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Keep Calm and Carry On For 60 Days


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Day 31

(Copied from the last entry in my Whole 30 log.)

I was actually at the organic supermarket yesterday and they had dark chocolate with coffee beans on a great special. I actually spent a few minutes in that aisle debating whether to get one - even though I hadn't given any thought to chocolate until just that second, I thought "that'll be a nice treat now that you've finished the whole 30". I didn't even want chocolate! I finally realised what am idiot I was being and spent time in the beauty aisle seeing if there was something I wanted. (I ended up leaving with nothing. )

The stupid thing is I had 99% decided I was going to carry on with Whole 30 for a while longer (perhaps another month), but then I was talking with a friend about going to a street festival on Saturday that's sponsored by my favourite local brewery, and clearly my brain thought "well if you're having beer on Sat you're not doing whole 30, so let's have some chocolate! ". A clear sign I need to continue for psychological reasons if nothing else!

So I'm announcing formally that I'll be doing another whole 30 starting today, finishing on 18 October. Go me!

I got a group email today from people at work, asking who wanted to participate in an informal lunch picnic on October 10, with a Lebanese theme. Last month there was a Mexican theme and I skipped out because I thought it would be too much hassle while eating W30. But, I really wanted to be there, for the fun and people, not so much the food. So, I Googled Lebanese Whole 30 and found a compliant chicken dish and if that's all I can eat, well, so be it! If I plan to eat paleo indefinitely (and I do) then I might as well start working it in to my life now!

Was planning to go to the gym at lunch, but I really wasn't feeling it - I've been tired lately, plus it's bench press day and I was getting anxious about it. So I decided to skip it and go for a long walk down by the foreshore/harbour instead and get some sun and vitamin d. I made the right choice!

Breakfast: meatball omelette (2 eggs, 1 meatball and baby spinach, cooked in coconut oil), 2x coffee with spoonful of coconut cream

10.30am: almond milk latte (my local cafe has compliant almond milk, and sometimes, I just really want a latte even though I drink black coffee!)

Pre-wo (before I decided I wasn't going to the gym): small tin of tuna in oil (I was actually hungry - I'm never usually hungry at 11.30 - must be a hungry day)

Lunch: 2 palms of shredded pork and coleslaw, with some leftover broccolini (the pork was quite fatty and didn't need extra fat)

Dinner (planned): coconut beef curry over broccoli, a few strawberries

I might go to the gym after work, if I'm feeling more like it then. Might.

{Edit: strawberries and coconut cream AND 3 small handfuls of raw nuts after dinner. Second night in a row. I've just made the connection:I have to go to a funeral tomorrow on my own and I'm anxious about it because I didn't even know the person who died but it was a relative and my mum wants me to go. Least I know why I've suddenly turned in to an evening snack monster. }

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GoJo09 I would like to join you on your whole60.  Today is my day 3.    I want to focus on banishing emotional eating,  or overeating/lack of self control in general.  My first goal for W30 was freedom, and I achieved freedom from cravings from sugar, alcohol, etc.  But when the cravings were gone, I became aware of the possibility of using even healthy food in an unhealthy way.  Freedom from unhealthy emotional dependance on food is my goal this time. So I would like to share my food log OK?


B  Zucchini Soup (from Well Fed) and a poached egg

L  Homemade Meatloaf, more zucchini soup, a small avocado

D Tuna Salad, celery, carrots, Lara Bar and Kombucha



am Body Scupt Class (weights and cardio) at the Y

pm Road Bike 30 miles- had a coconut water in my water bottle.


Have a great day, in Australia, right?


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GoJo09 I would like to join you on your whole60.  Today is my day 3.    I want to focus on banishing emotional eating,  or overeating/lack of self control in general.  My first goal for W30 was freedom, and I achieved freedom from cravings from sugar, alcohol, etc.  But when the cravings were gone, I became aware of the possibility of using even healthy food in an unhealthy way.  Freedom from unhealthy emotional dependance on food is my goal this time. So I would like to share my food log OK?


B  Zucchini Soup (from Well Fed) and a poached egg

L  Homemade Meatloaf, more zucchini soup, a small avocado

D Tuna Salad, celery, carrots, Lara Bar and Kombucha



am Body Scupt Class (weights and cardio) at the Y

pm Road Bike 30 miles- had a coconut water in my water bottle.


Have a great day, in Australia, right?



