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First Whole30 done - I'm amazed!


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So, I've done it!  I've completed my very first Whole30!


My main reasons for doing it were to get my eating habits on track, to lose weight, and to feel well.  Tick, tick, tick!!!  The actual eating has been fine, I have been amazed at how easy it was to focus on clean eating and leave all the rubbish behind.  Mind you, I have been paleo for some time, but becoming more and more paleo-with-the-odd-treat, until I couldn't really say that I was paleo any more.  


I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis nearly a year ago, and although my symptoms are not terrible, I have noticed a massive improvement in the last 30 days.  I also have severe endometriosis, IBS and migraines.  Now I am sleeping better, have loads more energy, and am so much more focused at work.  This has had a huge benefit because I have to juggle so much (both at work and at home) and I found that I was forgetting things, losing focus etc.  These last few weeks have been incredible - I am rattling through work, remembering everything, and achieving lots at home too. I've started a website/blog for my on-the-side organising business, which is something I have been procrasinating about for months.  Now it seems that all I need to do it write myself a to-do list, and do it!


The next month will continue with my new Whole30 eating patterns, and trying to add in more exercise.  I have migraines and throughout the Whole30 they got worse/more frequent, but this week I've only had one.  One!  This has meant that I have been to the gym, and an aqua-fitness class, and really pumped now to go to the gym at least every other day.  


Finally, the weight-loss has been incredible.  5kg (11 lbs) in the 30 days.  3 percentage points down on body fat.  Wow!  I have finally lost my baby weight (my son is 3.5!!!).  I need to buy new clothes as my jeans are falling off me.  I don't generally go round showing strangers pictures of me in my undies, but too proud of these before-and-after shots to keep them to myself, so here goes...  (Check out how long my hair has grown in 30 days - that must say something in itself!)


Thank you for everyone for your support.  I am loving being part of this community and am amazed at the support that it has given me.  Thank you everybody - I couldn't have done it without you guys!



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Guest Andria

Congrats! I remember replying to your post about your migraines, so glad to hear they have decreased significantly!! Best of luck going forward :)

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Another quick update - I discovered something else today... I was at the pool this afternoon with my family, and realised that the granuloma annulare that I have had since glandular fever when I was 19 (22 years ago!) has gone!  As I was sunbathing, I noticed that the nasty red rash/lumps that have scarred my legs for two decades was not there!  Gone!  I am beyond delighted!


In addition, I thought I had the start of a migraine today, but with meds it just turned into a headache that was gone in a couple of hours.  It was the first migraine in a week, so another reason for celebration.  A whole week pain free!


So far, my first Whole 30 has got rid of:

- irritability / lack of focus

- migraines 

- back pain

- tingling / numbness in my left arm and leg (a symptom of my multiple sclerosis)

- tingling sensation in the left of my face, lips, tongue (another MS symptom)

- IBS symptoms

- endometriosis pain

- granuloma annulare

- 5kg (11lb)


Incredible.  Such results after only 30 days!  Truly life changing.

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