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I know Larabars are compliant...But which flavors?


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First, Larabars are emergency food only -- as in, you're out somewhere, and there is nothing else compliant. They're not a great option because they have no protein, and they're a sugar bomb. They're going to spike your blood sugar, and then you'll have a crash, just like if you ate a candy bar. Plus, for me, they cause cravings, just like candy bars. 


You'll need to get used to reading ingredient lists, so you might as well start now, but among the flavors that absolutely ARE NOT compliant are any that are peanut or peanut butter anything (because peanuts are not allowed), and anything that has chocolate chips (because the chocolate chips have sweetener). 


I know I looked at a couple of Larabar Uber varieties, and they had rice bran or something that made them not compliant.


Read the rules and make sure you're familiar with what to look for, and then read the labels. If you come across a particular ingredient you're not sure about, you can post here asking about that ingredient, or google Whole30 and that ingredient to see if it's been addressed before.

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Dear Bubblewinks,


If you are venturing into a Whole 30 with a goal of:


~Fat loss




~Slaying the Sugar Dragon


Leave the Larabars on the shelf at the store.  They will not help you and have no real place on this journey.



All the folks who have learned the hard way  :)

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Lara Bars are pretty much a no go for me.

One, I think they're awful. The texture is terrible. They look like something you shouldn't eat. They don't taste good. They'll make you more hungry after your sugar spike, which if you're in a W30 food desert, isn't what you're trying to do.  

And Two, I think that if you don't feel like I do about them, they'd be easy to abuse. As in you're wanting a sugar fix substitute. Which is a good reason not to ever eat them.

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