Perfectly put - an unhealthy dependency on food is exactly the way I've been feeling. I've just spent 20 mins trying to convince a friend that I need to do another Whole 30, while she's telling me that I can make coconut oil and cacao chocolate and I won't overeat :o .


Although I'm miles better than I was a few years ago, there are still times where I know perfectly well that I'm eating because I like the taste of it, rather than because I need it; when I eat 3 handfuls of nuts two days in a row (not the end of the world, I am well aware) because I have something uncomfortable I have to do.


Was the soup and egg keep you full all morning? I haven't made the zucchini soup, but generally they're not super high in protein, are they?


It's actually 8.30 at night here - nearly time for bed! Tomorrow I plan to go to the gym in the morning for weights/metcon, then I'll be going to a funeral, and I might have to drive over to work in the afternoon to pick up an online shopping delivery B)  - but if not, I'll go for a walk by the river in the afternoon. Walking is my friend and I need to make more time for it.

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Yes, normally I would have two eggs, but the zucchini soup is pretty filling.  I make it by sautéing onions in GF beef fat and then simmering the zucchini in bone broth. I was satisfied until lunchtime.  


Haha.  I can totally relate to the handfuls of nuts!


Sorry about the funeral. Hope it is not too sad.


Good luck on the work out, groceries etc.  Its hard to fit it all in!  Today is my rest day.  Usually I work out 5-6 days a week and today I am ready to rest.


I am glad to get to know you!  Have a good nights sleep,


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Hi guys! It's morning here in the US...I just finished my breakfast, so I can't list all my meals as yet!


Meal 1 was 4 eggs, scrambled, and a chopped "salad" of cucumber, tomato, and spinach, with a little ACV mixed in (I love vinegar - I'm a bit of a weirdo like that)


I am actually having a bit of a lazy food day. I am having the exact same thing for lunch today (I know I need to and usually do need to mix it up a bit more but I ended up working until midnight and forgot to pull something out of the freezer). Bad Frannie!!


I am impressed by your workouts! On Wednesdays, I have a trainer come to the office and work out with me and two other women (that sentence had questionable grammar - apologies!). He made us do so many squats that I can barely move today.


I am struggling with my workouts right now. I've had that crazy fatigue for a few weeks. Hopefully the doctor will have some sage words for me today!! I'm OVER this tired thing.

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I only go to the gym 2-3 days a week, but I make it count by lifting heavy. I try to walk other days, but sometimes I just want to sit and read my book - esp as I'm still really tired in the afternoons pretty much every day too.

I'm experimenting with carb cycling so that may have something to do with the fatigue. I also need to make some more pâté (chopped livers actually, but pâté sounds nicer! ) To help boost my iron.

The rest of the nuts went in the bin, FYI. When I thought about whether they were making me healthier or not, the answer was clear. I bought them initially to make nut milk, which is hardly a necessity and can be saved for those occasions when I buy a coffee once a week.

Working until midnight is insane! I've been using the Two Grand app to track my food in pictures - makes me put a little more effort into variety and presentation, which is important, and also be a little more mindful of what/when/why I'm eating (although I sometimes forget to take a photo).

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GoJo - well done on the throwing away of the nuts. I know that was hard! (they are yummy and you spent money on them!).


Work is insane right now. I am heading to Memphis (the one in Tennessee, not Egypt) to visit my family tomorrow. I probably won't be able to write much. I'm making some shredded chicken and spiralizing a bunch of zucchini tonight to take with me (I'm driving, so I can pack food). I'm trying to imagine my sister's face when I pull up with my jar of homemade ghee!

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Hey Frantastice!  i have been calling you Fantastic.  Probably you are!  I was feeling the tired thing BIG time today.  Then I realized I inadvertently had 1 c of regular and 1 c of decaf instead of 3-5 c of regular.  Yeah, that was too drastic.  I think I will cut down on the caffeine, but gradually.  I am in the US too, Oklahoma actually.  



I am impressed that you tossed the nuts!  I came home from work hungry and ate a handful of pecans and drank a Kombucha while making dinner.  Seriously I need to reduce my 'nut inventory' too!  

How come you are working til midnight?  Sitting with a book sounds like heaven!


Meals today:

B:  Bulletproof coffee:  coffee in the blender w coconut cream, coconut oil and a raw egg.  Plus one egg scrambled with cabbage and sausage

L  leftover steak, more of the cabbage, strawberries

D:  GYROS!  from Well Fed2  yum! on a greek salad w cuke, arugula, black olive, purple onion and caramelized red bell peppers.  Did a side of pureed cauliflower, carrot and parsnips from Nom Nom  Paleo.


