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Starting Mon Sept 22


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Great idea Kat!


- I've learned:

- that how I feel outweighs what I weigh, but I sure am curious

- while I don't struggle with daily cravings I do yearn for a taste of some of the junk food while shopping; big reason I'm continuing for at least 15 more days.

- I agree Kat, soup IS an awesome first meal :)

- I do enjoy cooking, when I plan well it feels great to make a nutritious and delicious meal.  If only the rest of the family would join me.

- While trying new recipes is great, it is ok to fall back on a simple and easy things like baked salmon and pile of veggies

- I have no idea what I did before mayo.  I've never been a big fan of store bought, but can't get enough of my own.

- that I enjoy the gym.  I've gone a handful of times this month and the trouble is not the workout, it is the motivation to get myself there.

- I really thrive on rules and structure.  Tell me what to do and I'll do it, set me free and I flail.  I hope this time around some of these habits stick.

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We finished!  I'm planning on extending for a while yet, but I don't know how long.  I have an appointment with a nutritionist tomorrow.  She works with the integrative medicine doctor I see, so I fully expect her to be supportive of this WOE.  But, we'll see what else she has to say.  I followed the program religiously, but only lost two pounds.  I never got the tiger blood, but did get glimpses.  I'm thinking that since my cortisol and DHEA are really high, that's probably the reason I didn't do well with weight loss and soaring energy.  I'm hoping she'll have some answers there.  I guess I was hoping this would help more than it did.  But, like Kat and reneeca, I did learn a lot.  Mostly that I can have good meals with lots of veggies, and not be hungry between.  And that giving up artificial sweeteners wasn't as hard as I expected. 

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Happy day 31!


Yes, what we've learned is a great idea. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, everyone and keep 'em coming! I suspect we all still have more to learn and share in the days to come!


Here's my w30 enlightenment:


  • I really do get to decide what goes into my body. Huh, that.
  • My palate has changed, and with it, what I now consider yummy.
  • Paying attention to food and the contents of the food is kind of fun. I'll be glad to have a bit more freedom in tough situations (out of my kitchen), but I know now what I am looking for, what I am willing to have a little bit of, and what I know I just plain don't need.
  • Eating whole foods in this way keeps me steady throughout the day. No bloat after meals, no sugar highs and lows, just nicely satiated most of the time.
  • Keeping carrots and almonds always nearby has saved me many times from falling off the wagon.
  • For me, ditching the high-carb, high sugar foods, plus all the other off-limits foods resulted in a nice loss of weight. While that wasn't the driving point of this plan for me, it was definitely a factor and I'm glad for some results in that area.
  • That the sugar dragon will need life-long supervision. Yes, the first thing I indulged in was two squares of 72% cocoa dark chocolate. And it was good. In moderation I can be successful. In elimination of chocolate I will fail. I kow that is "self-talk" and I can change, but at this point, I don't really want to. About chocolate.
  • Exercise is next on my agenda, starting this week with walking/biking the short distance to work.

I'm going to continue my whole30 for another 30 days, but with two allowances: dairy in my coffee, and dark chocolate in moderation. I plan on journaling it to see how it goes.



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We did it!  Regardless of our results, we made a commitment to ourselves and we kept it!   To me that was a huge part of this.   I tend to start things and not finish them and I get derailed by the "shoulds" in my life.   Well, the world did not crash around me because I did not have a drink at social events and my friends are still my friends even though I declined a piece of their birthday cake or wouldn't split a dessert.   That was probably learning number 1.

Other W30 insights:

2. I can bake brownies and chocolate chip cookies without sampling the batter or the finished product.   It's not easy but, I can do it!  To Sam's point, I am in control of what I put in to my mouth. 

3. Fat (the right fat) is my friend.   I have tried many lowfat diets in my day and though I lose weight, I feel lethargic and unsatisfied.   I did not feel that on the W30 and the fat made all the difference!

4. Gluten and I are done.   It just doesn't work for me.  I will do a reintroduction of some gluten products but my gut ( no pun intended ;-) ) tells me it's not good for me.   The inflammation in my knee is completely gone!

5. My sugar dragon is alive and well.  It's tamed and it's in a cage but I am not ready to open the door -- even a crack-- yet.  More W30 for me.  Like Jreneeca, I look at treats like kettle corn and those pumpkin muffins and I still salivate.   Going to continue to say "no" to sugar.  

6. Like my 11 year old son, I need structure and boundaries and I like it like that.   Well, at least when it comes to food.   Boundaries and structure around food simplify things for me and that's a good thing.

7. The scale is stale.   Don't need it.   I do need to know how I feel in my body and how I look in my clothes.  A number on the scale is not what defines how I look or feel or how successful I was on the W30.   To that point, I did lose weight and I am within 2 lbs of my goal weight

( but did not have much to lose).   So yay to that!  Now the scale goes back in the storage unit for a while.  I'll know when I'm there.

8. Last but not least, I learned that there is power in numbers and in being accountable to others.   Thank you for sharing your experiences and thank you Kat for starting this forum.   I can say without hesitation that connecting here and knowing you guys were out there made a HUGE difference for me as sporadic as the checkins may have been.  


If anyone would like to continue to check in from time to time, I know I will be.  It's integral to making these changes stick in my life.  Renee, I am glad you are seeing a nutritionist to see if there is a root cause to the lack of energy.   I have found amino acids to be extremely helpful to aide in with energy.   Your nutritionalist with know all about that.  


Congratulations everyone!!





P.S.  I started another Whole30.   I call it BeingOnTime30.   This was my husbands suggestion but, it's something I need and want to work on so... Day 1 is today!

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I think I might have figured out my problem.  I've kept with the Whole 30 rules since we started, but have gone back to the scale just I can troubleshoot why I'm not losing.  I think the problem might be as simple as taking a medicine my doctor recommended.  I have had PCOS for years, and was on metformin for several years.  I went off it a couple years ago, and didn't think I saw anything negative.  Last week, the ONLY thing I got out of the nutritionist appointment was that some women with PCOS just cannot lose weight without metformin, no matter what they do.  So, I started taking it again.  And, not only has the scale started to move, I'm feeling tigerish.  I know it's only been a few days, and it's way too premature to think it's a real thing, but I have a good feeling about this.  And, it makes sense that if my diet, exercise, and sleep are on target, maybe the problem lies outside my control.  Anyway, I just wanted to post something positive and happy!

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Renee, that is great news. I don't have PCOS, but endometriosis which comes with its own set of challenges and it is amazing how these things are all tied together with weight, mood, and energy levels. I am hoping that keeping with whole30 will help the inflammatory part of endometriosis - haven't noticed a difference yet but there's been only 1 chance to see so far! I'm happy to give it lots of time and hope to eventually get off the painkillers that I need 1-2 days/month to function.


I'm keeping mostly compliant, but have indulged a bit...turns out one apple cider donut was a) not good for my digestion and B) totally not worth it in terms of my energy dip that afternoon (can you say sugar-crash?).


How's everyone else doing? Kellygirl, Kat, Jennifer, Chaf? 

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ReneeMB, I have PCOS and was so disappointed in my Whole30 experience (no energy, definitely no tiger blood, insane sugar cravings, etc) and weight loss results (none). Now I'm back on met and still not losing but this is making me wonder if met + Whole30 might be the magic combo... 

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