Skipping dairy reintro - should I space out the grains further?


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My Whole30 "ended" on Sept. 24, but I waited a bit to do my reintro because I had a massive headache for about a week and didn't want to confuse the symptoms. So I stayed on plan until I was feeling up to introducing some new foods. 


My "Daily Whole30" email had the old retintro schedule, which starts with dairy. So I did my dairy day on Sept. 28. Since then, I've had on-and-off headaches, been stuffy, and been so lethargic that I go to bed around 8 pm and am completely unproductive at work - not to mention the INSANELY STRONG sugar cravings that are back. That was enough for me to decided - okay, no dairy unless it's in small quantities and I decide it's worth it. 


Per Melissa's recommendation, I went back to strict Whole30 eating for a few days. Today, I'm reintroing legumes (per the new schedule). However, I've decided I'm not going to do the dairy day again. It's just not worth it. So here's my question: Should I put a few more days between the non-gluten grains and regular grains? Or stay with the "two days apart" routine? 


Thanks so much! 


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I think the usual recommendation is to leave a minimum of two "clean" days or until you feel the same as you did pre-reintroduction, whichever is longer. So if you eat corn chips and feel totally fine, you could move on to bread in a couple of days, but if you have any sort of reaction to the corn, you'd want to wait until your symptoms clear up totally (just as you did with the dairy).


If you have the time and desire, you might reintro the non-gluten grains separately. A lot of people have different reactions to corn and rice, for example.

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