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Well changed my title to my daily log


I am on day 8 now, doing really well...love it and feel great. First week was hard as I felt pretty crappy for a few days, lots of depression for some reason, really sick on day four, started getting better from there on.


I am already paleo so most of my food is organic, from my garden, meat from local organic growers etc. I drink water, lots of it daily and about 3 cups of black coffee, as well as infusions from herbs In my garden, hot and Cold. lots  (so I won't post this stuff, goes without saying for me.  I only cook in olive oil, Cocoanut butter, and if I am deep frying I use lard. Won't be deep frying throughout this whole30 however.


Yesterdays meals


 Breakfast:   scrambled eggs,


Lunch:   Zucchini, chopped pork, onions, celery, garlic Stir Fry in cocoanut oil


Dinner:   mallow salad, eggs, big glass almond milk, some almonds (wasn't really hungry today for some reason)


 My pain level is good so far today, knees are not even bad, Mood fair, Feeling positive.


Negative side:  none really except I can't wait to see my results at the end of the whole30 and ready to start it again, Ha



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We encourage you to have veggies at breakfast. Eggs are a good source of protein and fat, but veggies are important too.


Drinking anything but water is not in the Whole30 eating plan. Almond milk (and juice) may be used in cooking, to whiten coffee, but not as a beverage. 

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Well as I eat tons of veggies at lunch and dinner, unless I am having an omelette it is not my time for them, if you had read my previous post you would see that I have many and lots of veg. Even in this post you can see my lunch is lots of veg.


My infusions from my herbs are a basic part of my well being and certainly goes with this plan.


As for Almond milk, I use it Organic/plain. I find it soothing and as I use it no where else I think I will keep it. I also limit it to 1/2 a cup a day if I desire it, although don't have it every day.


You have contradicted yourself by saying "Drinking anything but water is not in the whole30 eating plan"  Then you say you can add almond milk to your coffee!! I am sure infusions from my herbs will be quite acceptable as well.


As my book has not arrived yet, I think I will stay with what I am doing, however thank you for your imput.

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As my book has not arrived yet, I think I will stay with what I am doing, however thank you for your imput.


While waiting for the book:

"Tip: Nuts and seeds aren’t your best fat choice, in general, and drinking your food is always less healthy than eating it. So when it comes to almond milk, even if you make your own… we’d rather you just eat the almonds once in a while!"


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I really think you guys should read my posts, I don't think 1/2 cup of almond milk is an issue. thank you. as you can see I use coconut oil, olive oil, Oh did I mention I eat avacodos, No sorry.   Thank you for your imput, however you are not being helpful. 


I am doing well thank you. bye the way some almonds means about 5 soaked in water, and as I said 1/2 cup of almond milk once in a while. not every day I said,  do you read but not listen.  really!!!


I am listing my daily log for my benefit, when I need Help because I am having some troubles I will ask, thank you.....

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Doing well today,  Had some anxiety last night, however and throughout the day.  Impending doom..... Boy I hate that.  Other wise my day went well.  Kept up with my training for the Grouse Grind in the Spring.  Had quite a bit of energy, although was pretty tired early.  I do wake up at 5:30 am and work 6 days a week so that is to be expected.  Like to have a little more me time in the evening however, instead of crashing to bed.


Breakfast:  1 can of sardines (in water, drained), 1 large chopped onion, 1 tsp home made mayo, all minced together. 1/3 banana large.


Lunch:        Big Bowl of chicken veg soup, home made of course. 2 boiled eggs on the side


Dinner:        Slowcooker roast chicken, zucchini, home made stewed tomatoes, couple celery


2 large cups of echanacia, mint and stinging nettle tea, yes all from my garden.  

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I have re - read the do's and don'ts and see why Tom and Kirkor where concerned.  I have eliminated Almond milk as a beverage,  I have sent you both messages and again thank you.


My defensive personality, rearing its ugly head.  Sorry

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Well my second job is Cook at The Falkland Pub,  Off for early shift this morning, Did great all day,  I am however exhasted


Yesterdays Meals:


breakfast:  broccoli omelet, apple


Lunch:  Veg soup Home made.... big salad plain  romaine, tomatoes, onions celery


Dinner: Home made sausages, 1/2 baked potato, zucchini sautéed in cocoanut oil.


herb tea, ( peppermint)  from my garden




todays meals:


2 eggs, one boiled chicken breast, broccoli


Lunch:  bowl of soup (late in the day after work)


Dinner:  Big huge salad, Romaine, Chicken, tomatoes, onions, home made mayo, Yucky actually cause I didn't have light olive oil, must find different recipe I think.


Stinging nettle tea.  Wow it seemed so sweet today.  interesting I think.  


