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Granuloma annulare - gone! Another autoimmune condition cured!

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I was at the pool this afternoon with my family, and realised that the granuloma annulare that I have had since glandular fever when I was 19 (22 years ago!) has gone!  As I was sunbathing, I noticed that the nasty red rash/lumps that have scarred my legs for two decades was not there!  Gone!  I am beyond delighted!


In addition, I thought I had the start of a migraine today, but with meds it just turned into a headache that was gone in a couple of hours.  It was the first migraine in a week, so another reason for celebration.  A whole week pain free!


So far, my first Whole 30 has got rid of:

- irritability / lack of focus

- migraines 

- back pain

- tingling / numbness in my left arm and leg (a symptom of my multiple sclerosis)

- tingling sensation in the left of my face, lips, tongue (another MS symptom)

- IBS symptoms

- endometriosis pain

- granuloma annulare

- 5kg (11lb)

Incredible.  Why is the whole world not following this?  
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Meljane, that is wonderful news. I've had GA on one elbow and one hand for several years. I started my W30 on August 1, and just kept going (so far, anyway). About 20 days in, my GA was significantly reduced on both elbow and hand. Today, I would say the elbow is 90% gone and the hand is 75% gone.

Very happy for you (and me!).


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That's amazing Ann - congratulations and well done!  I was told 20 years ago that the blemishes were "scars" and would be there for life - how wrong they were!  I'm not a vain person but to not have them any more is so liberating!  

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