Definitely having more than one cup of coffee in the morning!  I was just desperate for a good nights sleep and figure I had to try less coffee. 


Hope you both had a great day.

PS  How was the funeral?

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Always a good idea to pack some food when you're away for the weekend - I had a party a few weeks ago at a holiday house, where all of the food was catered. Still super glad that I took a bunch of hard boiled eggs and tuna! Enjoy your time with your family, Frantastic.


Haha, 5 cups down to 1 cup? Yep, that'd hurt! I tend to average 3 cups (2 first thing in the morning and then another mid-morning). Sometimes if I'm really tired, or needing a break from work, I'll get another one in the afternoon, but I try not to as it affects my sleep.


Yes, the nuts truly needed to go! There was only about a third of the bag left anyway, but they're just too easy to snack on, and I don't want to snack! And like you said, April - I was eating them from an unhealthy dependency on food. Anxiety eating.


Funeral was sad and awkward - it was a relative I didn't know, but my Mum wanted me to go (she's in another country so couldn't go herself). So I was sitting in the family aisle, right next to the person's siblings! Anyway, it's done now.


Food for Day 32:

6.30am: coffee with coconut oil

7.30am: pre-wo of coleslaw and tuna in oil

Exercise was a 6km/1hr 10min walk, then I went to the gym on the way home and did bench press at 85% of 1RM.

10.30am: didn't think I'd be hungry after the gym, but I was, and then I realised that I wasn't going to have time to have lunch before the funeral, so I had a big brunch instead - 2 pork ribs, capsicum, coleslaw and some cherry tomatoes

4pm (just now): had some prawns and capsicum stirfried in green curry paste, then cooked off in a bit of chicken stock

Dinner: grilled chicken thigh, broccolini and asparagus with ajvar (from Clothes Make the Girl - I haven't actually made it yet, but I've bought the ingredients...)


I had strawberries last night - I have always broken out in hives if I eat too many of them, but I think I might actually have digestive trouble with them too, as I had diarrhea this morning. Bleh.


I haven't had any eczema for weeks, but tonight my hand is sore and itching in the usual spots. In the past week I've eaten strawberries and tomatoes (haven't had either in a long while) and both are know irritants for eczema. So, I guess I'll have to cut them both out again and then test separately. Although, I have some tomatoes left I have to use up (my flatmate can't eat them and I don't want to throw out) plus a curry in the freezer that is tomato based, so perhaps I'll just eliminate strawberries for now.


I also had to employ all the snacking tricks in the book tonight: brushing my teeth, turning off the lights in the kitchen, making a cup of tea! All I wanted to do was sit and eat coconut cream from the jar (because this is the only compliant "treat" food in the house. I haven't had cravings like this the entire month of my first Whole 30 - and now it's been 3 days in a row! Annoying.

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Hi all! Am in Memphis. I ate shredded chicken and sipped silky zucchini soup in the car, very yum. The gas station coffee, black, not so much (I'm not a coffee drinker but wanted to stay awake on the drive. Turns out that caffeine pills are illegal here now...at least that's what they told me at the pharmacy when I asked what aisle they were on!)

Need to have dinner fairly soon...have not had enough to eat today at all, and that does not set me up for success!

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yay for a successful drive!


Very productive and active day today - woke up at 5.45am (on a Saturday!), had 2 coffees and did 2 loads of washing before having a snack and heading out for an hour long walk. Then got a coffee on the way home. Then spent the rest of the morning scrubbing the balcony, the barbecue, and trimming back the plants, getting ready for spring and summer! Then another long walk to go to the fancy providore (where they practically know the name of every animal that's slaughtered, and the bacon is compliant :) ). Then more cleaning, a bath, and then cooked a gorgeous steak (the cow's name was Milly :) ) while watching the footy semi-final and now watching telly.


Day 33 food:

6am: big coffee with coconut cream

7.45am: 2 scrambled eggs and some cherry tomatoes

6km walk

9.30am: 2 pork sausages, asparagus and capsicum with lemon-pepper mayo, and some homemade saurkraut

11am: another coffee with coconut cream and oil

4.5km walk

1.30pm: pork rib and chunk of mutton - tastings at the butcher

2.30pm: chicken zoodle soup with garlic oil on top

7.30pm: steak, silverbeet "chips" with mayo, and some sauerkraut


I'm using Two Grand to keep track of my meals - it's making me put more effort in to the presentation and variety of my meals.

