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My Whole 30, starting 7 days in, with new insight LOG


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Hey all,


Just now finishing up day 7. Results are coming, feeling less bloated, less water retention, all good things, my detox coma is slowly listing.

But this weekend, I fell into some old eating habits that have been hard to shake. Like the WHOLE BAG of grapes I ate in the middle of the night, the lara bar AND apple for a "snack", and the un-ending pistachio snackfest last night and this morning.


It seems that the weekend I really crave something to satisfy me...And I don't totally think food is doing the job.

I need to devote some time to get into a state of flow, FIRST THING in the morning on these days. 

I'm thinking, a walk with music around the neighborhood, 

a swim,

some Low intensity cardio with music,

calling someone,

meditating on my goals,

gratefulness meditation,

positive hopefulness meditation.


Melissa is right, food cannot make me feel truly fulfilled. What I lack these days that I reach for food is a connection to something greater than myself (these days that I binge/snack, I am not in dance class or at school, I have unstructured time on my hands, with no activities that contribute to my progress as a human being or a happiness. I also do not quite know how to do nothing..) and i have YET to put healthy habits into these days. 


The gym always helped with this dissatisfied anxiety that I always fill with food when Im not at school or in dance class, or have a schedule of some sort. 


In fact, I think these strays from the 3 meal plan of the whole30 might sabotage my results...Which is why, while today IS day seven, I want to start with day one again tomorrow, just so I can see the results I want if I completely clean up my HABITS, not just the FOODS. 


So, My whole30 is more behavior/habit focused than nutrition (I REALLY like healthy food, its just the manner in which I eat it that is unhealthy.) 


FOR the next 30 days, I pledge to follow the three meal guideline, and ban SWYPO. That is perhaps the most transformative part of the program, not just the foods themselves but learning how to time them and to take them out of this emotional space. To take them off the list of things that fulfill me as a human being.


I need to find my flow, my connection to my spirit, otherwise Im humming around, hungry, and finding sustainence in the wrong places.


More thoughts later, and my log of my food from day one starting tomorrow.

I am proud of the insight the awareness has provided me with. I want to live what I think and write in words. 


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My boyfriend is coming tomorrow however, and were going on a trip to LA on sunday so Im not sure if Ill be able to stay compliant. If all else fails, then Thursday the 30th is my day one. I am so anxious... This is the worst my emotional eating has gotten in 5 years. I don't know what to do this time I've gotten out of it before but that time in my life felt like a strike of magic. Can I do this? Help!!!

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