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Do I need fruit?


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I've never been much of a fruit eater.  In the past, I'd usually try to make myself eat a piece of fruit with breakfast because I figured I should have some in my diet (usually half a grapefruit, berries if they're in season, or grapes).  However as much as Whole30 encourages you to limit your fruit intake, I'm wondering if I need to bother if I don't really crave it?  I'm a huge veggie lover, and I've really enjoyed Whole30's encouragement to work more veggies into my breakfast, so now I'm getting several servings at each meal.  I'm just wondering whether I need fruit or if I'll be missing out on essential health by skipping it.


For what it's worth, I'm on day 4 so maybe I'll start craving it spontaneously in coming weeks.

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