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Good morning ladies!  Its 5:30 am here- I'm up early on a Saturday too. My body clock gets me up about this time every day.  I used to have trouble staying awake much after dinner before the whole30 but no more!  I am pretty careful to get 7-8 hours sleep every night though.  I don't function well with less.


I had a bike wreck last november which resulted in a broken hand and arm (didn't hurt much), and then caused a disc to rupture later, in January.  Horrible horrible pain.  Well, I was able to start riding again in the beginning of April, but just last week started back on upper body work.  I rejoined the gym and have been going to a 5:45am weights & cardio exercise class MWF.  I am loving it!  Plus I am going to yoga 1x a week.  I would like to go more often, but I work full time, plus ride my bike and cook a lot!  So Saturday-Sunday are my distance days on the bike.  I will probably go about 50 miles each day.  


Glad you made it safely to Memphis Fran.  I just love that zucchini soup.  It's funny how the ingredients sound kind of boring, but the soup is amazing.  I hope you got a good dinner.  Did the coffee keep you up at night?



sounds like you had a very productive day!  I forgot your seasons are opposite!  Our summer is just winding down.  I am getting excited about Fall.  Some of our Fall Festivals are starting. We are going to the Scottish Festival today.  I think I'll eat before we go, never know what they put in those sausages! How nice you can walk to the providere!  Does that mean butcher?  And what is capsicum? And silverbeets.


Yesterday was day 34.  Here is what I ate:

B:  sausage browned with zucchini and spinach, mixed with scrambled eggs

L:  More scrambled eggs with left over puree of carrot, cauliflower parsnip and onion

snack:  small package of beef jerky

D:  Stuffed Grape Leaves and curried cauliflower rice (from Well Fed) plus grilled chicken thighs and another scoop of the parsnip etc puree. Plus I had a decaf w coconut cream for desert.


The cured Cauliflower rice was amazing!  It had onion, bits of chopped fresh pineapple, toasted slivered almonds and raisins plus curry powder.  Yum!


Have a good day Fran and a good night GoJo!


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Oooo ruptured disk sounds nasty - glad you're finally able to get back in to it, April. Scottish Festival sounds so fun, but yeah, chances of the sausage being compliant are pretty low.

That curried cauliflower rice sounds great! is that Well Fed 2? (I only have 1)

Providore is what they call themselves - basically fancy butcher. Expensive but worth it both morally and taste-wise (I had a $15 steak last night - I can't afford to go there every week, but I specifically wanted free range chicken livers for pâté).

Capsicum is bell pepper (red/orange/green).

Silverbeet I think is chard (the green kind).

And I also call zucchini 'courgette' sometimes :-)

I got the emails sent for my first W30 but they were a few days behind. Just got the one about extending Whole 30 too other areas of your life, where they talk about the Sister 30 - I'm going to make my sister do this with me: we used to be close but now we barely text on birthdays (no fight or anything, she got busy with a new job and I got pissed off always being the one to contact her so I stopped, then she got pissy about me not contacting her, etc...). Anyway, worth a try.

I'm also going to give up coffee for the rest of this Whole 60 to see if it helps me rosacea and also to break any dependence. I'll cut down to one mid-morning for the next week (or until thepack in my drawer at work is empty), then none for 2-3 weeks.

Busy day today: cheering on my friend running a marathon the going straight to a cocktail baby shower (my friend is not at all in to baby showers, so they're having a Sunday afternoon party at her sister's cocktail bar instead). So I'll take my lunch with me to eat in between.

Day 34 food:

coffee w coconut oil (I said cutting down starting tomorrow! )

breakfast: eggs, bacon, broccolini

lunch: salmon cakes (easily portable)

Snack: pork sausage, roast silverbeet with mayo

Dinner: On the BBQ: chicken thigh, chocolate meatball (same spice mix as the cauli), flat mushroom (with homemade ajvar on top), roast cocoa cauliflower (Well Fed 1), chicken pate - it was a Melissa Joulwan inspired meal

Exercise: lots of walking round the marathon route - easily 10km

{Edit:and about 1/8c coconut cream before bed. Don't know why as I never have dessert. I keep seeing things that make me think I'm not eating enough calories so I eat a bunch of fat to top up. }

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Wow I guess today is day 36 for me.  I am still really happy eating this way, no desire to eat anything else.  I have not weighed since day 30.  I was disappointed with my weight after 30 days, but I think I am making progress there now (clothes not so tight).  I feel so happy to be free from cravings, healthier and more comfortable in my own body.  I know weight loss is secondary in importance to health, but I also know that I am definitely not happy if I  feel out of control in my weight.


