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Fast lunches?


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I work full time and have just started school, I have an hour lunch to run home, eat, let my dogs out, and get to class. Which works out to really about 30 minutes to cook and eat. Is it ok to cook my lunch ahead of time and eat it at work before I leave? I know it's not ideal but I can't afford to miss more work and I can't be late for classes or it's counted as an absence. Or does anyone have any suggestions for quick make ahead lunches I can just reheat and eat on the go? Honestly if I ate at work two days a week it'd be more "relaxed" that rushing at home or eating in the car. It's only two days a week so hopefully that won't derail me as I'm on day 15 and really feeling good. Waiting until after class would put meal one and two 8 hours apart and I don't want to do that either.

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Any leftovers, because they can be reheated in moments.

Do a "Weekly Cookup" on a Sunday afternoon where you cook several days worth of different protein and veggies. Then you can grab them from the fridge, toss them in a hot skillet and have food in 10 minutes or less.

I got a lot of great ideas from Well Fed as to great combos. Also there's helpful suggestions in It Starts With Food in the Meal Map section.

Also, everything is better topped with an egg.

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Guest PaleoViki

I do the same thing.  I spend Sunday cutting up all the vegies for the week.  Then I make a big salad.  Then I make three to four things that I can grab and eat for lunch and or dinner. 


I like making turkey burger and then "flavor" it with whatever I feel like.  This week I made ground turkey with taco seasoning.  I can throw that on a salad in the morning-lunch or dinner.


Then I took the other ground turkey and made "Greek meatballs".  Just add some cucumber and avocado and yummy lunch!!!


I use Nom Nom Paleo.  Weird name, awesome recipes!  The Spicy Tuna cakes are awesome!!!!  It sounds weird when you read the recipe but they are sooooo good.  easy meal!


I am like you!  Busy - Busy - busy!!!!  Best of luck.  V

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I have had to do quick meals on school days a lot. I like Aidell's chicken apple sausages or grass-fed beef hot dogs, chunks of pre-baked sweet potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, pre-cut raw vegetables, olives...these are all good cold and most are fairly easy to eat in the car. I have even heated up big bowls of frozen green beans and eaten those while driving...they will drip a little water sometimes but when I'm careful they work out fine. You can also pre-cook ground turkey patties or chicken breasts and eat them cold. Those aren't the best finger foods but might add some variety for you.

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Thanks for all the ideas guys, I'm glad I'm not the only one doing this with a busy schedule! My class seems like it's going to be fairly stressful. Also I do not want to spend my hour and a half class with my stomach rumbling and be tempted to hit up a vending machine. I just wondered if eating in a hurry would throw me off the spirit of Whole30, especially since it's only one meal twice a week.

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This is all very timely.  I'm just starting a new year of teaching and kid-chauffering, and I'm always looking for ways to be more relaxed about that mid-day meal.  Excellent ideas.  I think I'm going to start with the frittata.  Great thread.

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Usually someone suggests this before post 8 :)


Buy a lot of meat.  Make this.  Eat it all week ;)




I've never made it with ribs - I've used brisket, london broil, stew beef.  All are delicious.  


If you are new to paleo you may not have some ingredients on hand.  Here are some subs:


-Asian pear - canned pear in juice (dump the juice) or a regular pear

- Coconut aminos - this you may need to buy if you plan to stick with paleo - Whole Foods or Amazon or local co-op type places

- Fish sauce - you can skip if you want, I think I read anchovies can be used too

- coconut vinegar - apple cider vinegar or balsamic

- chicken broth - I often just use water if I don't have any around


I usually use about 2 lbs of meat.  Let it cook 10ish hours.  That gets me 4-5 meals depending how hungry I am :)  


I was in nursing school last year and always brought lunch.  Easy examples of food I brought:

serving of the recipe above, bag of snap peas (from TJ), clementines, chunk of coconut butter

- avocado tuna (1/2 avocado, can of tuna, squirt of compliant mustard, dried shallots (or onions), chopped celery), big bag of baby carrots, apple

- 3 HB eggs, veggies, mixed berries with coconut milk


I think the biggest thing is to make extra whenever you do cook (someone said this already).  Cooking burgers? throw 4 extra on the grill. slow cooker recipe?  double it.  boiling eggs? boil the whole dozen.  Good luck and stick with it - it will be worth it!


And nomnompaleo is actually doing a 7 post series on lunches right now.  Good timing ;)

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