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Whole 30 in New Zealand


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First day of my whole 30!

Day 1- feeling good about my food choices. Had a headache today and feeling tired. Thank god it's school holidays. :)

B: 3x scrambled eggs and silverbeet cooked in duck fat. Earl grey tea

L: baked chicken thigh, sautéed beetroot, cabbage, carrot, silverbeet. Steamed broccoli.

Snack: 120g apple/sweet potato baby organically pouch, 1 sachet of good green stuff mixed with 300ml pure orange juice.

D: Mexican beef with kumara, beetroot, carrot, pumpkin seeds and mint salad.

snack: 1x boiled egg, 2 small apricots.

Feel like I ate a lot if food today but I was hungry.

I struggle to get rid of the snacking habit. Oh god do I miss milk in my tea! Anybody else struggle to not eat in between meals just out of habit? Definately craving some chocolate after dinner- hence the apricots!

My goal tomorrow is to not replace sugar cravings with fruit! :)

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Feeling hungry means you may need to eat more. Maybe another egg at breakfast. Chicken thighs can be small enough that you need two. 


Your green stuff mixed with orange juice may be making things worse. You are not supposed to drink juice during a Whole30. Juice provides a sugar rush and that can provoke hunger. Also, food that you drink does not keep you satisfied as long as eating whole foods. 


I like your goal for tomorrow. :)

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DAY 2!


E: 45 min walk with dog


B: My take on sushi! chicken thigh, 2 eggs, coconut aminos, nori sheet, cauli rice, red and white cabbage, corriander.  Tea


E: 1 hour crossfit session- including mobiltiy, skills, WOD.


S: Apple and sweet potato 120g baby organic pouch


L: Fish cakes with kim chi, Tea


S: Blueberries, 2 small apricots and coconut cream


E:45min walk with the dog


D: Roast lamb with cabbage, olives, tomatoes, roasted kumara. 


Day 2: feeling good! I don't feel any effects from food- usually I feel bloated or physically feel the weight of my food in my tummy. 
Am realllllly enjoying the food. I have armed myself with Well Fed, Against the Grain and Practical Paleo as well as Nom Nom paleo online. Such good recipes! Although I had the fruit today it wasn't due to a craving- more out of hunger. 

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Day 3

B: salmon, 2 eggs, cauliflower rice, red and white cabbage, dill, parsley, lemon juice. Tea

E: 30 min walk with dog

S: 1 sachet of good green stuff with 300ml orange juice.

L: 1 boiled egg, carrot, roast kumara.

1 cup if bone broth

D: bolgnaise with carrot spirals, spinach and cauliflower rice.

S: 1/2 cup blueberries and coconut cream


E: dog walk 30 mins

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