Today we celebrate the birthdays of 3 family members.  Last night I dreamt I was making a birthday cake with cream cheese frosting.  I licked the frosting off the spatula in my dream without thinking.  I was horrified.  What a relief to wake up and realize I didn't accidentally wreck my W60.


The Scottish Festival was fun.  I ate a good lunch beforehand and was not at all tempted by the alcohol, meat pies or pastries.  I love the W30 for giving me the freedom to say 'no'  without white knuckles .


Thanks for the Aussie dictionary GoJo!  I would love to see Australia someday.  It sure is a long flight!  


Curried Cauliflower Rice is in Well Fed1.  Ingredients:

1/2 med onion, diced

1 clove garlic

1 c diced fresh pineapple

2 T toasted slivered almonds

1 t curry powder (I used a little more)

s&p to taste

I also added a couple T of raisins


Just sauté the onion in 2 T of  your favorite fat.  I like clarified butter.  Then add curry and stir for a minute.  Toss in remaining ingredients.  YUM!


Food from yesterday

B;  Frittata w sausage, 1 jalapeño, 1 small capsicum :-), spinach, green onions and eggs.  Bulletproof coffee

L:  Leftover frittata, zucchini soup, parsnip puree and pineapple 

D:  Spaghetti squash w homemade hazelnut basil pesto, meatballs and spinach salad.  Decaf w coconut cream

Larabar before bed.  Trying not to do that!  But I just wanted it.


Hope you got home safely Fran.


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Yep, I weighed after 30 days too - even though I knew I couldn't have lost weight (didn't look like I had and no change in fit of clothes) I was also disappointed by the scales. And I know perfectly well that what the scales say is rubbish! So quite happy to go another month (or more) without them.


Food for Day 35:

Got up early and went for a 30 min walk before work

7.30am: 3 eggs, 1 strip of bacon, asparagus and broccoli, and a bulletproof chai tea made

10.30am: almond milk latte

1pm: chicken thigh, pate, cocoa cauliflower (an entire head gone in less than 24hrs!), some broccolini and a few cherry tomatoes. Plus a bit of chicken breast, that I'd brought to have post-gym, but then I didn't go to the gym as my leg is sore.

Planned dinner: firing up the bbq again for a T-bone steak, and I'll grill some zucchini strips and a flat mushroom


April, I say ditch the Larabars! Or lock them in the car where you'll have them for emergencies only - and wanting something sweet after dinner isn't an emergency!

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So yesterday was fun.  I had cyclocross practice in the morning and laid by the pool all afternoon.  Perfect weather!  Here can be very hot or cold, so I really enjoy the mild weather.  We had the 3 family birthday dinner at my house.  I used to be the "do everything" person, but I am happy to have relaxed and let go of that!  So my husband grilled burgers, and my daughters helped with setting the table etc.  I just had to make a salad.  We served store bought chocolate cake and strawberry cheesecake for desert.  


I stayed on plan 100%.  I wasn't even tempted.  But after everyone left I found myself wanting a piece of fruit or something sweet.  Not an overpowering desire, but weird to have that feeling return, even in a small way.   I remembered what I had read in It Starts with Food about not giving in, even with healthy sweets, bc you are training your brain like a two year old with a tantrum when you reward cravings.  So I didn't  have anything sweet, but I did have a few cashews.  I don't know what triggered this.  Maybe tired, maybe the celebration.  Anyway, I feel good about not going off plan at dinner, not having fruit etc after.    Probably would have been best without cashews either.


Food for Day 36


B:  Bulletproof coffee (egg, coconut cream and coconut oil) before the wo.  And after. Plus bacon.

L:  Taco Salad:  ground beef w Mexican seasonings, arugula, cucumber, radish, green pepper, avocado and olive oil

D:  Burger, no bun, 1/2 sweet potato with butter, salad with bacon vinaigrette romaine, onions and mushrooms   

S:  handful of cashews

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That's just the automatic response, isn't it, April? "I've been so good not having the naughty cake, I need to treat myself with something sweet." Even though you might not have thought through that process, your body is so used to the sweet reward that it automatically makes you crave it? Maybe :) Good on you for not giving in to it, whatever it was.


