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just *checking* this is normal...


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I have done a few whole30s, I am currently on another. Yesterday was day 2, and ohmygod...I was HORRIBLE to be around. My poor partner was getting shouted at, with gritted teeth and everything, in the supermarket, I refused to hug him and shouted at him to get out of my personal space etc etc  :ph34r:


I also had a stomach ache that didn't respond to about 4 peppermint teas and 2 loperamide hydrochlorides. 


Normally in my whole 30 I hit the 'b*tch' phase about day 10/11, and my stomach doesn't get unsettled for a few more days. It still doesn't feel great this morning.


Is it normal to hit the kill all the things stage this early potentially?


edit to add - interestingly my mood mellowed slightly when I had dinner (wasn't feeling hungry when I was raging though!), even though it was only a mushroom omelette with spinach. I had starchy carbs with breakfast and lunch.

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