really know what I was doing on Day 1 but I do now.   I've read as many of these threads as I could.   I've tried to learn from those who fell off of their bicycles on Day 31....only to kick themselves and start all over again.


I have a plan for Day 91 through Day 180 and beyond.





Everyone who has completed additional Whole 30's say that the first one is the most exciting.  I've tried to make mine the best experience and enjoy the ride.   I wanted the most bang for my bucks.  I didn't complain about the food while I'm compliant...it only makes it easier to give in to your impulses.  There's really nothing to complain about.  I'm eating better now than I have in years.


Be brave and give it all you've got.  The rewards are too great not to.





Bang for the (or one's) buck], which means 'value for one's money', was originally a political one. Its first use was quite literal: With bang referring to 'firepower'. 

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yoplait.jpg   Yoplait Yogurt, Strawberry

6 oz Container
Sugars, total:        27g
Calories, total:        170

Calories from sugar:    108




Donettes, Powdered Sugar
6 Donuts (85g)
Sugars, total:        23g
Calories, total:        340
Calories from sugar:    92

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Power Bar, Chocolate Peanut Butter
1 bar (65g)
Sugars, total:        23g
Calories, total:        240
Calories from sugar:    92




Clif Bar, Banana Nut Bread
1 bar (68g)
Sugars, total:        21g
Calories, total:        250
Calories from sugar:    84

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42.5g Serving
Sugars, total:        30g
Calories, total:        120
Calories from sugar:    120 



40 g Serving
Sugars, total:        26g
Calories, total:        140
Calories from sugar:    104



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Ideally you would not snack at all because you are eating enough at your meals to keep you satisfied. You could drink a cup of herbal tea if you need to do something with your mouth.


A better portable snack would be a can of tuna and some raw baby-cut carrots. Snacking on nuts, nut butters, or fruit is generally counter-productive to weight loss and a bad habit. 

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I' ve already blown it...might as well go ahead and eat everything to get it out of my system.


This is a complete myth.  You'll never get it all out of your system.   This is bingeing.


Do you know what a "dry drunk" is?   This is someone who is abstaining from alcohol but they're only a hair trigger away from the next drink.


The reformed smoker and the reformed drinker make choices every single day not to return to the scene of the crime.....the cigarette store or the bar.


The reformed binger has to make a choice every day not to return to the scene of their last crime...driving a car with the backseat loaded with cookies, donuts, and whatever floats their boat.


As the tension, hunger, and feelings of deprivation build, the compulsion to eat becomes too powerful to resist: a “forbidden” food is eaten; a rule is broken. With an all-or-nothing mindset, you feel any slip-up is a total failure. After having a bite of ice cream, you might think, “I’ve already blown It, so I might as well go all out.


The relief that bingeing brings is extremely short-lived. Soon after, guilt and self-loathing set in. And so the  plan is another Whole 30 to make up for bingeing and regaining control.


What many do not realize is that bingeing does not wipe the slate clean and it never will.

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