I'm having a "Carb Refeed" day today - I'm doing the Carb Nite solution, so I've eaten very low carb for 8 days (and have the slight metallic taste in my mouth to prove it) and today I will eat a lot of carbs. The theory is that it will "jolt" the metabolism, and by the time you have another week of very low carb you will have dropped some fat. It's not strictly sticking to the Whole 30 template, but all of the foods are compliant (and it would be way easier if they weren't, I tell you!). I have actually tried this before, with non-W30/paleo foods, and it triggered disordered eating tendencies in me without any beneficial fat loss, but I'm hoping if I approach it from a paleo stance it will be more successful.


Day 36 food:

30 min walk before breakfast

Breakfast: 4 eggs scrambled in coconut oil with a pile of kale with ajvar on top (didn't eat all of this), plus a chai tea with coconut oil and cream

11am: small mini meal of pulled pork and coleslaw

45 mins weights at the gym

2pm: roast vegetables (potato, sweet potato, swede and carrot) and some dried figs

5pm: fruit salad

1 hour tennis lesson

8pm: more roast vegetables and 2 chocolate meatballs, and some dried figs


It's just a coincidence that I'm doing so much exercise today, but it probably works out quite well.

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Day 38 today.  Yesterday's food:


Pre WO:  coffee w raw egg, coconut cream, and coconut oil in the blender

"body sculpt"  weights plus cardio at 5:45am

B: sausage and egg scramble with sweet potato, thai chili, and spinach

L: Salmon on mixed greens w olive oil, beef jerky 

D:  leftover scramble plus thai green curry w chicken, raisins and nuts, a beet with clarified butter

S  Larabar 

Got up at 4am.  Too early.  Felt weird all day.  Then ate a bit too much in the evening.  Probably from being overtired.  Not getting up that early again if I can help it.  Tonight is my first ever cyclecross race.  I am a little scared bc I don't think I am quite ready.  I have only been doing cross for 3 weeks.  I may bail out and just ride my road bike instead.  


GoJo I just found the cocoa cauliflower recipe.  It looks great. I'll have to try that.  Sounds like a fun day with all the exercise, tennis, walking & weights!  Good luck with the carb nite solution.  Oh and we can add swede to the Aussie/US dictionary.  I think its a turnip, or a rutabaga?


Frantasctic are you still in memphis?

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The cauliflower is awesome - I ended up buying another cauli and cooking it up.

What is cycle cross? racing, obviously.

So stuffed from all the carbs - was quite different doing it with paleo carbs vs sugary treats etc. So hopefully that has a effect.

is your daughter following whole 30 with you? 4am is a crazy start to the day - I only do that for travel or if I wake up and can't get back to sleep!

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Cyclocross is an obstacle course in grass, sand and or dirt.  You use a bike that is like a road bike but with thicker tires.  You jump off your bike and carry it over obstacles, you go up, down & sideways on steep hills or up ramps.  It is fun, but I am still learning some of the skills like the running dismount, which is hard while clipped in to the pedals.  

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That's what you want from exercise - something you enjoy :).


Had the first Carb Nite yesterday, and it was a marked difference using paleo/Whole 30 foods over junk foods. I do feel bloated and a bit puffy today, but that's to be expected when I ate 300g of carbs yesterday (I don't track calories in general, but I needed to make sure that I had enough carbs in the 3 spikes yesterday. So that's a little non-W30, sorry). Back to standard Whole 30 today though, just low carb.


Day 37

30 min walk before work

Breakfast: chicken thigh, pate, sauerkraut and ajvar, with a bulletproof chai


Lunch: pulled pork and cocoa cauliflower

Dinner: eggs, bacon and asparagus done somehow...


Haven't decided if I'll go to the gym at lunch, or make the most of the sunshine and go for another walk. I'm actually a bit sore from the squats yesterday (haven't been sore in a long time) and it's supposed to rain tomorrow, but if it's not raining tomorrow I'll be going for a walk at lunchtime with a friend, and I don't want to lose a gym session from the week (not that it really matters, I'm getting plenty of exercise outside of the gym this week!)


Surprised how easy I'm finding dropping down the coffee - I had one at 11am today, and I wasn't even feeling like I needed it - I just wanted the taste. So it hopefully won't be an issue to cut it out completely next week (I still hope it makes no difference to my skin though!).

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