Pain from working very high still.  Mood isn't too bad, Just found out I have to work two doubles back to back, Monday and Tuesday, OH well. Checked for my book on Friday, however it hasn't arrived yet.  I bought to so I could lend one out.  I have to get some food in this house other than all our garden stuff.  Had a craving for shrimp and prawns, pretty sure I can have them, will double check however.  I live 1 hr from the health food store and city center, out in the country and don't usually go into town more than twice a month.  I know I have to eat a little more than I do with some more variety.  Forgot to buy avacaco's last town trip.  Need to take some time for some menu planning too.


Other than that sticking with it really well.  Sometimes I still miss cheese, especially when I am tired.  This is when I like my almond milk. that is the one thing I will go back to when my 30 is up. 

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Well on track This is day 12.  It is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada.  Sunday is my only day off this week, so we had our Thanksgiving yesterday.

Made our regular Thanksgiving dinner with all the trims, (well not so many, there was just two of us this time).  I made my husband a beautiful mince meat and apple pie this year for dessert, for me I put two apples in foil beside my spaghetti squash and baked them for an hour. Nothing added of course.  I put a potato in there as well.  Made traditional gravy, didn't have any, didn't miss it either.  Traditional cranberry sauce, didn't have any of course.  Made some unique sausage stuffing for me,  It was great, just apples, egg, sausage, celery and onions, with poultry seasoning.  It was really good,  So my meal was great too.

Happy Thanksgiving to all in Canada. 


So Day 11 Meals


Breakfast.  Raw Carrots, 2 boiled eggs


Lunch.  Big huge bowl of home made veg soup,, Ha everything I make is home made so I will quit saying that.


Dinner:  Turkey, Sausage stuffing, steamed carrots, broccoli, spaghetti squash, 1/4 cup of cranberry juice )pure (for a toast, we don't drink alcohol anyway) and 2 lovely baked apples for dessert. NO additives of course.

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Day 13 today, doing well.  had to work a double yesterday, Have cut out the nightshades, sadly (I just love tomatoes) but have to get rid of the pain.  It has been 2 days without them. Woke up yesterday with not so much pain, went to work without taking the Alieve and 2 Tylenols I usually take to get through the shift.  Held out well over the 7 hrs with only a 5 min break.  When I got home the pain started, didn't take anything, hot bath, hubby gave me a leg massage and went to bed, (had some echancia and mint tea).  This morning although I was in pain most of the night, I have recovered.  No pain killers.


Breakfast:  Carrot sticks and 2 eggs


Lunch:  Salad (just greens), Tuna and celery with mayo


Dinner:  NO time.   so had boiled chicken breast wrapped in lettuce....oh I miss my tomato.

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Note to self.  You are not eating enough,  When you have 5 minutes to yourself go shopping and get some more veggies.  Crave them for sure,  Have no desire to snack at all,  But need to eat more at your meal times....

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Day 14, Doing well, but did have a rough time last night, My dinner special was deep fried chicken breast with Curry sauce, rice and coleslaw.  Love it so took a lot of will power to pass it over and have boiled chicken breast and lettuce for dinner.  but feel very proud


Breakfast:  1 apple, 2 carrots, 2 eggs


Lunch:  large turkey, onion, salad, tossed with home made mayo, 1/3 banana , and tea


Dinner:  (at work)  2 boiled chicken breasts, lotsa water.  lettuce, one thin slice of orange


Comments:.  Totally loving myself for doing this, ha is the icing on a fourty year trek to complete nutrition.  Easy Peazy, with some cravings but not many.  Wait the 15 minutes for it to pass then find something if I have to.  Generally do not have to, a glass of water with yummy ice does the trick.  Feeling healthier

Can see myself at 60 being the fittest, healthiest and leanest I have ever been.  Did go do some shopping, got a few more things to add to my diet, but forgot Avocados, sure miss tomatoes.  Must do some more research on nightshades.....Sugar plum fairy I had a small potato today,  forgot about the nightshade thing...Yikes.  Oh well we shall see.  Going out tonight to Ladies Night, will bring apples dipped in lemon, carrot sticks for munchies. (everyone brings an appetizer) 


Still feel sad I will never enjoy a grilled cheese again, haven't had one for years but always think I might want one.  I get through by saying, you can have one if you want to.  Is it worth it??????????????   uh NO!

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Had fun last night, it was funny, there wasn't a single item that other people brought that was edible as far as I was concerned, looked good though.


Day 14


Breakfast:  Wonderful omelette, filled with spaghetti squash, steamed carrots, one big clove of garlic, onions, celery. and 1/3 banana


Lunch:  left over turkey, sausage stuffing, sliced apple


Dinner:   turkey, steamed carrots, 1/2 potato,


Got home around 8:30 was hungry from looking at all that food I guess.  So (yes I know) I had a small snack of turkey.... bad snacker me. Ha I don't usually snack but I think it might have been a smart thing to do.


