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Bone/Vegetable Broth


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Hello everyone! 


I'm a W30 newbie, so sorry if this topic has already been covered somewhere... 


I really want to save leftover veggie bits (carrot skins, onion ends, etc. ) to make vegetable broth. But I once heard someone say that they refuse to make veggie broth unless they have organic vegetables. In their words, making veggie broth with inorganic veggies is just like making pesticide soup... Is this accurate? I can't afford organic right now, but if I wash the veggies before making them into broth would it still be safe? 


The same goes with making bone broth. I can't afford organic meats right now, but I'd like to make bone broth. Is this safe? 


I'd love your opinions :) 


Thank you in advance!

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What do you think about it?


I don't have a Whole Foods or an organic grocery store.   Everything we have is primarily drop shipped from the sky with a parachute.  If I kept waiting for a pristine, pure carrot to fall from the clouds, I'd be starving.


We have to make do with what we're given and what we  can afford in our budgets.  :) 

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You are better off eating homemade veggie/bone broth than not eating homemade broth no matter where your ingredients come from. Don't let perfection get in the way of doing the best you can. 


The food world is full of fear mongers. I value organics and get them when I can, but I am not afraid to eat whatever fresh food I can get. 

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