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Canned broth? (and pork rinds!)


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Well, shucks.  I wonder what I could use for the broths, then.  What do people usually do for this...make homemade?  I currently crockpot at least once a week and it always seems like I'm putting broth on stuff. 


I agree - it's amazing the ingredients that are in things.  Seems like corn makes it's way into most every processed item too, in some form or fashion - maltodextrin, etc.


So carageenan is one of the no-no's of almond milk then.  I'll keep that in mind.


About the pork rinds - I think that they were to be crushed up and used in place of the typical bread crumbs in the meatloaf recipe.  Everything else in the recipe was fresh veggies, so maybe it wouldn't be that bad.  IDK, I've never had a pork rind before, and I think I will probably keep it that way. ;)  And yes, I do love my chips.  I am a salty snack fan, more so than a sweet tooth.

I found a compliant almond milk at Trader Joe's. Always, always always read the ingredient list as all products are subject to change.

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