This morning I am not in the greatest of spirits, don't know why, who cares I guess.  But the sun is shining today in Monte Lake and my huge Ponderosa pines are magestically looking at me through my office window telling me to come out and play with them,  the horses want out of their paddocks to play, the garden would like me to play to, Shady Grove, (my dog) is looking at me saying come out come out of your office.  As I work from home,  I might just do that for an hour or so to brighten my spirits, have done my squats and a little walk, but that hasn't worked either.  hmmmph

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Day 18 Still great.  Believe I have figured out my pain problem,  Nightshades etc no difference.  Started adding a banana and apple here and there and the Candida flared up and so did the pain.  Cutting out all fruit excepts some berries here and there will stay off nightshades until the end of whole30 and then slowly add them back  Just in case.  and see were I am.


Travelled yesterday all day.  prepared a slow cooker chicken to take, turnip and carrot sticks, some hard boiled eggs, and water and coffee. Did great didn't even get tempted.


Summary day 16 and 17 doing well, still kind of depressed, but might just be job and money worries.  Hopefully the diet well help me cope.  When this whole30 is done I will take a one day break and maybe have some gluten free toasted sandwich or something but that will be it.  I may not even do that as I want this Candida to be squashed and perhaps not take a chance on any carbs that could feed the Candida.


Anyway all is good. Still kind of anxious,  too much coffee I suppose.

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yesterday went well food wise.


Spaghetti squash and an egg for breakfast

Lunch:  Chicken and carrots

Dinner:  Big Ass (Wilted) Salad (Ha Mark Sisson Style), with leaf lettuce, chicken,  Hot gravy on top for dressing, made with chicken stock and cocoanut flour.


Didn't eat much today, tired and very lazy. slept a lot and not much else.

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Day 19....  Food wise went well, but not eating enough still.


Double shift  Today Monday Oct 20th.  In very bad pain at the end.  Not much else I can cut out so,  actually there is nothing else to cut out.  I think it will just take time now.  so I will be content with that. 


Breakfast:  1/2 onion, 2 giant stocks celery, 1 large clove garlic,  with 3 small eggs, cocoanut oil.  my new chickens just started laying.  yum


Lunch.  large cup of chicken broth, chicken, turnip, carrots.


Dinner:  thin slices of roast beef, lettuce salad, sausage meat (stuffed with zucchini, onions, celery and garlic), 1 tiny potato  with some ghee.

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Day 21


Breakfast:   sautéed onions, celery, garlic eggs in cocoanut oil


Lunch:  Salmon Salad


Dinner:  Hamburger patty with roasted almonds on top, carrots, wee potato baked.


Still in a lot of pain.  Just bare with it I say to myself, time will heal. 


Pain is one of the most exhausting and depressing things.  I want it out of my life.  So depressed.  There is nothing left to cut out, don't believe in pain medication or really any medication.  So I must bare it.  but I must just cry.  That is all that is left....  I won't give up though I know with this way of eating at least there is no guilt that I am doing it to myself.  It will just take time.  So incredibley sad today

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Day 21 went very well, food wise, still in quite a bit of pain unfortunately ....   Posting a day behind is kind of confusing.  ( not in so much pain so far today (day 22))


Breakfast:  Hamburger & eggs, garlic clove, onions,  with a big beet


Lunch:  No time, so had a bowl of vegetable soup, home made


Dinner:  Very Very hungry,  1/2 chicken (small), large beet, 10 sugar snap peas, 1/3 of a large russet potato with cocoanut oil . 1 tblsp floradix (herbal) iron


I always drink lotsa water throughout the day so don't usually post this, I also drink various home made herbal infusions and about 2 cups of coffee throughout the day.

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Hi Me, ah day 23 and report on day 22


Breakfast:  2 eggs, 1 small hamburger patty, 1/2 pomegranet, 1/2 avocado, broccoli.... I am really full but not too full


Lunch:  broccoli, chicken, 1/2 avocado,


Dinner:   pork chops, 1/4 of small potato, cauliflower, kiwi  1tbsp floredex iron. (compliant)


Felt ok, still got really tired around 2:00 and had a nap.  Will be glad when that is over. Still hurting, but not too bad.  Still pretty cranky for some reason.

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Although the pain has not gone away, everything else is really good.  In general I feel well.  Today is my 26th day. No problems sticking to this way of eating, I really love the simplicity of it.


Been filling my plate more the lasts two days,  lotsa variety etc.  Looking forward to day 30 and I will start again.  I feel the toxins in my fat cells are what are causing my pain.  So patients and diligence is all that remains.

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Day 27....Still going strong.  I feel pretty good, although the pain in my body is still pretty intense.  It is the worst when I work at the Pub.  Still having to take an Alieve to get through the shift.  I will be happy when I don't have to do that.  However.  having no problems sticking to my eating plan.  Whole30 is great, in three days I will start my whole60.  Too Cool.  I know with time my body will heal itself, I have always believed this and have worked towards the answer to good health since I was a child.  I truly believe Whole30 and the Extension of whole 9 (when I am ready for that) is the answer.  Other than my pain level I feel great, I am sure it is only a matter of time.

I am enjoying the different recipes etc as well.  Can't wait till Day 30.

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